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CblogRecaps avatar 10:18 AM on 03.01.2010  (server time)
Cblogs of 2010/02/26-28 and ScottyGasms

Whew! It's been a few months. Seems the core recap team hasn't needed to call on reservists too much, and when they do the always eager newer reservists immediately scoop up the opportunities. They're always so adorable before the world crushes their spirit. <3

Hello once again my lovely Dtoiders! I hope you have been taking care of yourselves, and each other. Have you been watching much of the Olympics? I have, and it's been a real treat to see so many fellow Canadians do so well. Although next time it would be appreciated if the men's hockey team wouldn't give us all a heart attack. That was one stressful game to watch. :)

Other than that nothing much to say really. While on government assistance my life has been rather dull sad to say, and I am still struggling with the motivation to move on... HOWEVER! I am playing and greatly enjoying Deadly Premonition! I just have to listen to my coffee more... and start drinking coffee so I can listen to it.

*- Collecting scares me, and ChillyBilly revives my fear
*- Nice piece on how to properly handle controller throwing rage, a pain I've felt before :(
*- Om Nom On Souls thinks about the changes between ME1 and ME2
*- It's okay Gobun, I failed the test too

A- Oh man, that sounds yummy. I need to cook more :D
A- Beyamor thinks about great story versus great characters... and wants to go out for pizza after
M- Lightguy writes about inconsistency in games, a pain I know all too well
M- Holyetheline's expertise? Tetris Attack
M- Gatsby's expertise is getting to the best parts of JRPGs
M- Healerdoc likes taking as long as possible before finishing up
S- CaptainBus revives the comment of the week! Huzzah!
S- pixelpunx brings the latest installment of STFUAJPGM, which is briefer than normal

E- Auston Muffinman Edwards' Muscle March contest entry, which I hope was labelled properly so Hamza saw it
E- Wootex gives another Muscle March entry, that he'll get so much poon from
E- Gobun's Muscle March contest entry. Dtoid needs to have contests like this more often
E- BBCode fail, but otherwise another hilarious Muscle March contest entry

C- onionsaregross reminds me to GIS celebrity side boobs
C- Mark Griffiths doesn't think images help a cblog, and is wrong
C- Jonathan Holmes talks Mega Man 10, podcasting, and Wii-bashing
C- campbell00 is fed up with flame-bait articles
C- Furyfire considers trolling in gaming
E- Genki-JAM's latest movie night
I- A very good intro post by Om Nom On Souls
I- Meet Ross Purcell wh- ... KITTEH!!
I- Meet Icarus Rising, and their band!
S- Torzelan won a sweet Mario/Sonic snowboard from Sega Europe and OC Remix!
S- Crunshii's mind is blown while playing the latest FF1 remake
S- Perfidious Sinn brings us up to take on the mundane aspects of their life
S- GuitarAtomik stops by to share some thoughts and updates
S- Daniel Andres talks about games he's playing, and will continue to play

T- onionsaregross' initial thoughts on Demons' Souls. Seriously, no pause? :\
N- Of course IGN has gone downhill! They gave Deadly Premonition a 2/10! D:
R- xandaca reviews Muramasa: The Demon Blade
D- JForce Games shows off their new (and kinda funny) game trailer
T- Starts out bad with Farmville, but ends with Deadly Premonition and Robot Unicorn Attack. 11/10!
R- Jechxior reviews Heavy Rain
V- Genki-JAM again with the Metroid: Other M intro. I'm slowly warming to this game
R- Cyril seriously reviewed Robot Unicorn Attack, which makes me very happy ^_^
T- stewie32887 gives GoW alternatives, but oddly doesn't mention Dante's Inferno one way or the other
T- Matt Galvin lists his wants for Mass Effect 3
N- The Silent Protagonist brings us news from Vanafest 2010
N- Diverse brings us info on Blow's newest game, which appears to be a Myst clone...
T- Christopher Dildy revels in Heavy Rain's lack of "fun"
V- acanals helps us be less of a noob in BC2
N- PSN something something Bayonetta GIF
T- adeliciouscake compares Sonic to Mega Man
N- Brandnamecommercial gives some Darksiders 2 information
T- Kommander Kerf considers luck defense for shooters rather than lots of health and armour

F- Daniel Andres reviews A Serious Man
S- zgerhard find, but doesn't own, a sweet Bioshock 2 pen

?- Sterling is successfully trolled, which is this cblog's only redeeming feature
C- randombullseye is all over the place with Wolverine: Origins
C- Could've been funny, but I can imagine some people taking it seriously... :\
C- HawkeyedOne misses the point of multiple consoles
L- Brian Keljore notices something about a subsection of dtoid "contributors"

F- As already said, site issues should be emailed to admin, not bitched about on the cblogs
F- And once again... hide these two pieces of fail please?
F- Um... pizzareaver stokes the fanboy fires some more
F- Ugh... yet another self-fapper...
F- Um... apparently you can make a cblog without a title?
F- Guess so. This should be fixed. :\
F- Funny trolling can be great, but this isn't funny or even remotely good...

- ScottyG <3

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