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19 hours ago - 4:17 AM on 10.30.2014

DustinHoffyPants' top 5 about candy had me surprised. It's not often we get to talk about tastes that aren't game related and certainly never expected anyone to talk shit about Now & Laters. If your teeth can't handle the stuff than get out of the kitchen.

Strider's top 5 candies

5. Heath/Skor - Toffee is basically caramel if it was evil and stiff. But it also means it's caramel if it was crunchy. Creamy and gooey is all well and good but my favorite taste sensation is a good old fashion crunch. The best part? All that leftover toffee left sticking to your teeth for a delicious aftertaste. If you can't handle toffee then what are you going to do about bullies, huh? On a side note, toffee is basically so hard that a scientist out there somewhere is probably experimenting with using toffee as a mending agent for broken bones. That's how much I believe in toffee.

4. M&Ms - While normal people would consider M&M's the chocolate version of Skittles, I beg to differ. M&M's are the chocolate version of Starburst. Skittles' flavor variants are your run of the mill off flavors like tropical, sour, and berries. But M&M's and Starburst share something in common with uncommon flavor variations. Starburst has weird ideas like flavor crystals bursting for dual flavors and pina coladas. M&M's on the other hand have tons of special flavors like birthday cake, crispy, pretzel, peanut butter, peanuts, freaking coconut, and dark. I mean, coconut! Coconut anything is hard to find!

3. Toffiday - This despicable idea of a candy is basically what happens when someone gets a hard on for Nutella and wants hazelnut involved candy. One whole gruesome hazelnut, covered in a deluge of caramel and chocolate in such a way that even TV hosts from Travel channel will cover it like it's a weird delicacy. This thing is almost never lumped in with normal candy boxes either. It's such an extravagant purchase that it shares space with whole peanut brittle boxes and assorted chocolates. At least you can find macadamias every once and a while. When was the last time you've seen hazelnuts?

2. Jelly Belly - Have you ever wondered if there was more to life than cherry and orange flavored candies? Well if you've never once considered what buttered popcorn would taste like as a jelly bean then you can get right out of my face son cause you ain't trying hard enough. And don't even get me started on the sour flavors bag.

1. Chocolate covered Australian licorice - This is an uber specific bag that I've only seen in my local Walgreens as part of their in house Delish brand. But for being a generic brand, it's so damn good. I don't know what makes their licorice Australian, if Zyk even knows about Australian made licorice, or if it's even fucking Australian. All I know is that this licorice is extra soft, juicy, and probably only that good because its covered in motherfucking chocolate to be little chocolate nuggets of joy.

There's a lot of touchy-feely circlejerking going on. People feeling bad for themselves, people cheering other people up, people telling other people about the power within, the power within, the power within, THE POWER WITHIIIIIIIIN.

I'm not good at being sympathetic or supportive of anyone past my girlfriend. I don't feel much empathy and cannot relate to the duress of my fellow human beings. This may mostly be because I am a terrible human being who crushes his fellow man under his heel. Surly only looks out for one guy; Surly.

But we all have different upbringings, views, and diverse ideas. I never would've pegged Zombie Orwell to be a left-wing independent minder who doesn't put much value on the establishment of education nor would I have pegged Dreamweaver to be a youth who has become disillusioned with America's struggling job economy. Then again, would you picture me as someone raised in an Asian household with vague roots in classic Confucianism ethics with a very by-your-boot-straps opinion on life?

Wtf I'm not even wearing a hat it's a fucking rag what the hell?

I'm mostly an eternal optimist in one respect. I'm not exactly the paragon image of your average 26-year-old but people do have it worse then. I get to complain about my phone bill when most would complain about their rent being due. I don't exactly have the dream job I've always wanted but I still work at Disney, a company with a wealth of opportunities if I look for it. And I don't subscribe to the idea of not going to school or at least, actively discourage it. Shiroe from Log Horizon told me to think two steps ahead and I sure as fuck thought two steps ahead when I had to command a unit of tanks through a mountain range with a network of enemy artillery dotting the landscape (ROLL TANKS! ROLL!). I got backpockets and I'm always keeping a plan B for safe keeping because the world ain't perfect and its filled with people who'll fuck with you. I keep writing to keep my brain exercised with ideas with a degree in god forsaken Journaism. I keep my eyes peeled for opportunity where I currently work, with it being a global multinational company. And I still go to school for networking because the IT field is not wilting anytime soon.

