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9:36 AM on 08.31.2015

Cblogs of 08/30/15 - Ritualistic Crackers & Milk

I guess this is more of an open question than me attempting to analysis something, but when trying a new game out (either to review, fun or otherwise) do you have a palate cleanser? Do you have a routine you do to neutralise your mind as much as possible before diving in, or do you just shrug and boot up the game anyway?

The concept of a palate cleanser has been on my mind for quite some time but yet never really been put down in its own little article. This has mainly come from my own perspective that reviews are purely opinion based, how there is not much of an objective reality* and that deciding how good (or bad) a game is is often down to comparisons with others. So with this consideration, isn't it possible to have the previous game you've played affect the current one?

As a reviewer, this is an incredibly important consideration for me as I'd like to be as fair as I can be. I try not to start games if I've had a particularly bad day, and I'll calm myself if I have had a good day. I avoid starting if I am a bit drunk or tired, and make a point of throwing a few hours straight for the first bout with it before having a break (so I can pinpoint the general flow and mentality of the game to keep in mind for future sessions). I'm anxious enough about the concept that I have, once or twice, put off handling a review for a day or two because “I'm just not in the right frame of mind”.

So I have to ponder with a game I'm currently reviewing and isn't gelling well with me: am I not enjoying it much because the previous game was so good?


Unsurprisingly, Shadowrun: Hong Kong is really good.


I think it is possible, in a similar way to how there is the potential to perform badly on a test because you had a naff day, but I question if it is attainable to really know (as since it hides in the subconscious rather than consciously doing it); and if there is such thing as a “palate cleanser” game I can just mess about in between reviews to avoid it. So I'd like to ask others if they have anything they do to try to neutralise the experience prior to playing the game. After all, wouldn't it be best to do so in a non-review scenario in case a game has been getting good press (therefore raising your expectations unfairly) or negative press (therefore making you expect a bad game, leading to you just mentally hunting out flaws)?

Food for thought, eh?

*Okay, I think I should explain this a bit more as it could come off as crazy talk, and I'm not sure I've explained this before. I do not necessarily believe it is possible to get a 100% factual understanding of an event. As I believe that even with recorded evidence, we still have to perceive it, translate it and interpret it using our own mental schemas (mostly previous experiences and knowledge) before mentally recording it. The closest we can achieve is a shared consensus based on our perceptions. For an example of what I mean, and it is more me demonstrating how our perceptions can be altered by our schemas, dig up a Loftus & Palmer study about eyewitness testimonies and watch people's estimates of speeds shift depending on the phrasing of a question. So, think less mental break and more philosophy of science (in this case, how can we trust our own perceptions?).


 A common example of the philosophy of scientific observation is the question: Does colourblindness make the individual's observations some how less valuable?


Oh, and before I launch into some recaps, I have two cool pieces of information of things I'm doing. So, first I'll be launching my written Let's Play series of Borderlands 2 this Friday on my own blog, in case you want to witness someone experience it without having to even stare into the game. The second thing is I'll be going to EGX at the end of next month for all the days (24th to 27th of September), so if any Destructoid'ers are going to it, let me know and maybe we can share a drink or banter.

Anyway, on with the main show:


* - James Internet Ego discusses for Challengers Wanted how one of his favourite characters, who is also likely an important piece of the Mass Effect series, still rests as a flawless gem. It somewhat amazes me to realised now how the character did seem to have more depth and more of an arc than the player character ever did. I think that is always a struggle in games that focus on a player-created character as the protagonist, especially one with choices, as by trying to cater to whatever the player could decide on it can feel unfocused. Then again it may just be a reflection of the, personally, dull nature of the monomyth that can feel shallow and predictable. I feel this is especially boring as I believe it is often used as a tool of empowering the player, a habit more developers need to snap out of as narrative is often sacrificed in the name of empowerment. Aaanndd... Now I'm off topic.


A – Some games come and go, but others just have that ability to snap onto you, to cling like fond memories. Mr Knives thinks about the games that have stayed with him and why it could have been. I personally believe it is partially because the game offers enough replayability and depth to inspire the player to continue exploring deeper into it, but also because it connects with something deep down inside the person. Like Payday 2 clicks strongly with me because there is a reason to replay it, but also because I enjoy heist games/films.

S – Check your internet fame on the weekly Comments of the Week by Dreamweaver. Maybe you're famous enough to wear your sunglasses at night unironically!


Let's see if Borderlands 2 wins the contest of most memes, together.


 Let's enjoy a bit of banter about palate cleansers over some crackers and milk.


T – With Metal Gear Solid 5 around the corner (1st of September), From Must Git Gud previews the PS3 version.

R – Want to know if you should pick up the charming-looking infinite runner Run Sackboy! Run! ? techsupport has your back.

R – Speaking of picking up charming games, still on the fence of if to pick up Everybody's Gone to the Rapture? n0signal says it is perfect if you want a beautiful idyllic “walking simulator” that swaps the often high-intensity and adrenaline-inducing in games for just a simple slow pace stroll. Not my cup of tea, as I find Lemma soothes my soul when I need something that doesn't make me panic, but I'm sure someone will find it fitting for them.

N – Missed your ScrewAttack weekly Nerd News? Adam P has it in Destructoid form just for you.

T – Pixie The Fairy throws her thoughts into the recent Bloggers Wanted assignment, Challengers Wanted, with her desire to manipulate the battlefield and minds of her foes.


The reappearance of Racter in Shadowrun: Hong Kong really helps creates a culture of the Shadowrun universe, especially as you explore the interesting character Racter is.


? - IDrawOnTape is going to start reviewing NES on his modded X-Box. I mean, what else would you play NES games on?

? - So Bulkypix may have been up to some nefarious activities towards Jish K, but with the lack of evidence and somewhat loose in detail... Well... You be the judge.



Oh...And also...



- Riobux

 Sorry that got a bit weird at the end.



