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CblogRecaps avatar 11:59 PM on 11.02.2009  (server time)
Cblogs of 11-2-09 and Qalamarisms

Ohhhh snap. Look at that, ladies and gents. Megastryke has been whipping the photoshop gnomes that live under his '73 Vega extra hard this week, and they have produced for him a set of new banners that should line up nicely with the expanded blog formats. Pretty slick, huh?

I missed doing last month's YTMoNDay, so I'll have an extra big batch for you this week. In the interest of setting the recaps live before Midnight however, they will be added in as an edit.

Edit: All done! Please to enjoy.

Admit it, dads. You've done this.
Don't screw with Kaepora Gaebora.
Fresh Prince of the Mushroom Kingdom.
I think this could actually work as an indie game. How about you?
Mario 3: XP edition
Halloween may be over, but the nightmare can last all year long.
A tense scene from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Pyramid Head.
Classicmntd: Stan sells EVERYTHING to Guybrush. (Side note... episode 4 of Tales of M.I. is excellent.)
Sonic and the Knuckles Dramatic reading Part 1...
... and part 2.
Catchy chiptunes and sprite art.
One of the cats escaped.
Poor Kaz. I'd have died of embarrassment by now.
Chad Iverson talks about the PS3.
Squall needs some help with the ladies.
Bowser's homepage.
Bloopers from the original Half-Life.

And it wouldn't be worth doing if I didn't include some Random Man Now, Dogs.

That's no cave!
Yep, that's pretty much a distillation of the internet, all right.
Nothin' gonna break Scotty's stride.
A tribute to the fallen on the day of the dead.
Dirty Harry is having a wonderful time.
Who wants candy?

*-Handy has harnessed the pure power of JOURNALISM. Exposes of this magnitude are few and far between. If you click this link, prepare to have your mind... and indeed, your very soul... blown.
*-Is "Kauza" German for "Quality?" I don't understand German.
*-Sadly, moments after posting this blog, Ashley Davis comically exploded-- taking the lives of herself and the entire Burch family. A muffled "Doooood" could be heard emanating from the charred remnants of the residence. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was asked to comment and did so, but this reporter does not understand Persian, either.

A-Y0j1mb0: Drama, bitches. We have it.
A-Great art evokes emotion, be it calmness or disgust, curiosity or foreboding. Kasey Kagawa asks why games shouldn't strive to elicit the same range of emotion.
A-Part 2 of Stevil's dissertation comparing Eastern and Western horror games. You can find part 1 right here.
S-It's Monday, gentlemen. Time to let NihonTiger90 know What'd You Get?
P-Refused Classification is recording right now.
P-Let's Cybercast episode 2 is available. This one features CTZ's girlfriend.
P-Drunkcast episode 13.5 is now available. Why .5? There'd better either be a little person on this show or someone who has had a tragic farming accident.

C-Infinity's End helps run the Metroid Database, and he'd like you to enter their Make a Metroid contest. Looks like some pretty neat prizes are up for grabs.

E-Want to participate in this year's Destructoid Secret Santa? Of course you do! Cataract is organizing this year's festivities.
E-Everyday Legend lets us know about the B-Kin figting game tournament in Daytona Beach, FL.
D-Dexter345 posted some pictures from DtoidLA's Halloween ARP.
C-TonicBH is having second thoughts about preordering Modern Warfare 2.
I-Greetings to Preacherman89, who signed up to win a soccer ball but liked us enough to stick around. Welcome to Destructoid.
B-Antwhan celebrated what I assume will be his last birthday ever by consuming a bowel-shaking, unholy combination of tater tots, pizza and mint-chip ice cream. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

N-First I was like, Nawww. And then I was like, Really? And then I checked it out for myself. And it was true!
N-Volomon found a site that broke Modern Warfare 2's NDA to post an early review. I think the videos have been cornholed by now.
N-Further developments on the MW2 front courtesy of Volomon. Looks like people are already figuring out how to cheat.
N-And a third MW2 blog from Volomon, this time detailing the new perks.
N-Double J gives you an inside look at the Xbox Live rewards program.]
P-ThePhil went to Eurogamer, and here shares what he thinks about the upcoming games he got to try.
R-Professor Pew reviewed Dragon Age: Origins. I'm thinking cameltoe in a chainmail bikini would hurt in a way I could never fully comprehend. Especially in Winter.
R-Nogarda reviewed the tGTA 4 expansion, The Ballad of Gay Tony.
T-He then went on to look at this holiday's release schedule...
T-...and pontificate about how online has changed the marketing of games.
T-I didn't finish this one by Beyamor. About 3/4 of the way down I got hungry for pepperoni pizza with rabbit sausage and chocolate coins for dessert.
T-Poverty can be an effective motivator to dip into your backlog. Canti-Sama has been doing so lately, and shares his thoughts on the experience.
T-Lordy there's a lot of people posting about Modern Warfare 2 today. Gatsby shares his opinion.
T-And here's AKK's...
T-And taterchimp's.

M- With Editor's week behind us, dTunes returns to the common man. This week, it's JT Icefire, startin' things off with They Might Be Giants.
M-Pixelpunx has posted another STFUAJPGM. The "M" is for"Music." Have a listen!
F-For Mindf*ck Monday this week, Analoge is showing something I've never heard of: Interstella 5555. Kinda sounds like Interstate '76.

C-This would probably do better as a forum post. Don't let that stop you from posting more artwork, though.
C-I don't agree with what you're saying, but you have the right to say it. Still, you could stand to put a little more effort in.
C-Protip: if your blog is less than a paragraph long, consider visiting the Forums.
?-Genki JAM asked about what he should do with Aniwednesday.

F-(Prolonged sigh) I had such a streak of no-fail Mondays going, too.
F-You see how there's no comments or faps? That's because this is unquestionably, irredeemably, unequivocally and completely irrelevant.
F-What the hell is wrong with you?



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