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CblogRecaps avatar 10:40 PM on 01.17.2010  (server time)
Cblogs of 1/16/10 and 1/17/10 + SilverDragonisms

So I beat Darksiders this weekend, and I have to tell you all I seriously fell in love with this game. I'm not sure how it happened either. There's nothing about it that really blew me away, and it's in no way innovative, but it just completely captured and pulled me in. There were even times the game got on my last nerve, but that didn't stop me from absolutely adoring Darksiders. The very last scene of the game, I literally jumped out of my seat and cheered. Trust me when I say that NEVER HAPPENS! Oh how I can't wait for the sequel.

So my life has been really hectic lately, and hence I haven't had any time to dedicate to Destructoid. When's the last time anyone remembers me posting anything in the cblogs? Exactly, I don't anymore. Things at Gamer Limit have gotten so busy that I'm spending the majority of my free time writing for them. We are pushing really hard to roll out video content for the site in the new year, and I'm one of the people trying to spear head that effort. Suffice to say it's not going to be cheap, and it's not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. Check out the site if you get a chance guys. There are some big changes coming!

Well I hope everyone had a good weekend. Let's get to the weekend recaps shall we ...

*-Check out these awesome iPhone background sketches that 100 Percent Pretty Cool did. I LOVE THEM!

*-Madman0017 lists his top 10 moments in No More Heroes.

*-Are you afraid for the future of the video game industry? MegaStryke thinks you should be!

A-HogMaster shares his thoughts on how to combine a casual linear game with a non-linear hardcore game. I believe this game is called World of Warcraft, but I could be crazy.

A-After reading Chad's recent article on review score comparisons, 100 Percent Pretty Cool thinks that game review systems need an overhaul.

M-The Future: Gamers

P-Let's Cybercast: Episode 6: Technophilia

P-Pooncast: The Last Episode

E-Wry Guy explains enrollment and shows off the prizes for the Fatal Destructoid 98 Tournament

E-ShiMuNi Saturday: Whut the Flock!?! Edition!

S-TheRealist871 is looking for a game-making partner. Anyone interested?

S-Woverine just got his first Nuke in MW2 and wanted to brag about it.

S-GeekVarietydotcom spills his entire life story in this article. He apparently has a lot of regrets.

S-SAMA1984 explains why other people think of him as a Sony Fanboy.

S-Shigunetheseraph is back from his hiatus and has gotten back to gaming.

S-The Decoy 13 is going through a phase where he doesn't feel like he's a gamer anymore. Does anyone else ever feel this way?

R-manasteel88 reviews Perlmania

R-Jechxior reviews Army of Two: The 40th Day

T-Bigby continues to update us with his impressions of the Star Trek Online Beta

T-Blindfire lists the top 5 reasons why he hates MGS4.

T-OneManRiotSquad explains why he's super excited about a lot of the games coming out in 2010.

T-Niz did not like the Dark Void PC demo. The flight controls sucked and it gave him a headache.

T-Pedrovay2003 finally got around to Phoenix Wright, and he's absolutely loving it!

T-OIUncleWedge explains his love/hate affair with Modern Warfare 2.

T-SAMA1984 lists a bunch of games that he cherishes which everyone else overlooks.

T-BilboFraggins comes up with some weird game ideas while "under the influence"

T-Best blog title of the day goes to aTeddyBear for "If you don't like Starcraft, you are a nazi"!

T-Zeta Crossfire lists the 11 games he wants RIGHT NOW!

T-Leoeo2 is seriously prepping for Mass Effect 2

A-Jonatahn Holmes is in love with Udon's new Mega Man books.

M-Novakaine posts music from the new Wii game Zangeki no Reginlev

S-Check out the videos for these Batman Arkham Asylum custom figures.

R-CLP does not agree with the way GamePro reviews their games. I actually didn't know GamePro still existed.

?-Why do people post chat logs? It's just a huge wall of text that's typically incomprehensible.

R-Ace Flibble shares pictures of the Guardian's weird front page. I don't even know what The Gaurdian is honestly. Is it a newspaper? A magazine? A dinner menu?

F-Oh come on guys, you know I gotta fail this!

F-This is how to fail at making an introduction post people.

F-This is just full of fail.

F-And then the same guy posts even more fail. How disappointing.



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