3:41 AM on 08.30.2015

Cblogs of 8/29/15 - Under the weather and more


I can't tell if it's my imagination, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of blogs lately. Maybe you guys are busy playing the fuck out of old Metal Gear Solid games in anticipation for the newest title? I would be too, but I've been trying to find a damn copy of Ground Zeroes and so far I haven't had any luck. I do own a copy on the PS3, but since I got a PS4 a few months back, I never felt the need to buy a second copy until now. I know I can buy a digital copy or upgrade the PS3 copy, but as a strict rule, I don't do digital games.

Which means I won't be playing that new Fatal Frame game coming to Wii U. Fuck, man, was really looking forward to it, too. :(

It's also why I haven't played Shovel Knight or any of the Shantae games either. I want to, but if it's not on a disc, I won't buy it. It's an unpopular opinion, but that's how I feel about it, and I make VERY few exceptions to the rule. I've actually given away DLC and even full games away (like the code that came with new PS4s for The Last of Us: Remastered, which I'm still trying to save money to buy) because I hate digital games so much.

Luckily, Shovel Knight and Mighty No.9 are coming to retail eventually, which I plan to buy first day. I support physical releases, homie!


This week wasn't really a good week for me. Things just went south. First of all, I dropped the ONE college class I was taking this semester. Fear got the best of me, and I had to pull out in time for it not to count against me AND get my mom her money back (a couple of months later). Then, my creativity's been hitting a brick wall, and it's hard to stay passionate about a project when you're not constantly working on it successfully. Then I got a bit of a fever, which isn't helping matters at all. I've been too under the weather to crawl out of bed and had to skip meals because of it, and even now I have a headache and weak legs. When I finally did have the urge to play something, I just keep losing. I lost every single Splatoon and League of Legends match, so I've been very demoralized lately.

I know it's stupid to complain when someone else is actually homeless at the moment (if you can help, you should head on over to the link and provide assistance if possible), but that just emphasizes how weak I am. Sometimes I wonder what stupid little thing's going to be my breaking point. Probably chipping a nail or something.


The bright side is that, barring acts of God, I should be getting Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain this week. I got a Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked membership, so I get 20% off video games. Furthermore, I have enough points redeemed for a $20 off coupon, which brings it down even lower. I want to state on record that Hideo Kojima is one of my only few inspirations in the world (seriously, watch some documentaries or interviews; I don't praise him just because he made MGS), and I can't wait to see what his next, and hopefully greatest, game is going to be like. Mad Max: Fury Road, which Hideo Kojima saw four times, also comes out next week, so that's something.

I'm also trying to salvage money together in order to buy this porn comic that I want so bad. It's been giving me sparks of inspiration when I read it, so maybe actually owning a copy might help jump start my passion projects again. I don't want to say much about it just yet (because there's very few copies left) so I'll talk about it more if I'm able to actually get my hands on it.

Should I be concerned that all I could find are overpriced "used" copies? :/

What the hell makes it overpriced? Wait, don't answer that.



A - Junambo brings up an interesting perspective about how we're attached to out Gamertags and online handles since they are used to refer to us whether we're meeting each other in a video game or in real life. I know I hate being called by my real name.




R - TheKodu's been playing Unrest, which is an interesting title about politics, decision-making, and possibly betrayal. At its current price, is it worth losing sleep over, or should you give it a rest?

T - RadicalYoseph doesn't just think Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is a good game because it's an excellent platformer. He thinks the soundtrack is not only amazing, which good examples, but also how well it works within the levels.




- Dreamweaver



1:29 PM on 08.29.2015

Cblogs of 8-28-15 + Origins



It's been another Friday, hot and light on the cblog load. We have six today, that's one more than last week but even so it is very light. Let's me breathe a little and now I will take a moment of your time to talk about Ys: Origin. 

Ys: Origin was gifted to me by a lovely dtoider by the name of Ooktar. Without knowing it, what Ooktar had really given me was a fine piece of work to be cherished and what would become my latest of gaming sweet tooths. So let's dig in shall we.

The absolutely most endearing aspect of the Ys games (at least most of them) is how it could have been a turn based RPG where you have encounters, like all the other JRPGs but they did something a little more fun and went the route of better action, though admittedly more repetitive. You get your main three or so attacks and you fight your enemies as you encounter them. That is way more appealing to me for the most part. This combines the charm of a rich RPG world like final fantasy but with again better action imo.

Having beaten Origins I can tell you the story is good, then later it gets great once the characters start to blossom. It's amazing to me how fast I went from not giving a shit about all these "random characters" to how invested I was. Now this could be because the gameplay is so much to my liking but then again at many points it did feel like I was watching an anime. The writing is interesting too in that they swear, I don't think they even do that in final fantasy but alas many times you had a character saying "SHIT" or "YOU BITCH" but we never got further than that and not so far as an f-enheimer.

One glaring disappointment for Origins which shone through and through, at least since you realize this: The game takes place 99% inside of a giant tower that you are constantly ascending. And you spend a whole two or three meager scenes in the outside world. To me that's a letdown having played Memories of Celceta already I know how good the landscape of Ys is, and that this dev has a knack for crafting a beautiful and hostile world that I just want to explore. No matter, the Tower does provide you with variety in atmosphere given that each floor has its own unique (mostly) motif. One is an ice themed floor, another lava and so on, rarely repeating similar elements. It is just that soon enough I realized that advancing in the game meant going up the tower and how the player is prevented from leaving most of the time that we weren't going to really see much of Ys which is apparently under siege by demons. A missed opportunity in my opinion but this is a prequel to all the games thereafter so it can be forgiven as there will be plenty of time to explore Ys later.

Speaking of the other games, Origin made me contemplate what the hell it was that I was playing exactly. In fact I made a quick post about it. Seeing the wikipedia page with the list of games was confusing as all hell but also you see how many games you have to go back and play. It's a lot, like a lot a lot. From what I have gathered through wikipedia and the help of Goofierbrute. There are seven Ys games, ranging from old school to the PSP game. Then they made Origin which was sort of a neat throwback/prequel to all those games. Then they remade Ys 3 (Oath in Felghana), for PC and later PSP. And then they remade Ys 4 (Memories of Celceta), exclusively for the Playstation Vita. Although that last one is a little more confusing as it seems there were already two Ys 4 games before then... Yeah the timeline of Ys games is really just too convoluted even though it seems simple enough (Ys I-VII, a prequel and two remakes so far)

So all in all, I played Memories of Celceta and loved the shit out of it, got Origins for free and loved that too despite a drop in the visuals/slightly different gameplay and am now looking forward to the Oath remake and that possible, not much more info known yet about upcoming Ys game for the PS4 and Vita. If you have Origins or any of these games sitting in your backlog I strongly recommend it.


