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Cblog Recaps of 2/11/09 + Funkisms!


Dag yo! Cblog Recaps got a little funkier! ^_^ Hahaha! With that out of the way, here are tonight's recaps done by none other than the latest Reserve Recapper to join the team! I know it's been said before, but we, as a community, should REALLY appreciate these things. My first time doing this took damn near 3 hours! The members who do this regularly should be commended and thanked to no end! Also, pendelton is a jerkface for not linking to the last Cblog he posted for yesterday, so if I missed you, sorry!

*- So dumb, it’s freaking awesome! The Top 10 Underrated Video Game Hotties!

*- Chad gets to swim with dolphins on February 21st!

*- Retroforce COMIC! Anthony vs. Chad!

*- Many penises and possibly some vaginas were confused by this blog!

*- Destructoid Editor chat room banter at its best!

S- A new series by NihonTiger! Does It Suck? – Halo 3! Yes it does!


C- NihonTiger contemplates what’s in store for the next year of gaming!

C- Some thoughts about how children shouldn’t play Call of Duty 4.

H- sickNasty’s girlfriend is not going to be happy with him spending Valentine’s Day with his new TV . . .

B- Can I get a “Happy Birthday” for good old NihonTiger?!?!?

S- bradeatspeeps overhears his pregnant sister and her baby daddy play Left 4 Dead.

F- Paradise Wednesday Week 2.

S- Diverse pre-orders even more awesome games!

S- Mr. Dillinger embarks on a quest to teach his girlfriend to kickass in Street Fighter IV!

I- A big hearty welcome to Paakaa10!

B- NihonTiger talks about turning 23!

S- Modded Hori EX2 Fighting Stick? Hells yeah!

S- Angry Damman finally beats Final Fantasy VII (Part 1).

S- GamingGoddess is making a game! Concept art for the win!

I- Dok Industrial’s introduction part 2.

S- Part 2 in sylphx’s Persona Live Action Trailer!

E- Cupids and Canines 2009 Casino Night and Pinball Tournament.

C- Games that probably will never get made. I was REALLY close to failing this man.

C- Interesting thoughts on how relationships can be compared to video games.

N- Almost failed this for no comments, but the video link showed potential. Perimeter 2 is out!

N- Cryptic message from Atlus . . . which has probably been deciphered!

R- A quick good review of an Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV Fightpad.

R- A review of 3 on 3 NHL Arcade.

D- Nick Chester teases us with God of War III info he can’t reveal until Friday.

N- It’s Zombie Month on the Wii! Also, 2 out of 3 have bewbs!

V- Mega Man if it was made for the Atari 2600.

R- Review for Twinklestar Sprites! An awesome looking Puzzle/Shmup!

N- Retro Game Challenge it out today, along with thoughts about Loco Roco 2!

N- Some new news about Valkyria Chronicles. Also, pictures!

T- Novakaine has some thoughts about Deadly Creatures, Front Mission 4, Trace Memory, and Gundam!

T- Mass Effect programmer, Kitae, answers questions about the game!

T- Thoughts on the retro game, The Ninja!


T- jackal27’s impressions of Retro Game Challenge!

A- Phallus Knife Fight’s awesome depictions of Anthony, Jim Sterling, and good old Topher!

M- Mario & Luigi 3 Soundtrack leaked . . . YES PLEASE!

F- More episodes of MST3K.

F- Review of Onechanbara The Movie . . . long coats are lame!

F- So apparently Jason Voorhees DID run before! Also, remake spoilers!

A- Freaking AWESOME Samus Aran cosplay!

F- Aniwednesday! Dragon Ball, Medabots, G Gundam, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure!

A- Christina Faith Winterburn has some AWESOME perler art for sale!

V- Here’s a video of a people getting WAY too excited playing Madden.

C- Someone’s just a little angry about host leavers in Gears of War 2.

V- Video of BACALAO podcast at Anime SuperCon.

F- Didn’t want to fail it, but after rereading it, a review should be a review, not a story!

F- Get the hell out of the CBlogs with your shitty advertising!

F- I thought about not failing it, but no pictures, and drunken rambling = FAIL!


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