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CblogRecaps avatar 7:11 AM on 10.25.2013  (server time)
Cblogs of 10/24/13 + Letís start having f*cking fun! ^.^

It has been pretty hard to miss the existential controversy this lovely little site of ours has seen over the past week. Which means that I get to do what I do best! Which is to say hide in the corner until it blows over.

Actually, no. Letís not.

Iím not going to talk about Nanbu or what I thought of her. It doesnít matter. I do want to thank her though for sparking the discussion that reignited my drive to be active on the site. We have seen a lot of great responses to her blog, including some of which I think have the potential to bring back the spark in all of us (in fact, just check the caps below!). Myself, I was kind of in a downwards spiral on Dtoid which I wasnít sure was my fault or the siteís. Maybe I didnít visit as often anymore because the site was getting worse, or perhaps it felt like the site was getting worse because I wasnít visiting as often anymore. Who knows?

But seeing the passion of the people here to keep Destructoid a great place means a lot to me. From silly jokes to well-reasoned thoughts on why the site can still be great, and even the ones who see problems but give suggestions on how to fix them. Itís all valuable. Because Destructoid is all of us. And we can make this place as awesome as we want it to be.

Everything else has already been said, and me repeating it doesnít make the point any better. Just go read the blogs instead, you know the ones. Go out there, and start having fucking fun.

What I do hope though is that this new wave of inspiration also reaches the front page writers. On the one hand itís great that Destructoid has separate areas so that we can claim the Cblog as our true home on the Internet. On the other hand I also have a place in my heart for the frontpage. On reflection, I think that a conversation I had with taterchimp had some truth to it. He said that the site was becoming too negative, with all the controversies going on and how many writers constantly point out the flaws in the industry. I donít think heís necessarily right in saying that weíre ďtoo negativeĒ though. I think itís more a case of us being ďnot positive enoughĒ. There is a difference.

Too negative implies that we should let some things slide because weíre afraid to come across as bitching or making a big deal out of nothing. I donít believe thatís the case; when things are shit, things are shit and we should call the ones doing the shitting out on it. More positive, however, means talking about cool things just for the heck of it. More positive means being excited for something and proudly displaying your internet-boner (includes lady boner) for all to see.

Iíll show you what I mean.
I think I mentioned this sometime before, but let me show you my favorite Destructoid article ever.

What strikes me with this article is one thing, and one thing only. The pure excitement on display. Here we have a grow man, a self-described ďfat cuntĒ, and heís being giddy like a schoolgirl for a game in which Kirby is made of string. So giddy, in fact, that he just went ďfuck itĒ and wrote a news post for no other reason than to show how giddy he is.

I do feel that we havenít seen as many of those kinds of articles lately, and thatís a great shame. Fuck the people who complain that it doesnít have any news value. Fuck the ones who think the game looks kiddy. Fuck everyone. Just be excited about Kirby being made of mothersh*tting string again. While I donít think it would help much for the people who think the industry is getting too negative, it would mean the world to me.

Thatís what I want to see more of. Letís just be excited for the sake of being excited again. Letís not focus on being less negative. Letís focus on being more positive. And again: letís start having fucking fun.

* - See, this is what I mean. There's this upcoming game called Data-Fly, and GameSlinger explains why we should be excited.

* - This blog. This blog right here. There's so much truthiness in here. Thanks for writing this, Dixon.

* - Of band names and trippin' white people. It's Occams' interview!

A - It's no secret that I love me some Let's Play. This article provides an interesting look at some of their deeper aspects. †

A - A list of the best wrestlers in video games and no Hawlucha? That will not do at all!

A - Are we still allowed to complain about spoilers after a long time has passed? Dagiarrat thinks so.

A - We've been getting a lit of insights into the gaming lives of Latin-Americans lately. It's interesting stuff, but kind of depressing.

A - Just a quick look at what Sigfried has been up to. Some nice choices in there.

A - Our resident Pixie shares some creepy things in video games. I'm still bothered by the fact that the Happy Mask Salesman just casually has an ancient artifact of †doom and destruction with him...and then manages to LOSE IT.

A - Another great look at how to handle spoilers in reviews, this time by kingsharkboi.

C - Yo. You wanna win some awesome and vaguely Halloween-themed games? Like Dark Souls? Damn straight you do. So what are you waiting for, enter Wrench's contest! (also holy shit I'm using Contestoid)

C - Not so much a contest as first-come first-serve. Codes for Talisman: Prologue!

T - GTA Online sounds like a fascinating science experiment. Fortunately, DapperMouse learned a thing or two from it.

V - The peoples of the Scary Granules share a toast review and Pokemon who just need to go away.

N - There's a nude model of Ellen Page in Beyond. She's not amused.

N - Rekka brings us more new info about Drag-on Dragoon 3. (That's Drakengard, isn't it?)

T - Some more thoughts about GTA Online; some problems with the Mission system.

T - I'm convinced: Hatoful Boyfriend is the best game ever.

- I know some people are going to be pissed at me for this. To which I say "how the hell can you stay mad at that song?" It's just not done.

L - Oh I'm fearing Dtoid alright.

Look at all dem great blogs up there! just look!

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade


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