Theme will be the Donald.


[url=][b]*[/b] - A thorough and engaging look at Bioshock.[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - Topsauced for having the exact same taste in music as me! Wtf dude, Giorgio and Yngwie and Dick Dale? 80's electro, metal and surf music. You read my mind baby.[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - Learn proper shovel use.[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - Find out all about what's happened with Phil here.[/url]








[url=][b]A[/b] - Agent9 writes a short blog about Shovel Knight Amiibo.[/url]



[url=][b]?[/b] - I'm going to failtoid this not becuase I think less of you or your game but merely for the fact that you chose to promote first before even introducing yourself to the community.[/url]





2:03 PM on 08.27.2015

Cblog recaps of 8/26/15 and MIKA 3:16 ORAAAAA!


I decided to pick up Shiek in my return to playing Smash Bros. Wii U. Despite turning my nose a bit to following the high tiers, I've found myself really clicking with Shiek's speedy attacks and juggling potential. Most of all, a lot of the characters I've played have terrible neutral game, which leads to most of my frustration in playing the game. The neutral game is when neither player has an advantage situationally and this is usually where you find an intense struggle of spacing games in an attempt to gain the upper hand to transition from neutral game to offense/defense.

But Smash is just one fighting game, so to speak for fighting games, especially for the Wii U. I'm not big on PC gaming even though there's a ton to enjoy now like Skullgirls, KOF, Yatakarasu, and Rising Thunder. But Pokken Tournament has been confirmed for Wii U and I'm both excited and curious. Because no one has adequately explains what exactly Pokken is. I have literally heard unconfirmed details of how the game plays and it only confuses me a bit more. Apparently there are different phases which change the pace of the game. The game starts and can segue back into a zoning phase, which can be an interesting interpretation of the neutral game that I've just described earlier. Instead of doing an actual, unspoken neutral game, Pokken apparently starts with an explicit neutral game where both fighters start off from an over-the-shoulder perspective and mostly play footsies via projectiles (APPARENTLY!). But when a heavy attack is landed, the perspective changes to a sideways, traditional view and it becomes a real ass fighting game with closer combat and less projectiles. But apparently heavy attacks are responsible for changing the dueling phases, which becomes the crux of how you want to play certain characters. Machamp can be interpreted as a character who does good in the combat phase while Gardevoir might do better in the neutral phase. But there really isn't enough official information yet. Smash is crazy with intro movies and developers like NetherRealm release tutorial videos for every character. Most news on Pokken is limited to footage recorded from location tests and tournaments and nothing more informative.

There's been a lot of hypey news lately too. So Pokken yeah? There's also the reveal of R. Mika for SFV, the return of one of Alpha's longest running fan favorites who never got any recognition from Alpha. Sakura was lucky to always be beloved and constantly return to the series where she got her start in Alpha. Gen came back a few times too. And Yun and Yang from 3rd Strike even came to SFIV. Meanwhile, Shovel Knight rumors of an amiibo abound along with furthering rumors that these details include an inclusion to Smash Brothers, which we should all know was very popular in the Smash poll Nintendo hosted months ago.

My mind is still in the gutter when it comes to forming thoughts beyond immediate news and what I've been playing. I have just two more weeks to go before I move out.


* - Headache has pixelly pictures but interesting movie-to-game ideas


A - Retlojackson does numer too of hes unoficial tieins series for the Roky muvies

A - Caz is hoping for a bit more in terms of story for Mario games and I think more people are more concerned with how many well designed, hardcore stages there can be really

A - MGSV is coming out but Konami is Hell Inc. on Earth. So what do you do about the ethical conundrum? Dinosir poses it like an action figure

A - History repeats itself with Question, as Kojima's dealings with Konami is an echo of Naughty Dog's dealings with Universal back with Crash

A - This time, Zetta typed down 3,047 words in this blog! Read about Kamen Rider in 3,047 words!

A - Kodu trigger warning: trigger warnings




D - Twisted Jenius is excited at a second go with its Steam game

R - Lord Spee reviews Trauma Center: Electric Boogaloo for the Wii not the U




F - If you have a list of bad Pokemon and list Trubbish, you're automatically uninspired




4:56 AM on 08.25.2015

Cblogs of 8/24/2015 + Retailer Power and Amiibos

In my last Recap post, I talked about how the notion of Nintendo intentionally making Amiibo’s scarce to increase demand simply makes no economic sense. Still, many Amiibo’s are incredibly rare, and Nintendo is often called on to “fix” the situation. However, this ignores many real-life steps that prevent Nintendo from being able to “fix” anything at all.

This write-up will attempt to explain the origins of the Amiibo scarcity problem and explain how Nintendo can do very little about it while still maintain profitability.

To start, let us go back to the moment if this idea’s conception. Nintendo planned to make nearly 50 unique figures that interact limitedly with many of its games and sell them. There are three huge consequences of that statement: 1- There would be 50 figures, 2- Someone needs to “sell” them, 3- This is a first foray of Nintendo into the figure market.

Here, we go the most important player in Nintendo’s decisions in how it decided to manufacture the Amiibo’s; the sellers. Contrary to what a lot might think, Nintendo doesn’t sell to us customers, but it sell to retailers who then do the selling. Therefore, when Nintendo brought this idea up, it must have talked to retailers and asked about how they were willing to sell these figures, and how much do they want.

Target is a powerful retailer

Imagine this, Target executives get this proposal from Nintendo outlining their plan to sell 50 unique figures. Target has limited shelf-space, and it is only willing to give one shelf to these Amiibo’s. In consequence, Nintendo must divide the 50 in waves. Second, Target is the one that decides how much of each Amiibo they want. Of course, they would think that the more famous ones are safer bets to sell. Every Target exec knows Mario, probably most know Donkey Kong and Pikachu, and maybe one or two know about Peach and Yoshi. No one know about fucking Marth and Villager.