But that's the good thing about being a part of a community. You get to see all these different and diverse viewpoints that you get to agree or disagree with. Something I notice with Facebook is that you get to pick and choose your own special bubble of enjoyable social interaction. The features Facebook has installed has come a long way from simply reading through miles of shit or unfriending people. Now I can click on someone's annoying click-bait shares, sexual exploits, and the whole gamut of religious and political views and just press, "I don't want to see this." What good is it to argue with an established friend about their views on Obama or how cool God is when we both know no one's opinions are going to change? What a waste of energy.

On Destructoid though, it's not Facebook. That goes without saying but since we're all more loosely related as community members rather than "friends and contacts" all our messy opinions are much more digestible as diverse rather than annoying. I'm on Facebook for immediate social interaction, not God is good 4:20. But then I get on Destructoid and Corduroy Turtle is talking shit about Smash Bros. 3DS again but I know his big meaty hands don't like playing on the 3DS but I move on and agree with him that Duck Hunt Dog is the worst character to fight against and oh my god how much shit is he about to throw at me god fucking dammit.

Fuck you Duck Hunt Dog

So in the end, don't come to me for life advice. There are lots of cool people on Destructoid to talk to and that's why we're a big, fuzzy, weird family community amalgamation. Me? I'll probably give you the same advice I give about fighting games and just say git gud. Now come back when it's about Pokemon or fighting games. Then I will whole heartedly tell you to git gud while talking at length about git'ing gud.

* - Dust Hoff Monstroso hates on Now & Laters and praises Milky Way so I automatically know we can't be friends

* - I want Toto Temple yesterday. Also, playable UI is a big deal

* - Is Narzack describing Red Orchestra or PTSD? YOU DECIDE!

A - The only thing I can say is that I am a terrible person for not having anything good to contribute to Dreamweaver's time of need so be betterer people than I

P - The mystery of PStoid and the Halloweening Halloweenies

A - I love Brittnay Vincent on the Dtoid team, ok? Don't talk shit about Brittnay

A - Orwell breaks character to say something to the aimless 20-something Americans who may or may not be white out there. I'm Asian, in my late 20s, and mildly satisfied with my life and the direction its going

S - Agent9's 31 days of songs: Clementine

A - Avatar Spirit's sassy op-ed about sassy purity and sassy definitions for sassy gaming

D - Steve Hansen's laments and thoughts

D - Crono has some thick philosophy to spill but Crono wrote a damn book so who cares about scholarly language?


R - Sinn recommends the Legend of Korra game despite the horrid beginning. But the combo and combat system sounds to die for.

T - With some rebranding, Silky! reflects on Dragon Age

V - Quan Chi X overview, a predecessor to Malcom X

R - Wolfenstein 2014: we are not impressed

F - Zyk's picks for Australian horror films

F - Zyk's picks 2: Electric Boogaloo

F - Zyk's picks III: First Blood Part 2

V - Call of Duty: Ghosts Peppers Gumballs



git gud

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Hello there, you spooky devils.

Halloween fast approaches, and as I’m sitting here typing this, my 3DS is turned on in the background playing the Luigi’s Mansion theme while the demo for Pokemon Omega Ruby downloads. Ohhh, spooky!

Here in Brazil we don’t commemorate Halloween, or any similar holiday. If someone is dressed like skeletons, zombies or other monsters, it’s most likely for Carnival. Likewise, if someone knocks on your door and asks “Trick or treat?”, they probably have a gun in their hand and you should definitely choose treat.  

You could say the closest thing we have to Halloween here is the presidential elections that just happened this Sunday. Our economy is in the shitter right now and we just choose to re-elect the bride of Frankenstein.

GAAAAHHH! Don’t eat me Ms. President!

But enough about spooky things, I have good news. Remember that personality test I had to do that had me drawing vertical lines like a prisoner? Yeah, I never heard back from those jerks. But I did hear back from two other employers, who invited me to a formal interview! Final boss, baby!

For these two companies I didn’t have to take a personality test, only a logical reasoning test (which I did surprisingly well at, thanks Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton!) and some crap activity the HR department invented that I won’t even bother explaining. I’m honestly surprised I got through these.

If I get the job, I will be super happy. Both companies are some of the biggest in South America and even in the rest of the world. I would start as an intern for at least one year, with the possibility of climbing the ladder after that period.

