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CblogRecaps avatar 1:14 AM on 03.02.2010  (server time)
C-Blogs of 3-1-10 and APOCOLYPS3

Good morning, ladies and gents. It was a rough 28 hours, but the apocolyps3 that threatened to consume us all has now abated. Funny how something so small as mistaking which year is the leap year could have such a wide ranging effect, isn't it? And yet there are always those who seem to live to blow things out of proportion. I don't know about you, but my fat PS3 was affected, and I still managed to make it through the day. I played some stuff I hadn't gotten to that I bought during the Steam sales last December, I went for a walk, I did laundry. I did NOT give in to conspiracy theories about Sony wanting me to turn in my backwards compatibility and buy a Slim. I lost some data; sure that's annoying, but nothing about my life is fundamentally different today than it was yesterday. Contrast that with say, the people in Chile, whose very lives may have ended in a tragic act of nature. Perspective, sir or madam. It makes a world of difference.

Recaps. Let's do it.

*-How can you be that angry while wearing a 3 stooges t-shirt? I am perplexed.
*-Topsauce for a Team America reference? Sure, why not.
*- ZombieLifeCoach has emerged from the basement. Always nice to see some crossover between the forums and the C-blogs, especially with our more talented writers.
*-The Sega Addicts podcast is still in pre-production mode right now, but check out these great caricatures of the podcast's staff.
*- Steph Louise K pleads for some modicum of rationality in the responses to Mr. Sterling's articles. Clearly, she's doomed.
*-I don't know. I just found this very cute.

A-Harris Hatsworth thinks the primary reason the older Pokemon games are so much more beloved than the current crop may be as simple as a pair of retrogoggles.
A-ijames428 thinks telling a story in multiple media has a lot of potential.
A-This thing from NortonAntiVirus made my brain hurt. But I guess that was sort of the point. Is that a win or a fail?
A-I'm sensing some sarcasm in this blog by HoodedMiracle.
A-GameZombie looks at one of the oldest tropes games have-- saving the princess.
A-Stevil surveys the terrorist with quiet intensity. Suddenly and without warning, he leaps across the table. His back blocks the security camera's view as he removes a combat knife from his pocket and brings it to the captive's neck in a single, fluid motion. His face is now centimeters away from that of the villian and the blade draws a tiny point of blood against his neck. "TELL ME WHERE THE GAMES ARE!" he screams, fury and conviction in his voice. Flecks of spittle spray the face of the antagonist as CTU agents bumble about, trying fruitlessly to infiltrate the locked interrogation room. Stevil knows he must act quickly. Thousands of lives depend on his actions, and to save them he is willing to do very bad things for a very good reason.
P-Hyper Knee, a new podcast. Possibly spam flavored.

W-ArrestedDeveloper won passage to the FF13 launch party. Who should he take? Meeeeeeee!
E-Duncor entered the Two Worlds Pax East trip sweepstakes. Shamelessly, by his own admission.
Funktastic and Stevil split the award for finding last week's Simpsons quote. It was from the episode Two dozen and one Greyhounds and was spoken by Homer during a midnight snack while Burns and Smithers waited, stuck on the ceiling, for him to leave. If you're wondering what this is all about, the answers to your questions can most likely be found here.

E-Rain Justice attended the chiptune exhibition BEEP! and thinks more are in the cards.
D-Welcome back to an old-school Dtoider, Brilliam! He could use your help with something if you've got a minute.
I-Please welcome Kitty Carlton to the blogosphere.
I-Greetings are also in order for Neomimic, who has a taste for modern RPGs. Welcome to Destructoid.
R-Christopher Dildy's Heavy Rain trophies are gone. Let us all now commemorate his loss with a moment of silence......... How long was that? "6 seconds." Do we have to start over? "Hell no!"
R-I guess Skynet had something against Heavy Rain. You'd think it would LIKE nearly-human character models.

N-Munkeex raises a good point. Sony's network outage exposed a troubling issue-- what happens years from now when PSN is no longer available?
N-James Andrews had the same thought, he just hit the publish button a few moments later.
N-A public service announcement from Crunshii... fortunately, the all-clear has since been sounded... Takeshi, our man in Amsterdam.
N-UberSunTzu has some new and tasty information about Fallout: New Vegas. To quote AngelsDon'tBurn, HHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNGGGG!
T- e-wrecked (HA!) had some thoughts on the PS3 troubles.
V-Darksydex3226 has your Mega Man 10 ending spoilers.
V-Crunshii shared video of a new summon in Final Fantasy 11 (that's the MMO) from Vanafest.
R-MenschJager reviewed Mass Effect 2.
R- Cazza reviewed Sonic Sega Allstars Racing. I still don't know why Sonic needs a car.
R- Kizer0 reviewed an H-game, Real Kanojo. Looks... creepy.
R-Animated Toupee reviewed Mega Man 10. I'm ashamed to admit I'd forgotten that was coming out this week. Ashamed, I tells ya.
R-Handy downloaded, played and reviewed the latest Valkyria Chronicles DLC. YOU'RE WELCOME.
R-Jon Holmes did a Jonpressions of Mega Man 10 so far. "Adorably Stupid" would make a great tagline, Capcom. Just sayin'.
R-Toucan Gourmand has a review here for Sam and Max Save the World.
T-OnionsAreGross mused a bit about F.E.A.R. 2.
$-Kraid thinks Shoot 1up is an absolute steal at $1.

M-Some thoughts from Sirromnad included an excellent metal/piano track from Blazblu.
M-HoodedMiracle shares this new music video from the Gorillaz, wherein they are killed by John McClane For Some Reason.

R-A plea for you to buy Deadly Premonition, by Zelchacha.
R- Scribe D is attacking his backlog.
C-This could use some fleshing out, maybe a little more effort to align with generally accepted conventions of grammar and spelling. Not a bad topic, though.

F-I s'pose this wouldn't quite have fit into one twitter post. Barely.
F-"Coffin Season" sounds like a band where the members wear too much eyeliner and scream unintelligibly into the microphone. And saying "also videogames" at the end of a blog doesn't automatically make it OK to post here.
F-And you reposting these leaks you claim to hate, that's not hypocritical because... why exactly?
F-No. GOD no.



Edit: You've gotta see this.

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