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CblogRecaps avatar 10:47 PM on 01.31.2010  (server time)
Cblogs of 1/30/10 and 1/31/10 + SilverDragonisms

So I spent this entire weekend chillin' in my house, thanks to a winter storm that dumped 5 inches of snow on the ground and a bunch of ice on top of that. Just so you know, when North Carolina gets 5 inches of snow, it's enough to shut the entire state down. Luckily my girlfriend and I had lots of food, alcohol, and two dogs who wanted nothing more than to run around outside as much as possible. It made for an absolutely great time.

Unfortunately I didn't make much time for games this weekend. I did manage to beat Dark Void earlier in the week, and I posted my review of it up on Gamer Limit. I mentioned this last week in my recap, but the game absolutely sucked. I gate it a pretty low score. I'm starting to have serious doubts about Capcom's ability to launch new IPs. The last year or so hasn't really looked good for them in that area.

The other game I've been playing this week is Mass Effect 2, and all I really have to say about that is it's freaking incredibly awesome. You don't really need me to tell you that though. With a Metacritic score of 96, pretty much every single gaming website on the internet agrees with me.

In other news, my hotel room is officially booked for E3 in June and my press pass has been approved. All I have to do is book my plane tickets and it will be completely set in stone. I can't believe I'm really going.

Instead of a picture of a dragon instead I'll post come cure pictures of my dogs playing in the snow. I hope you all enjoy. Now let's get on with the recaps shall we!

*-Yojimbo tells all of us why we should be playing Hustle Kings on the PS3. You should do what he says. He's a samurai after all.

*-SansJason writes a great article about the violence in GTA4.

*-Bigby compares Mass Effect 2 to Half-Life 2. Warning: there be spoilers ahead!

A-SAMA1984 shares his thoughts on why people choose the games they do

A-Generic Purple Turtle takes a pessimistic look at how bad things could be if Microsoft monopolized the PC Market.

M-The Future: Game of the Year Awards

M-The Future: My Very Own Supercomputer

M-The Future: Whores will spill out into the streets

No contest stuff going on this weekend

E-ShiMuNi Saturday: Dragonball Evolution GXX#Reload EDITION!!!

I-Abdulla Al Suwaidi introduces himself to the community.

I-LawofThermoDynamics introduces himself to the community.

I-I think this is an introduction post, but it could also just be an advertisement in disguise.

H-doifx updates us on some new additions to his game collection

N-Apparently a boy killed for a PS3.

R-Jechxior reviews Mass Effect 2

R-TeknoDwarf reviews Darksiders and gives it a 4/5.

R-TeknoDwarf reviews No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.

T-Kuwanjahbee shares his thoughts on Mass Effect 2, in video form.

T-Rapture complains about all the ways he feels Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer is broken

T-EraVulgaris tells us why he thinks the Battlefield BC: 2 beta is better than Modern Warfare 2

T-Blas4me50 hates how hackers ruin multiplayer games. I think he's refering to MW2, but I could be wrong.

T-SimonSaysDie thanks Bioware for all the great things about Mass Effect 2.

T-H1VOLTAGE has his fingers crossed that many classics games, like FF7, will get next-gen remakes.

T-the7k thinks TvC will have bad sales because there is a shortage of Wiis going around. I personally think he has nothing to worry about.

T-Garmana plans to get as many achievements as he can out of his 12 Xbox 360 games.

T-Master Exacerbator wonders if people don't play games for fun anymore, but only for achievements.

T-Psychoholic420 tells us what could have been done to turn The Price is Right into something that doesn't resemble the typical Wii shovelware.

T-Instead of actually writing about games on this blog, Josh Bourgeois posts a bunch of 10 second videos in which he shares his thoughts on certain games.

T-Misstawnii beat Pokemon Sapphire 2 again, and is now trying to figure out what to play next.

T-Fame Designer explains in great detail why he likes Castlevania 2: SImon's Quest.

T-Daniel Andres shares his thoughts on the many games he's been playing in 2010.

M-Vinyl Fantasy 7

?-I have no clue what's going on here ....

?-It's a cblog that link to other cblogs ....

?-I culdn't stand watching more than 10 seconds of this to figure out what it was.

?-IT'S A TRAP!!!

?-The guy writing this was probably tripping shrooms at the time.

?-Target apparently has Valentine's Day Video Game badges on sale. Weird stuff.

V-Substance TV episode 11.

F-What the fuck is this?

F-If you are going to write a blog, please take the time to actually give it substance.

F-There's not a lot of fail this weekend, but there sure has been a lot of stuff that is only a step away from being fail. This one just happened to make the cut.

F-What the fuck is this shit!



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