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CblogRecaps avatar 1:37 AM on 08.16.2013  (server time)
Cblogs of 08/15/13 + Shadeisms

I received a friendly request last week. After I devoted my caps to Deadman Wonderland a Dtoider who shall go unnamed whispered a sweet recommendation in my ear. I couldíve done without the whole nibbling my earlobe thing, but there we are. The request went something like this: ďWatch Champloo or im fucking you up.Ē

Who could resist that? Who would not get the warm and fuzzies from such a heartfelt request to watch even more anime than you already had? In that moment, I knew what I had to do. So, guess what? I totally watched Samurai Champloo. All of it. In a week. How do you like that, Phi unnamed Dtoider?!

To be honest, I wasnít sure about this one for one very specific reason. Every site Iíve seen that mentions this anime says itís all about hip-hop, kind of like the role jazz played in Cowboy Bebop. The thing is, I hate hip-hop. Despise it. Hip-hop is to me what North was to Roger Ebert. So I was skeptical to say the least. Fortunately, it doesnít play †THAT much of a role in Champloo. Itís there for sure, but itís usually pretty unintrusive, thank god. I will, however, break my tradition of posting the animeís opening theme. I refuse to subject you to that mess. You can look it up yourself if you have more hip-hop tolerance than me.

So what is it about? Itís about watching two uber-skilled swordsmen fight bad guys, and thatís pretty much it. The overall plot is vague at best, but the series saves itself by having most episodes be a single plot which gets resolved in 20 minutes, like many western series do. It usually involves them getting caught up in some local thugsí plans, or their friend doing her best Princess Peach impression and getting kidnapped. Then they kill everyone, thus saving the day.

Maybe it sounds like I didnít like this anime, but thatís not true. Itís a fun watch for what it is, but the lack of overall plot meant I didnít get caught up in it as much as Attack on Titan and others. The fight scenes were a lot of fun though. The two swordsmen have vastly different personalities, and it shows in their fighting style. Mugen is a hotheaded man of the streets. His fighting style is completely self-taught, and involves him jumping around unpredictably and doing breakdancing moves. For how dangerous and nonsensical his style is, itís made him a force to reckon with. Also, he has the same Japanese voice as Zoro from One Piece; that took some getting used to. Jin, on the other hand, is a much calmer individual and employs a regular Dojo-trained style with brutal efficiency. †

The two fight, work together, learn from eachother, gain respect, kill a few hundred dudes and in the end become something that might resemble friends. So I guess itís like a buddy cop movie, only with samurai. A pretty fun series all in all, so give it a watch sometime.

Other than watching Samurai Champloo, thereís not much to talk about this week. Iím not far enough into Pikmin yet to really talk about it, and the same goes for things like Steins;Gate and some others. Iíve been making steady progress in Dark Souls (I just got the Lordvessel), but again thatís something I should probably save and talk about later.

Finally, this week I played and beat Guacamelee which was gifted to me on Steam out of nowhere (Unnamed Dtoider; I swear to god Iím going to catch you on Steam one of these days and thank you properly for that. Itís great). I had a lot of fun with this one, from its surprisingly deep combat system to its Metroidvania overworld. And perhaps most importantly, its clever references to all things video games. One in particular we should all know and love by now.

* - So you want to play video games on the loo? Oh you ignorant fool, there's so much more to it than that! Read Manchild's book on the magic of Canning!

* - Trev looks at that OTHER Dragon's Crown female, the Amazon. What's more, he says she's actually pretty brilliant in more ways than one.

A - VagrantHige continues his deep look at fighting games, with Super Ultra Mega Edition 3D Turbo.

A - Who would be up for a Mario game to emulate Metroid? Just having a platformer set in a connected open world? Sounds pretty neat to me!

A - What's fun about this blog is how you can almost FEEL Pedrovay starting to hate himself. I guess that's what happens when a Steam/Apple opponent finds that Steam+Apple actually works pretty well.

S - TheKodu continues his series on Tropes vs. Women with a blog devoted to setting the record straight on Time Splitters.

E - Here's a big thanks offered to the Dixon for getting us extra Skullgirls beta codes, and personally sending some out. I snagged one myself, so thanks!

$ - Cognition 2 is out now for iPad, and the original is up for sale.

$ - You can get Skullgirls and some ohter games for 20 or 25% off if you follow Jinx' instructions. So what are you waiting for?!

V - Two parts from a Rogue Legacy LP.

V - This sounds like a pretty cool idea for a Let's Play. Steescribbles is playing video games with his younger brother.

V - And even more LPs, with Castle Crashers this time.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade


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