In fact, this is the number-one reason we get exclusive Amiibo’s. When you have several competing retailers, the look at these more niche figures as a hindrance. They believe they have a limited audience that might stock up completely from rival retailers. Thus, they would only stock the more niche figures if they were exclusive to them. These exclusivity agreements have been signed months in advance, and any change is both expensive, and a sign of future mistrust.

While it is ultimately Nintendo’s decision the numbers of figures it makes, this decision is heavily influenced by retailer’s readiness to buy stock. Which is what end up influencing the numbers of all initial waves.

Next, I am going to talk about the Amiibo situation in manufacturing, supply chain management, and the limited steps a company can take in altering these two once contracts have been made.

*- Xeo talks about how life might not have exactly developed like he wanted it to (common to most of us). Still, he manages to see magic in the mundane.

Ahh, the beuty and horrors of retail

Nintendo finds limited shelf-space to peddle their wares. Imagien that being applied in RPG games

F- Friday Night Fights are still a thing, hope on over if you feel like hosting something yourself.

T- I don't think its worth fixing, or even that it can be fixed, but James Internet Ego has a few tips on fixing Everybody Gone to the Rapture.

T- Mike Wallace thinks there isn't enough good co-op games to play with his friends. I suggest Super Mario 3D world.

Retailer execs have no idea who half of these guys are

Retailers influence producers in a variety of industries. The middle man is still big even in the digital age

F- I like boobs, I really do, and this news article seems to be intresting. However,  need to put more thought and work into a blog beyond boobs.

Colleges are opening all over the world, and oil is down enough that I fear for my job, and it is still hot as hell. Oh well, check in for my next Recap, where I am going to make a case for all manufactering companies to hire me by showcasing basic knowledg of manufactering and supply chain managment issues regarding Amiibos.

School is on session.

-Lord Spencer



6:48 AM on 08.24.2015

CBlogs of 08/23/15 - Venture Into The Borderlands With Words

It seems often I've come to the table with quick-analytical things lately, blathering about how I think one thing is cool and something else... Well... Less cool and more thought-provoking. Let's mix things up and banter about various things in my life instead.

The first is an idea that I've had milling about for a while. You see, I've wanted to play through Borderlands 2 for quite a while. I even bought the game and all the DLC cheaply. Here's the snag: Playing through Borderlands on my own was a test in patience, forever getting that feeling that it was an empty land with not much to do. I also got that sensation it was less skill-based and more “see who has bigger numbers than the other person” based. Even now, trying to nudge myself to play Borderlands 2 for fun seems, well, not fun.

This is where my idea comes into it. I have thought about doing a written Let's Play of Borderlands 2. Basically, I crunch about 5 hours into it per week and I write about what has happened and what springs to mind about it. It could be analytical, it could just be opinion and it could even be (rarely) meaningless off-topic banter during the dryer spells. It'll be incredibly casual and off-the-cuff, so that even if Borderlands 2 decides to be dull I can still write about it.

I've thought about either doing it on my own blog page or my recaps, I'm leaning towards the former but I'm happy to hear if anyone has any preference. There is also the situation with starting character, as in I'm not particularly sure what to run with, so if someone wants to comment on a good character to play through, go for it really. If it is any use, my favourite character in Borderlands was Mordecai. I'm happy to hear suggestions on my little scheme.




Another side of things is, well, my general frustrations of not being paid for work I do. I hate complaining about things like this, as it can quickly bring the worst of me out, but I really wish I had some income at all for the various writing jobs I do (at GHT mostly, with others dotted around like Digital Confederacy and Scary Granules). I've thought about Patreon a little, but I honestly have no delusions on the amount of income I'd get ($0-$20 a month) and all the various promises I'd have to make to secure such an income.

Every penny would be nice really, as a motivational force that I am wanted, but I'd like to have enough to continue making this a full time thing (I seriously spend most days writing at least one article/news piece, as well as doing at least one other thing). Fact is, soon I know I wouldn't be able to. Soon I'll have to shut down various commitments (Digital Confederacy is somewhat a border-case to being closed to make for some income, Scary Granules or GHT will likely be next if it continues) so I can live, eat and drink. The two side-projects I'm proposing are purposely things designed to be done very quickly with a small amount of thought, due to time constraints and energy.

I don't mean this as a guilt trip, nor a message to say “give me money man”. I don't even have a box to throw your money into even if you wanted to. It just is a current worry as well as a reality in my life.

On happier news is another side project I am considering, although is something I'd have to work with a company to execute (you'll see why in a moment). I know people like video-content, even if it is something small to put on in the background while they do something else. It is undeniable the Let's Play field has grown to an incredible size, with PewDiePie (as much as people loath him) earning $7.3 million in 2014 (although, according to The Independant, Youtube takes 45% of that and an unknown amount is also taken by another company the Let's Player signed up to called Maker Studios that is owned by Disney). Part of this is the desire to look at the game rather than take people's words on it, as well as enjoying commentary on it.

The side project comes in the form of a Youtube series on games I'm currently reviewing. How it would work is this: First I'd get the review copy from a company (currently GHT), or don't in rare cases I actually bought the game, then I'd play the first 10-30 minutes of it completely blind while recording my reactions and vocalising my thoughts. Then I'd upload this onto Youtube. Then later, or perhaps at the same time, I upload my written review and link one to the other and vice-versa. This allows people to see footage of what I'm playing (helping to illustrate some problems), enjoy some banter on the side and is light enough to do somewhat quickly once I get to grips with recording software.


 "Quickly once I get to grips with recording software" is at least the plan.


Naturally, this has a few problems that could gum up the works. As it is a blind Let's Play, this would require securing permission to review and Let's Play it at the same time. Plus, well, some review copies are not intended for Let's Plays at all, so those would be excluded (as I think part of the appeal would be my first reaction to things). On top of this is the problem that I would not be able to adhere to a schedule, rather instead only being able to kick them out on an irregular basis due to my lack of schedule of when I do a review (seriously boils down to “whenever a game comes out I want to review”). I would also want to do this right, so I'd have to secure some basic art work and basic music effects (seriously, probably be a 5 second jingle), as well as making sure my microphone is up to scratch.

