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CblogRecaps avatar 11:12 PM on 12.25.2013  (server time)
C Blogs of 12/24/13 + Wrenchisms

Yikes, almost forgot the caps!

Sorry everyone, Christmas is crazy so no Wrenchisms today!

Happy Holidays to all you boys and girls! Hope you all had fun and I'll be looking forward to capping the hell out of you all in the coming year!

Also, I got a pre-order of Titanfall for Christmas! Ho ho STOMP!

* - A Holiday message from Zuckerhund that hits me straight in the feels.

A - Some holiday reminiscing with SpielerDad and the Sega Genesis.

C - Community Interviews are taking a well deserved break for the Holidays!

T - Chimpomagee is really into Wonderful 101!

R - TheKodu takes a look at some horrible XBL games to celebrate the season.

T - Raiden always gets snubbed during awards season. The fucking system is bias against cyborgs.

- This was posted on Twitter the other day. I think it might be the best thing ever.



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