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CblogRecaps avatar 1:40 PM on 02.03.2009  (server time)
Cblog Recaps: "10 Things You Don't Know About Me" Edition [UPDATE]

[UPDATE:] This list has been updated from Sunday’s complete list to include all of Monday’s posts, which were recapped by Qalamari. The awesome image created by Qalamari has also been added. Also, the Tuesday lists are in here, thanks to Pendelton. In addition to that, njsykora has added Wednesday's lists in.

Today was one of those days when it's easy to realize how incredible the Destructoid community really is. If you are wondering how this whole crazy thing got started let me tell you. It all started with this post, written my me, Silverdragon1979. I came up with the idea when I realized I would really like to know more about all the people who make up this incredibly awesome community. At the end of my post I called on all of the members of the community to write their own post, telling everyone 10 things they probably don't know about them. I honestly didn't think anyone would do this, but boy was a proven wrong.

The first person to respond and write their own "10 things you don't know about me" post was Jesus H Christ. Then next up came Yojimbo, followed by The GHost. After that I posted a request on Saturday's Cblog Recap, calling on everyone in the community to sit down on Super Bowl Sunday and write their own "10 things you don't know about me" post. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, people responded, and they responded in force. The entire community came out of the woodwork, including the staff and even Niero, to write about themselves. People didn't hold back either. Brutal honesty was getting thrown about in every which direction, as people spilled forth the secrets from their closets. It was honestly a very beautiful thing to behold. This is why the Destructoid community is so great. This is why you will not a find a better gaming site anywhere on this internet. This is what makes Destructoid what it truly is. One man's dream has become a reality, and that reality is called Destructoid!

10 things you don't know about ...

*-Jesus H Christ
*-The GHost
*-Ali D
*-Vitamin Awesome
*-Half Left
*-Jim Sterling
*- wilbo
*- CronosBlade
*-Naim Master
*-nukka jdav
*-Jonathan Holmes
*-Black Nexus
*-The Young Scot
*-Count Grishnack
*-Hamza CTZ Aziz
*-Ashley Davis
*-Scary Womanizing Pig Mask
*-Topher Cantler
*-Mr Gilder
*-Professor Pew
*-Nick Chester
*-Rider Chop
*-C2C Shiro
*-A New Challenger
*-Double 0 Seven
*-Gen Eric Gui
*-F Whipple
*-Ben PerLee
*-Conrad Zimmerman
*-The Golden Avatar
*-Colette Bennet
*-Dale North
*-Dick McVengeance
*-Perfect Chaos
*-N Nerd
*-Steel Squirrel
*-NihonTiger90 (supplemental)
*-Samit Sarkar
*-Shin Oni
*-The Excel
*-John Solgrim
*-PK Starstorm

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