When both side projects will begin is, well, unsure. I still have Project War Of The Worlds in the works (seriously, it has a project name that is loosely related to what I'm going to do, that I can't wait to surprise people with) that has been delayed due to one part of the team going MIA. The former is likely very soon, within two weeks. The Youtube thing, well, doing it solo means it'll depend on a lot of circumstances (including that money thing). It is something I'd like to do, but far from confirmed.

Oh well, happy thoughts. Feel free to yell at me about my side-projects (particularly the Borderlands 2 one, I'm interested about hearing feedback) or tell about how I should have a stiff upper lip about my worries. Until then...



* - Sometimes you grind and grind and grind away, seeing top place in sight and almost touching your finger tips. You want to be the best at something, but alas it isn't meant to be. techsupport knows that frustration as they lament on it. Reminds me of how I usually don't care about speed-running, but damn recently I was determined to get into the top 10 of speed-running the Forest level on Lemma (imagine a less cinematic and more pixelated version of Mirror's Edge, and quite an impressive game as well.). I tried to do it for about an hour or two, shaving seconds off of my 2+ minute run until finally I cracked onto the 9th slot. That'll do though, speed-running isn't my thing.


A – KingSigy considers about how Hollywood keeps trying to make Hitman films and discusses, by analysing each game in the series, why it simply could never work.

A – Virtua Kazama really loves wrestling, and part of that is the uses of wrestling moves by fighting game characters like Wolf (Virtual Fighter series), King II ( Tekken series) and Tina (Dead Or Alive series).

S – Whoah man! Ch-ch-ch-ch-check out Dreamweaver's Comments Of The Week!



I hope in a contest, Project War Of The Worlds is the best project name.



You'd think a co-op title would foster a sense of community, and fortunately it does by avoiding the obvious problems like shared looting (which avoids the issue of having the arsehole team-mate who steals all the loot and sells it).


T - “What if Metal Gear Solid 5 isn't perfect?” is a question that haunts many fans of the series, knowing this will probably be Kojima's last ever dabble with the series before Konami begins to pump out disappointing sequel after disappointing sequel in a similar style to Silent Hill. mattphilip shares with us his musings on the situation. I think it raises an interesting angle that maybe, we're not just worried of Metal Gear Solid 5 being bad but rather disappointing. Since we expect so much out of the title, it is possible that anything less than perfect (or at least close as we'll ever get) will lead to a lot of despairing fans. Let's just hope for a suitable send off.

R – Remember Ghost Trick on the DS? Lord Spencer hopes you do, since it is a pretty fantastic game and I agree.


 A delicious bit of Tales From The Borderlands culture. A fantastic series for those who a fan of Borderlands.


 On an other note, PLEASE check out Lemma. Seriously is an under-rated little secret gem (oh and you can find a review of it here!).


 The only fail is my needless complaining about money. No one wants that. I'm sorry.


- Riobux 



5:58 AM on 08.23.2015

Cblogs of 8/22/15 - No Gears of War for me next week :(


Gonna try keeping things short. I wrote a personal blog under my own account, and since I didn't want to repeat saying the same things twice, I wrote that blog first. In hindsight, that was pretty stupid of me because I'm actually debating whether I want to post it or not. Whoops.

Well, anyway, I finished reading both volumes of Spice and Wolf just in time to get the new volume coming this week. To be honest, I'm not a very smart person, so one of the reasons I don't like reading is because sometimes I don't understand what happens. It could be the editor because Spice and Wolf is an adapted, translated work, and there are errors I've spotted here and there, but it could also be me. Regardless, I do hope that I'll be able to read the ending soon because this is the last leg of the journey, but since translating books isn't that easy, it takes a while for it to come out.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition also comes out this week but I'm so sad. I love the series, and I want to play it, but I don't have an Xbox One. Furthermore, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Mad Max: Fury Road comes out next week, and that game would've been the perfect thing to play in the meantime. Fiddlesticks!


Well, I still got other games to keep me busy until then, like League of Legends (almost level 30, y'all!), Rocket League, and Splatoon. Speaking of which, I really dislike Splatoon's new leveling system after level 20: you have to earn "points" to level up, like cashing in tickets for a prize at Chuck E Cheese. You can get two points for inking a certain amount of territory, but no matter how good you do, you can't get more unless your team wins the match. You get three for winning, but it can take over 100 points to level up once. Let me do the math: winning EVERY match still means you have to play at least 20 matches to level up once, and it continues to grow from there.

It does help that winning a Ranked match gives you 10 points in addition to a wad of money, but obviously Ranked modes are where all of the hardcore players be at. Luckily, the new Rainmaker mode is pretty darn fun for me: it's basically capture-the-flag, only with a weapon. You fight over the weapon, and after busting the shield, you try to bring it over to the enemy base. It can instantly splat other players, and also creates a path that you can swim through for easier travel. I'm also good at defending, so I like to protect the carrier enough to help him get to the other side. Best case scenario, we win pretty quickly since maps are really short and I like to ink the path he can take to get there faster like a true escort. I know people like to head straight to the objective, but I also like to build my meter for my special so I can try to get an advantage, and so far it pays off when I got my Bubbler up and you don't have your Kraken.

Anyway, like I said, I wrote a lot on the personal blog, so I'm done here. Don't know if I'll actually post it though since it's a bit depressing, but we'll see. Gotta get back to CotW as well. :P


* - James Internet Ego doesn't like spoilers because he doesn't like to play something when he knows what's going to eventually happen. With even trailers giving too much away, he wonders if there's a way to avoid them all.


A - Pedrovay2003 doesn't stay in 2003 forever: he upgraded to Windows 10, and it's DRM-Free! It's not all he has to say about it, so read his impressions to see if this is right for you.

S - Adam P releases his second installment of Nerd News by highlighting some of the stuff that happened over the past few days that's worthy of remembering.



F - Not necessarily FNF, but with the team now starting Twitchoid, someone needs to step up and take over Streamtoid. You interested?


R - DTJhon reviews Game Freak's other video game -- yes, they make more than Pokemon -- Tembo the Badass Elephant. Is Tembo really a badass though, or is he just a bad ass?