However I think my chances of being approved are slim. I’m a very shy person without a clear career goal in mind, imagine how that will work out in a group dynamic or collective interview (more than one manager will interview me at the same time). But I’m not entertaining any thought about giving up. I will go to both of these interviews even if I end up embarrassing myself. That’s exactly what I need to do to get over my shyness and be more prepared for other job interviews.

To end these not-so-spooky Scriptisms, let me talk a little bit about videogames.

Have you still been enjoying Super Smash Bros. for 3DS? I know I have. I have not been playing it every day, but I still boot it up pretty consistently. Yesterday I finally managed to get my Win Rate to +50%. I know it doesn’t mean much, and that that is still a low percentage, but considering it got as low as 35%, that’s a pretty good improvement. It shows I have been improving slowly since I started playing the game, and that’s a great comfort to have when I face a good player that completely wrecks me.

In other news, the Pokemon special demo downloaded and I have played it, and I’m underwhelmed. I thought it would be like Bravely Default’s demo, but it is just a tutorial that barely lets you taste the game. It doesn’t do a good job of showing me why the game is fun. I haven’t played a Pokemon game in a while, and I was thinking of getting Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire when it releases. Maybe I should just get X or Y, what do you think?

On to the caps!

* - Occams blesses us with his lovely thoughts, giving us some much needed water in this dry Cblog Tuesday.

* - Young whippersnappers these days think their newfangled games are good… “It’s the BOMB!” they say, “For shizzle!”. Roughed donuts, this lot! In MY day, games weren’t bombs, they were giant cumbersome computer machines! You beeped and they booped, and the pretty white square would bounce right and off. Now that was the golden age.  This Uncle Terror fellow seems to have some common sense, but he’s no Bubsy. He’s dirtier than that old hag my stupid nephew calls Ma.

Grandpa, get off!


Sorry about that, guys. My Grandpa sometimes sneaks his way into my computer and writes using my account. But don’t worry, now he’s resting. He’s sleeping like a log… Sleeping like a dead, old log…

A-Anyway, back to the recaps!

A - This may look like your typical family-friendly blog, BUT IT ACTUALLY IS ABOUT THE FIVE STAGES OF GRIEF! THE AUTHOR IS DYING OR DEAD or something

S - Agent9 talks about a spooky song from Resident Evil 2.

P - TheDustinThomas brings us a Halloween-flavored instalment of his Error Machine podcast.

? - Headless97 asks you to make a list about your favorite Nintendo games. Fun!

"Good Jorb!"



Photo Photo Photo

Today, a new Legendary Pokemon descends into the world. Diancie, the Fairy-Type/Rock-Type pokemon and Pokemon X/Y's likely-to-be-final addition to the Pokemon roster. Over the weekend I splurged a bit and picked up another copy of Pokemon X along with a few old favorites remastered for PS Vita - such as Persona 4 Golden and Muramasa Rebirth. Truly new additions to my physical and digital libararies were Dragon's Crown and Lone Survivor respectively. 

I have a nasty habit of buying old favorites and selling them all over again, which is why I'm starting to prefer digital purchases since I will sell physical games at the first sign of financial trouble. Like that time last week with Fire Emblem: Awakening (again) and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (again). Digital stops me from doing that.

Selling my games is also how I lost that first legit Mew I had in Pokemon SoulSilver. I had it, finally had my Mew after all those years of waiting and then I had a dumb moment and sold the game. So on a later paycheck this month I will probably be getting Pokemon Y and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire digitally off eShop in the event I have another dumb moment and sell X and Omega Ruby. 

I almost, almost picked up the MGS HD collection for PS Vita, but sided with Pokemon X instead because MGS2 and MGS3 had pretty small download file sizes for Vita games (and I'd sell it, also Diancie). As a rule, I just want MGS3 on everything - 3DS, Vita, PS3. Just everything. Its my most replayed MGS game, though I feel like Peace Walker could give it a run for its money in the long run. I just like Big Boss' games better than Solid's I think. 

Oh, and can I just say that despite Snake's absense in Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U, I love that Pit. Viridi and Palutena are going to fill the void left behind by Snake and his friends on Codec calls, in addition to Star Fox and Fire Emblem characters? When I knew Snake wasn't going to make the cut, I had actually hoped this would happen because Kid Icarus Uprising is the chattiest Nintendo game ever made and its cast was perfect for replacing codecs. Awesome choice!

As for what I'm actually playing this week, I'll be rotating Pokémon X, Dragon's Crown and continue Final Fantasy X HD.

