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CblogRecaps avatar 3:58 AM on 05.10.2013  (server time)
Cblogs of 05/09/13 + smsiedahS

So letís see now. On Tuesday we had superheroes. Yesterday, we had superheroes. And today? More superheroes. Arenít you in luck!

Continuing on from last week, I dove ever deeper into the Marvel animes, Teen Titans, and Young Justice. You might even say I dove too greedily and too deep. No? Okay fine.

By now, I have started with the Wolverine animeÖ.and itís pretty good! Iím definitely liking it more than the Iron Man anime so far. The story is set in Japan, where a much younger much more svelte-looking Logan is on the hunt for the boss of a Yakuza family.

By the way, people need to use the word ďsvelteĒ more often. Itís a good word.

Either way, while on the hunt Logan meets up with a female assassin with an impossibly low-cut catsuit who tries to help him out. Along the way he fights Omega Red and a mutant with a katana embedded in his arm and more of the like. You know youíre having a good day when you can say ďmutant with a katana embedded in his armĒ and not bat an eye. All in all itís a pretty good series with lots of action in it, to the point that every single episode seems to end in a standoff between Logan and some guy trying to kill Logan. Never a dull moment. The only thing thatís a bit confusing is that this series never really touches upon the extent of Wolverineís healing factor. For example, the Yakuza-boss seems to genuinely believe that he can kill Logan in a swordfight. Whatís more, when Logan is unconscious at one point the bad guys toss him on a train track. And while the show is all like ďOh my god viewer, is Logan going to die?! Tune in next week!Ē, the only thing I could think was ďOh come on. Itís Wolverine. Heís healed worse than thatĒ.

But overall, the Wolverine anime is worth checking out, especially if youíre sick and tired of Hugh Jackman Wolverine, and Iíd recommend it over Iron Man too. X-men and Blade I still havenít started, but I will soon.

However, even with honestly surprising fun I had watching Wolverine, Young Justice is still my favorite. It has seriously rekindled my appreciation for DC (although the fact that the DC animated movies are all miles above the Marvel ones helped too) to the point that Iím not even sure anymore why I used to prefer Marvel. The thing is that I canít really get my hands on comic books easily, not to mention that theyíre pretty much impossible to get into even if I could find them, so movies and series are all I had to go on. And in that regard I used to watch much more Marvel than DC. And when you as a kid keep seeing the opening to the X-men cartoon, you bet your ass Marvel is cooler than DC with its blue boy scout whose primary power is ďnot dyingĒ. I mean they have Batman, but still. But other than Marvelís nostalgia factor, I donít even know anymore. DCís got a lot going for it, and Iíve started seeing that again in recent years. With Young Justice, Iím starting to see that even more.

Ever since I talked about it last week, a new hero has more or less joined the team: Zatanna.

Like her dad, sheís a full-on magic user, which is a nice change of pace from all of the other characters having much more grounded powers. Her magicís versatile as well: by saying English words backwards she can do all sorts of crazy things, from flying (ďetativeL!Ē) to untying herself (ďsepoR, emoc esool!Ē) toÖgiving a naked guy a pair of pants (ďeviG mih stnap!Ē). Harry Potter eat your heart out.
Sheís got a good head on her shoulders, doesnít have crippling character flaws like some other characters, and has cool powers, so sheís quickly becoming one of my favorite characters.

And while sheís no Artemis, still pretty SWOON

Sheís only been in a couple of episodes as of yet so sheís a semi-team member at best, but Iím really enjoying seeing her in action. Iíve always been a fan of the magic-based superheroes (Dr. Strange), and itís really cool to see one in a series like this. Itís just so refreshing to me that a superhero doesnít have to have this intricate origin story or whatever in order to explain his or her powers. No radioactive spiders, no aliens, no robot suits, no experiments gone wrong. Just magic. Nice, clean, straight-up, no questions asked magic. I love it. And as a result, I love Zatanna: hopefully she stays a prominent character. †

Do you hear that, NetherRealm? Zatanna! Oh, and Aqualad and Beast Boy too, while youíre at it.
But mostly Zatanna.

As for the show in general, now that Iím further Iím seeing a lot more mature themes than I did in the first few episodes. While those episodes had some themes of insecurities and trust, some themes in later episodes get dark. Really dark. One episode is so incredibly fucking dark that half of the next episode is devoted to all the characters going into therapy. Iím serious, we get to see the young superheroes going into therapy with Black Canary, talking about how royally messed up that thing that just happened was (answer: pretty messed up). For those in the know: Iím talking about episodes 16 and 17, ďFailsafeĒ and ďDisorderedĒ (yes, they named the therapy episode after the fact that these people are borderline traumatized). Itís still a great show, and I recommend watching it if you havenít yet.

On the video game side of things, Iíll talk about those next time. While I beat Anodyne (See Phil? I told you I would get on that!), Papo & Yo and Primordia, and started Of Orcs and Men (because for some insane reason it got a -66% Steam sale on the very same day that bbain posted his Ėisms on it and I lamented its high price point), these are all pretty heavy games, so before I can really talk about them I gotta let everything sink in for a little while.

So next week video games again, I promise.

But for now: nommuS eht spac!

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* - Pixielated puts Dragon's Crown in perspective in an awesome way. When real people are being hurt over the way they look, a big boobed mage becomes rather insubstantial. †

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F - The text in this blog is literally just the youtube description.

- Girl's got sass

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade


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