T - Want to know how's the Streetfighter V beta? Eastyy played it for a couple of hours and he has some thoughts about how it feels, the characters he tried out, and more.

T - CH Gorog thinks that, even though we get a new Assassin's Creed every year, it doesn't deserve ALL the flak that it gets.




- Dreamweaver



10:51 PM on 08.22.2015

Cblogs of 8-21-15 + Not Another Short Recap.. Movie!


Seeing as the recaps are very light this weekend I will keep this blog (fairly) short. Until next time, here are some things that have been floating around up in my nogin.

Fallout Shelter, finally entered into my life (bass) and I've been pretty addicted to it from the start though it's now been a week and that feeling has mostly waned. I won't go into too much detail as you can find out more about that here soon but let's cover some basics: This is the single greatest phone thing available today. Even greater than sliced bread, (the app that is) and anything else before that and the downloads prove it. Heck, even a game that is free of charge/doesn't have any other financial aspect too it UNLESS YOU WANT TO still made more money than the likes of Angry Birds and Candy Crush. Yep, I'm pretty sure of it, those abortions that some people refer to as games have actually been forced down from the app store so that they can no longer be downloaded because Fallout Shelter is too strong and better in every way. Truth.

Let's see what else. Still obsessed with Eric Andre? Yup. That mofo is going hard if his instagram is any indication. The new season should be airing on adult swim either now or soon but I expect nothing but raw insanity on that. Shame I'm never up at around that time on sundays to watch anymore. Speaking of shows Aqua Teen Hunger Force is coming to an end tomorrow. Holy shit snacks really? They just out of the blue decided to call it a wrap on the show? That's a real let down. Or it could feel that way because this comes after hiatus/breaks between seasons and the direction of the show seemingly floundering. So I don't know. It could be that this show peaked in the mid 2000s and the last couple of seasons were hail mary attempts at bringing it back. It does seem that way. At the same time they were doing a lot of good stuff with that show including some things outside the series like Carl's minisode series aired online about football stuff, which was hilarious even if you don't enjoy football because it's Carl.

Lastly the final episode of the Stay Flared Tour is up, what's that you ask, well I'll tell you! A couple months back the megaton of skateboarding tours happened and that was two large shoe companies coming together with their all star teams, Emerica and Lakai. From what I heard, it was the absolute shit. I didn't go, because I was stupid. And I know that now. That's a shame. Well for stupid people like me, the invention of moving pictures on film exists and thus comes this wrap up series of 6 minute videos available on Thrasher's website. If you have any interest in skateboarding let me tell you it's worth checking out. At about six minutes a piece I finished them all in one sitting and man am I that much more mad at myself for not going. UGHH!! -Hits self-


And with that I will leave you with this one video. People been talking about elections and whatnot for some reason. Something about a guy's cell phone getting trumped? I don't know. But what I do know is that the election that matters already passed. Did you vote?

Theme will be short things.


[url=][b]*[/b] - Happy Anniversery Goofier![/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - You heard the man Nintendo, get to work chop chop. Alternatively I'll make it even easier for you lazy fucks, make it THE lama from Donkey Kong 64 inside that one area where it has to spit to change the lava into water (that's some powerful spit) me and Adam doing all your work for you already.[/url]





[url=][b]D[/b] - Michformer let's us know about their future blog activity and why they won't be around as much.[/url]





And finally archer because damnit I had something for this. There was a special image I had in mind but oh well.

[url=][b]S[/b] - I think all I have to say is, "Loosen your current corsets, have a very ingest" bro.[/url]

[url=][b]S[/b] - This fail goes double now that regular cblogs are called "long blogs" and something this short could've been a quickpost.[/url]




11:42 AM on 08.22.2015

Cblogs of 8/20/2015 + False Scarcity and Amiibos

Intentional scarcity as a marketing strategy for fixed products is a myth.

This will be my first time chiming on the Amiibo situation, and I want to do it through careful reading of Economic principles, the central principle being that of supply and demand. Regarding Amiibo’s, Nintendo have been accused to intentionally understock Amiibo’s to increase demand. In essence, Nintendo are accused of intentional scarcity to push demand. Which does not make any sense economically, because Amiibo’s are fixed price products.

Economic principles actually make a lot of sense

Supply and demand principles talk about the price as cause by fluctuating of the two. Take the Marth Amiibo for example. Demand far outweigh the supply, therefore the price of it increased. Mario in the other hand stays at the MSRP for Amiibo’s. However, it is not Nintendo profiting from Marth’s price increase, because they can only sell at the MSRP price.

Therefore, any intentional demand people argue they are creating through scarcity, is not demand that they can profit from. In fact, any demand that is not being met through Nintendo’s own stock is simply lost sales. Similar things happened with the Wii (where people again accused Nintendo of false scarcity tactics).

Simply, false scarcity tactics do not work for fixed price products, at least not for the core company. However, scarcity does push the price of the secondhand market, which brings no profit to Nintendo.

Nintendo actually lost a lot of sales from people who wanted these three

Rather than intentional scarcity, the Amiibo situation is simply that of Nintendo AND retailers misjudging demand. You see, Nintendo wouldn’t order the production of hundreds of thousand variable figures without consulting the retailers who would actually do the selling.

Which is going to be my next quick talk about the Amiibo situation, and how it’s not as “evil” from Nintendo as the internet likes to think.

With 12 unique figures, of course there are going to be demand issues for some of them

All hail the villager, the harbringer of chaos

Oil is an essential commodity that can actually be affected with false scarcity tactics

C- The past Cblog and community muse and mascot, Andy Dixon, likes the chaos mode. Go on and post some penis jokes for his amusement.

T- Batman doesn't soar well in Arkham Knight, so says Sphazzh20 who feels the series ends with a whimper.

T- TuxedoKnight talks about the good and bad of remasters. Whih seem to be here to stay. PS4, a remasters machine so far.

T- Videogame companies are poor students who rarely learns from their mistakes, so says VeryImportantQuestion.

T- OverlordZetta disagrees with VIQ (a rare use of the blog reply function) in somepoints, especially Sonic and (you guessed it) the Red Ash kickstarter campaign.

