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CblogRecaps says:

Cblogs o' 1/11/14 + MacMagasms QUINTUPLE RED PANDA MADNESS Edition

// Submitted @ 11:31 AM on 01.12.2014

Well friends, today there's even less blogs than things I have to say. So let's change it up. Instead of a single picture of a Red Panda that's often found in my posts. HOW ABOUT A LOT OF PICTURES???? Now pop some alka seltzer and enjoy.

* - Usurpy has some games for China to play now that the ban is over. RIP Banjo Kazooie

A - Retro-ee's guide to royal blogging. A great read if you're new to this.

A - Is the future Playstation Now? Spiely thinks so.

E - Smurfee has a new Weekend Warrior fo us.

I hope you all enjoyed. Now go back to bed, everyone.





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