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CblogRecaps avatar 11:37 PM on 08.31.2010  (server time)
C Blogs of 8/31/10 + Strykisms

Very short day, so I thought I'd try my hand at that one-word recapping business that somebody did that one time. Who was that? Qalamari? I don't recall. Whatev.

Also, Shawn is getting married! Isn't that sweet? You know what that means:

*- Mawwage!

*- Preparations.

*- "Appreciation."

*- Technobabble.

A- Morality.
S- Diary.
S- Fanfiction.
P- Stereocast.

W- missalicedixon.

C- Charity.
I- supergoldzero.

R- DR2:0.
R- Mom.
T- Co-op.

[And since we are doing a Princess Bride theme, here's a clip in honor of the other Sean's "trial and error" article.]

C- Intro?
C- Double.
?- Buh?

F- Merde.

[ m e g a S t r y k e ]


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