T- Michformer waxes lyrical about the great strengths of F.E.A.R as a shooter.

If Nintendo cannot get increased price by manipulating quantity, they would want to capture all demand

?- The Kodu reviews Arkham Knight, or does he. He goes on talking about British politics (I thought they all just worshipped the queen) and other stuff. Better than a fail, but still confusing for my mere mortal mind.

R- Perhapes because he doesn't actually own an HDTV, or because he doesn't actually want any to play any of the available games, Terry 309 is seriously dissapointed about buying a PS4. It looks like he is actually more disspointed at himself for buying it now though.

R- Chuck E. Cheese is a place of nightmares masquerading as a resturant, also it is founded by the founder of Atari. The more you know from Arm Length Interviews.

F- Grass pokemon Venasaur is trying to recruit bloggers for some League of Legend project. However, there is very little information or meat to the blog. Quickposting could have been better.

For the next blog, expect to learn about the complex issues regarding the manufactering and distribution of over 50 unique towys. Right in time for the start of college.

School is on session.

-Lord Spencer



12:32 AM on 08.21.2015

Cblog recaps of 8/19/15 and SHORTY-isms


Summer is traditionally a slow time for the video games industry. And now it's not just slow for video games but also on my cblogging front. It's been a non-stop lately with work and school, one after another, with no full days off in sight thanks to the alternating nature of my schedule. I am literally in the homestretch, with my big move happening September 6. But until then, I'm barely getting much time to regain my sanity meter while working 8 hours and working on long lists of homework. I'm pretty tired after work, not wanting to do anything. I don't have a job lined up for my move though, so come September 6, I'll experience the exact opposite of what I've been going through for the past month: I'll have a wealth of time that I'll have to spend wisely on job hunting and inevitably, freelancing. So long as I don't have a job during my first few days in my new apartment with my fiance, I'd be better off using that excessive timein freelancing for spare cash.

I've finally gotten off my Monster Hunter kick, replacing it fully with Splatoon and Smash Brothers. I'm beginning to feel like I'm getting more serious about Smash Brothers like I have for other fighting games, whereas before I was more or less just coasting off fundamental knowledge. I'm beginning to understand the deeper intricacies about my character choice now, such as hardcore footsies with Mac, juggling with Meta Knight, and actually doing combos. It was hard to do Greninja and Jiggs combos but Mac and MK have easier to pull off combos.

I've consistently been losing in Splatoon, like I said last week. People may think I'm crazy for letting Splatoon get the better than me and yet Smash doesn't rustle my jimmies but I'm able to not take Smash seriously and have fun because it's all my own effort and skill. Meanwhile in Splatoon, I may place high on my team but we still lose. No matter what I do, I can't carry the team, and that's what really rustles my jimmies. At least in Smash, it's my decision to jump off the stage and do crazy risky edgeguarding which can potentially end in a self-destruct.

Gate as an anime has been treading on treacherous territory. On the one hand, watching attack helicopters perforate bandits in a massive attack sweep is entertaining in the context of watching tons of fantasy anime. But we're about to enter a period where there will be more doubt about where it's going with its female characters in relation to the male protagonist. I'm hoping that at least the politics at work between a fantasy oligarchy and modern democracy will be interesting despite the growing harem concerns.

Caps are bit lightbut that's alright. I'm a bit busy if I haven't mentioned it.








S - Calty gives us another sexy does of The Slit and his continuing sexual escapades

S - Bardley is contemplating how he has matured versus how his interests are perceived by others












12:01 AM on 08.18.2015

Cblogs of 8/17/15 - Moving, Life, and Busterisms

Fuck stairs.

Moving is always a pain in the ass when you have to do it on your own; especially when it’s 105 degrees outside while going up two flights of stairs to get to your apartment. It’s hotter than Satan’s asshole out here in Texas, and I have to admit that I actually miss the rain for once.

Sleepy music time.

I’m happy to say that this is going to be my last year of college (and holy shit has it been a long time coming). I graduated high school way back in 2009 and immediately started community college that same year. I’ve been on quite a journey ever since. I was struggling on finding out what I wanted to for two years. It wasn’t that I lacked a passion for anything; it was that I was talented at so many different things that I couldn’t decide what to specifically focus on for the rest of my life. That’s a pretty daunting decision to make when you’re only eighteen at the time. I took a year long hiatus from college back in 2010 because I couldn’t decide and worked my ass off at a few dead end jobs instead, thinking that maybe elbow grease could take me where I needed to be. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was too smart for the jobs that I was working at, and decided to go back to school again. I figured I was always a good writer in high school since my essays and creative writing exercises always received high marks, so I decided to pursue the only writing job I could think of that paid a stable paycheck every two weeks: journalism.

Phone Tag is a BITCH.

Now I’d love to continue my life story on how I became the journalist I am today, but I’m pretty exhausted from all the moving for the past three days. I’ll continue that part in another recap sometime down the road. Sorry for the cliffhanger y’all. As for videogames though, Smash is still the main game I’ve been playing lately. Now we all know Mewtwo is my main dude, but lately I’ve been experimenting with Little Mac. He’s a really fun character to use as long as you’re planted to the ground at all times. His punches hit like a truck and his speed is damn good. I have to admit, Strider made me see something in that little boxer. So for now, it’s Mewtwo, Roy, and Little Mac. And with that, I’m off to bed knuckleheads. Be a brilliant soul sparkling in the galaxy while walking on Earth.

See you Space Cowboy.

*- Michformer loves OST’s. So do I. The tracks he picked out are pretty dope to, so check it out. But for the record, anything composed by Yasunori Mitsuda should be listened to.

*- C'mon, it's Comments of The Week. Why would this not get Topsauced?

*- Here's a little known fact about me: I once played WoW way back in the vanilla days of '05. Tauren was my favorite face and Hunter was my favorite class. RainsOpacity's udderly sattisfying blog talks about her journey as a little Tauren. MOOLISSA BABY!

*- Waveplay writes up a fantastic retrospective blog about the Half-Life series, and what they mean for Half-Life 3......if that ever happens.

