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CblogRecaps avatar 4:56 AM on 02.15.2013  (server time)
Cblogs of 02/14/13 + Oh. Itís THAT day again.

Oh joy of joys, I get the caps for Valentineís Day! What better day to spread our loving feelings towards our significant other, peace on Earth, red and pink, andÖ

Actually, no.

Fuck Valentineís.

Who needs an arbitrary holiday that benefits no one but Hallmark? Why do we need to give those dirty lovey-dovey couples an excuse to rip on hard-working single folks? ďOh Shade, what are you going to do for Valentineís this year?Ē You know perfectly well what Iím doing you smug bastard, Iím playing video games and sulking! But you know what, I get it, you want a nice day on which you can show your appreciation for the love of your life. The thing is though, they exist. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, pick one. Make one up for all I care, at least thatís more creative than ďOh itís the 14th, better buy cards now.Ē

Nope, fuck it and everything it stands for.

Iím sorry, I must be coming off as the Ebenezer Scrooge of Valentineís Day right now. I just have a beef with the arbitrariness behind the thing. I dislike New Yearís too, because all that is is a celebration of the arbitrary start of an arbitrary new time period. On most holidays thereís at least something to celebrate. Jesus was never born on December 25th, but at least Christmas has a reason for being, even if it doesnít coincide with what it was supposed to be the celebration of; thereís meaning behind it. Valentineís has nothing of the sort, or at least its original meaning is so far gone that nobody is even really sure who Saint Valentine was. And then thereís the thing of attaching a message of love to someone who was by all accounts brutally murdered.
Okay then.

Shut up no Iím not bitter over an unrequited love!*

Oh, you didnít ask? Sorry about that. But okay, Iíll stop harping on the thing now, maybe I am a little bitter. Itís just that Rosamund Pike wonít return any of my calls. Nor will Scarlett Johansson, for that matter. And after all I did for her tooÖ

Oh Rosamund Pike, you can make silly faces in dirty Greek armor for me any day

Seriously though, a happy Valentineís to anyone here with a significant other. Take the time today to play co-op together, or better yet play a versus game and let him or her win. Other than that, I donít think I can tell you much. Chances are good that you know this stuff way better than I do.
Truth of the matter is I donít have a lot of good experiences with this kind of thing, all a hundred percent my own fault, but none of that is stuff you want to hear.

So as for us single people, I guess weíre going to be doing what weíre always doing. I for one am going to check out what Calendar Man has to say about Valentineís after I finish writing this. After that, maybe Iím going to play a bit more of Super Hexagon, which Iíve recently received from our lovely friends at the Low(er) Tier podcast. Actually, that reminds me, I do have a Valentineís card to send out to a special someone!

Oh, Iím sorry. Did I say Valentineís Card? I meant off course photographic evidence of my complete and utter trouncing of bbainís Super Hexagon highscore. I mean look at that. Not only did I clearly beat him, I beat him by not one but in fact TWO hundreds of a second. Thatís like five minutes in Super Hexagon time. A truly shameful showing by bbain, one that he has no choice but to rectify soonÖif he can! As for that other guyís, Iím not even going to grace those with my words, itís simply not even worth it. Thatís pathetic is what that is.

And with all of that Valentineís related stuff out of the way, I say letís see what kinds of lovey-dovey blogs the toiders have in store for us today! It's good stuff today! That's going to make my sulking a bit more difficult, but I'm sure I'll manage.

*I totally am.

* - I told you Predators were better, but did you listen? No! You wanted aliens instead, and you got them. Panza gives us his thoughts on Colonial Marines, and ends with some suggestions on how a GOOD Alien game can be done.

* - Read this blog and next time you'll know what to say to your lady. These are better than any pick-up line! (do people actually use pick-up lines?)

* - A look at the inner workings of The New Adventures of Podtoid, and you can even help out!

* - An NES game that got horror right? Could it be? And will George manage to kill Jason Vorhees or die like the little weakling he is?

* - I normally wouldn't Topsauce something like this, but you NEED to see that trailer, and the "Red" trailer even more so. Seriously, watch them. It's the new series by Monty Oum, of Haloid and Dead Fantasy fame, and it looks kick-ass. I hadn't heard anything about this, but hot dang son.

A - I dunno, this article sounds a bit too much like wanting more CoD-like shooters on WiiU, which I don't agree with. Nintendo's always kind of done its own thing for better or worse, and that's exactly the thing I like.

A - RenegadePanda shows exactly how people like me celebrate Valentine's. With good old-fashioned property damage and/or shooting trash into outer space.

A - Three games, three loves, three broken hearts; TriplZer0 sees three of his characters being rejected by the love of their life purely due to design choices.

S - Here's a question to the community in the same vein as the Community Chat: How have video games affected your life? Look past the all-centered blog and answer!

A - Here is an almost philosophical question: What is a game? And are Proteus, The Walking Dead or Dear Esther it?

5 second films show us exactly why love sucks and why Iím totally right about this arbitrary holiday. But arbitrary or not, I would definitely do Sex Kitty. Meow indeed.

E - Who needs a significant other when you've got Destructoid? Come and hug eachother by proxy through Portal 2 and more!

F - Go go Friday Night Fights! *guitar solo* Go go Friday Night Fights! *another solo* Go go Friday Night Fights, Mighty Morphing Friday Night Fi-ights!

T - I'm beginning to think I should just get myself a cheap-ass PS3 for Ni no Kuni, bad AI be damned. I didn't go through all of the Studio Ghibli films for nothing!

T - Here are some ideas for Resident Evil 5: The Better Edition.

M - What would you do if all of a sudden you heard your favorite video game villain singing in a band? You'd lose your shit, that's what! Seymour Duncan discovers The Darkness in Faith No More.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade


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