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CblogRecaps avatar 3:45 AM on 09.06.2012  (server time)
Cblog Recaps of 09/05 et Striderisms

Hey. How was PAX? Good? That sounds great. Me? I don't particularly care. I'm an Omega Man. I'm a survivor. I'm self-sufficient. I don't need much. I just need some video games, good food, a paycheck, and my girlfriend.

Also, I'm pretty lazy. Travel? Sounds like a lot of work. Maybe next time.

I've been slowing down on the gameplay. Maybe it's because all I play is P4A. Maybe I need to slow down on that. But if there's one thing that's growing on me, it's comics. And boy have I been reading comics.

I mean, today I bought Marceline and the Scream Queens plus Ultimate Spider-Man. I've already talked about Miles Morales before but Marceline? I'm a huge fan of Adventure Time and I'd love to see and explore the dynamic between Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum as they tour the land of Oooo in a crazy rock and roll band. Fans already know that Marceline and Bubblegum used to be acquaintances and even friends but no longer see eye to eye on most things. Marceline wants to rock out with her band but Bubblegum just sees rock as sound goo. But when Marceline's band rocks out at the Candy Kingdom, something in PB awakens and becomes intrigued by rock.

Meanwhile, Marceline is getting amped from a successful show but realizes her bandmates are actually sloppy and lazy. They just want to goof around while Marceline sees their successful gig as something they should capitalize on but aren't. And so the two reconcile their differences of opinion and the end of the issue leads up to the crux of the story: PB joins up with the Scream Queens as the responsible manager they need to keep them on the straight and narrow. Also, PB leaves Jake as interim king until she returns. That'll be hilarious.

I also had the chance to read the two Earth One DC storylines out so far, Superman and Batman. I liked them overall. But I'd like to distill essence of both stories down to tweets I recently put out.

Superman Earth One - "I don't know what to do in life because I'm so much better than everyone else WAAAAAAH."

Batman Earth One - "MY PARENTS ARE DEAD! Except now my butler is Liam Neeson."


I also went through DC's Flashpoint and Marvel 1602, both exercises in turning everything you know on its head and making you love it. For example, in Flashpoint where the Flash ends up in an alternate timeline due to Professor Zoom's meddling, what if Bruce Wayne had died that fateful night instead and his father, Thomas Wayne, survived to become Batman? Well, if you thought Bruce Wayne was fueled by the rage of losing his parents, think about how angry Thomas Wayne can be using the loss of his son instead. Thomas Wayne as Batman goes from scaring thugs off the street into leaving corpses behind as a message to any other would-be criminals.

Meanwhile, in Marvel 1602, what if all your favorite superheroes lived during the dark ages? What if Matt Murdock was a blind Irish bard with incredible senses? What if Magneto was a Spanish inquisitor and used his position to further his personal agenda? What if Nick Fury was Sir Nicholas Fury, worked for the Queen of England and wore something an asshole would call a purple dress?

Well, actually, I wanted to touch on Nicholas Fury because he is somehow even more badass then modern day Nick Fury despite wearing a purple costume since he always either uses his sword to get work done or just his bare hands. Probably my favorite touch is how Professor Xavier exists as Carlos Javier, a Spanish monk who founds a school called the College for the Sons of Gentlefolk. Because wheelchairs haven't been invented yet, he's basically carried around like a princess by whoever's feeling polite enough.

Hell, even the Fantastic Four is present in the form of the Four from the Fantastick, which is the name of the boat they're on when it sails into a mysterious cloud in the Sea of Sargasso where they gain their powers. I still need to read the New World arc though, because that is when Spider-Man and Hulk are introduced proper in their 1602 versions.

I've also been trying to pick up Cassandra Cain/Batgirl. A mostly mute, Asian girl who's only method of communication is interpreting minute body language since her assassin father raised her devoid of any verbal language. She becomes Batgirl under Bruce and Barbara's tutelage as she tried to redeem herself for her first and only murder that she regretted. I also saw tenleid do a sweet cosplay of Cass as Black Bat though I forget who tenleid even is in relation to Dtoid.Still good cosplay though. Who's tenleid again? I just know I follow her on tumblr.

Also, I wrote a thing about a new fighter, Under Night In-Birth. It's a pretty cool game if you love fighting games.

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~ StriderHoang


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