*- Now this is pretty fucking cool. JoyfulSanity is revving up a new series over RPG Maker and all of its aspects and how they affect game design.

S- Need your Nerd News fix? Adam "Ice Cream Man" P has got your back!

E- Mr. Andy Dixon himself will be on PStoid, so ask them questions about their sex life! Speaking of which, this is the link you WANT to click to see an amazing hand drawn dick that'd make the creators of Superbad jealous.

F- Friday Night Fights: A New Dawn Dong Edition. There, fixed it for ya.

T- One of my former best friends pointed this out several years ago in '05, and man was he right. Sure it's a rant blog, but Perd Hapley's preaching something I have to agree with.

R- Now this is something you don't notice everyday on the C-Blogs: a book review! Hey, I like to read and Gamemaniac3434 is a funny guy, so check out his review of The Unnoticables. Fuck, that is difficult to type more than once.

T- So Disney's bringing back some "classic" Star Wars games to the PS4, eh? Well DSBrad has his top 5 favorite STAH WAHS games and he's here to tell you why they're considered to be classics worth bringing back. HK-47 or GTFO!

T- RadioCapra (I see what you did there) breaks down one of the key differences between Dark Souls I and II. Do you want balls rockingly hard difficulty or expansive enviornmental design? To which I say, why not both?

T- I think the "HD REmaster" train has been chugging for a bit too long too, Mr. Knives. But then again, you're probably OCD. Yep, you're definitely OCD.

C- CoconutmilkFilms's video wasn't bad, and that's the only reason why this isn't getting failed. Give us more of an exposition that a video and five sentences. C'mon, man.

C- This blog has lots of potential, but needs more meat on its bones. I'm glad Eastyy found his niche at Killer Instinct. However, Third Strike is still the best, y'all.


F- Sorry Spieler. You're my boy and all, but my blogging standards still apply.





4:05 PM on 08.17.2015

08/16/15 - The (Lack Of) Importance In A Review Score

Let's talk about review scores, a topic of some personal loathing.

So yesterday (as of writing this on a Sunday night), I got to write up a review of Beyond Eyes for GHT. Until it is posted I don't think I can really reveal what I thought of it. Although, on a scale of “bad” to “amazing”, it is an all-resounding “good side of meh” personally. However, despite the game being not particularly impressive, I still believe it is an important game. It is a rare title that allows the player to experience blindness without feeling inaccessible or over-emphasising the weakness of blind people.

This led me to a frustrating conundrum that further adds upon a dread I have for the reductionist nature of numbers. I now have to score something that, as a game, isn't too great but I think is one of the important videogames that will likely be mentioned time and time again in the future. In this context, it would be mentioned when talking about representation of disabilities and, specifically, blindness.


 As a game, Spec Ops: The Line isn't fun nor impressive. It is what it has to say that makes it important. I'd be surprised if it scored a 10 anywhere, but I think it still is likely more memorable than ones that did get 10s that year.


So the question has to be raised: Should I rate it higher based on my perception of its importance, potentially over-scoring it based on the game's performance its self? Alternatively, do I rate it on how the game its self performs, with the possibility that it doesn't reflect the game's ongoing relevance in years upon years to come?

Personally, I rated it on the game its self. I believe the problem with rating a game too high is you can risk disappointing the player and making them too frustrated to see the gem within. I would rather trust the player to read the text, about how Beyond Eyes will be an important speaking piece within the conversation about diversity, in contrast to having to rate it to inform them on the importance. Which by doing that, those not interested in that dialogue would end up disappointed by the final form of the game.

I think one day I'll need to fully outline the pros and cons of quantitative (numbers) and qualitative (words) data from a sociological and games journalism perspective. In the meanwhile, well, you'll just have to deal with my four paragraph musing on the rating of Beyond Eyes.



* - Reading OrochiLeona's discussion about Time Gal is fascinating, as a step back into the days of when gameplay similar to Dragon's Lair was somewhat popular. While there are a lot of pictures (which may bug people), they actually do help understand the game more personally as someone not from that era (sorry, wasn't alive in the 80s). Not to mention, good job Taito on predicting the second Gulf War 15 years prior.


A - James Internet Ego talks about balancing RTS troops against each other and how Sins of a Solar Empire's rock-paper-scissors approach simply does not work, along with a discussion of various ways other games have done balancing better. Although I think an interesting counter-point to that is Fire Emblem's use of rock-paper-sissors with the weapons working as well as they do. However, I guess you could argue against that by saying it isn't a core part of the tactics but rather one aspect to the range of tactical systems going on. It also isn't a RTS title, so I guess I'm cheating in that regards.



In a contest, it probably didn't win any awards and it only got 3 10s out 62 critics (according to Meta Critic), averaging at a 83%. It doesn't lower its importance.


F – So, heard about this sweet thing called Friday Night Fights? They're doing some snazzy updates to help connect you with other Dtoiders, such as promoting Weekend Warrior and Twitchtoid and setting up both a Steam and Nintendo Google group. As always, if people are looking someone to rob places with on Payday 2 (on PC or PS4), yell at me and I'll be more than happy.


R – Everybody's Gone To The Rapture gets a review by IVTHEKILLER and, well, I'm not surprised at the end result. It seems similar to Dear Esther, The Chinese Room's previous work, in that it appears to be just about slowly plodding around discovering a story. Definitely not my cup of tea. I love narratives, but if the delivery may as well been by book then I believe there is nothing gained by turning it into a game.

R – Mike Wallace reviews Super Metroid, a game I actually never played growing up (I grew up with Mega Drive and then Playstation). Although I do share the sentiment that at least Metroid Prime: Federation Force isn't “...a fucking pachinko machine”.



Culture can't be measured in numbers, as much as quantitative sociologists wish otherwise.


Every time I get frustrated with review scores, it brings me back to the days of trying to measure sociological phenomena with numbers. Everyone in sociology understood the over simplification of it, that the numbers just reflect our interpretation and you should read the entire article, but damn the layman keeps taking it at face value...


F – So F3TUS STATUS is a Youtuber and does Twitch streams, and has decided to tell people this in large font. Perhaps it was worth advertising your other endeavours after you've found your place in the Destructoid community?


- Riobux 




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