Anyway, I'm off to grab Diancie and then set forth on a new Pokemon journey! And I will set up a Pokemon Bank account later this week in case I am dumb and trade the game in. At least this way, I will still have my Pokemon. Don't think I'll trade it, though, as I love my customizable trainer.

Also, does anyone have an unwanted, legit Mew?

My 3DS friend code is 3093-7070-1972!

On to the recaps!

* - Genki-JAM's rivalry with an alcoholic orc made Shadows of Mordor a special experience.

* - Nude code... oh, wait.

* - JoyfulSanity talks about violence, context and Hatred.

A - HighFive looks at the problematic nature and dead ends of #GamerGate.

E - Manasteel88 streams for Extra Life.

T - Ashamasha talks about his first arcade experience!

M - Agent9 supplies some Turok  2 tunage. Dino tested, hunter approved.

F - One misguided and misinformed #GG blog is one thing...

S - But two blogs in less than six hours is disrespectful of other bloggers, regardless of topic.

That's all for Sunday recaps! See you, space cowpeople!


This week, I finally buckled down and finished Tales of Xillia 2 whilst waiting for the one of the most anticipated Wii U game to drop on Friday, and I gotta say that it was worth finishing! Now, it was over a month ago that I said that I was nearing the end of the game, but for some reason I didn't really play it since; perhaps I was too busy at the time; perhaps I was just lost interest in it after burning myself out over the 40+ hours. Still, once I started it up and started continuing the journey, I really got into it, and eventually I became determined to see it to the end! Because I love the cast of characters so much, the game can feel like a bit of an emotional roller coaster to me, and as I progressed through the character episodes as well as the main quest, there was some serious stuff going down, and I couldn't help but feel them feels as I see how dark and depressing the game becomes. I don't want to spoil it for you guys who are interested, but I'll just say that not a lot of plot points end on a bright note, and the whole "idealistic" mentality that JRPGs have in general don't play out too well here: this is an adventure where, much like The Walking Dead, being pragmatic is the only true course of action.

For my two-cents of the game (perhaps I'll write a review just for the sake of it, unless one of the main editors actually post one up), I'm okay with reusing assets, but that didn't stop me from being disappointed when you're asked to go back to certain areas just because "why the hell not?", and the whole game feels more like an expansion pack than its own title, despite being one of the main mothership games. The debt system becomes way less annoying than it was in the beginning of the game when you couldn't really have more than 5,000 gald before being forced to pay, because by the end of it, I had like 600,000 glad in my pocket, so if the debt system is putting you off, know that it gets more lenient as you continue. Really though, the story, character side-quests, and combat mechanics are the real reasons you should be interested in this game, as a majority of anything else to do feel like padding: Job postings feel as tedious as MMO quests, and you might have to do some of these to acquire the money you need to move on to the next chapter. However, I found the story, while painfully slow at first, to be quite enjoyable near the end, and seeing the characters I love in the first game go through their own development was a pretty cool treat!

Speaking of first games and sequels, Bayonetta 2 dropped a couple of days back, and it is damn good from what little I played! I have the original for the Xbox 360, and I stopped playing it around the half-way point (Chapter 8 out of 16, I believe?) so I never beat it... but now that the sequel has the first title bundled for free, I figured that I might as well give it a third shot! I'm playing both titles at the same time, which helped me got some of the references in the prologue chapter that I would've missed otherwise had I not refreshed my memory of the original's, but I'm having trouble becoming interested in the original because not only have I been through the first half of the chapters three times now, but I'm still getting a bit put-off on the "cutscenes" that look very cheaply made: I could understand if they exist because any time spent animating these should be time spent animating crazy choreographed fights, but it still takes me out of the mood; this is something I also disliked in Anarchy Reigns, which is one of the only few flaws I had with that game (I love it so much!). The sequel has some of these too, unforunately, but it looks like the ratio between animated cutscenes and these crude comic strips is big enough that I wasn't too put off... yet; I'm still very early in both games, so I can't comment whether it continues to be a problem or not.

Bayonetta 2 is frickin' awesome, though! The demo gave a good taste of the opening levels, but as new enemies head into the stage and new weapons and combos are found, the game becomes way more in-depth, and I can't wait to see what else it has to offer! I'm addicted to dodging enemy attacks too; while I rolled all the time in Dark Souls, I love games that reward players for dodging at the right time like Tales of Xillia's Snap Pivot and Star Ocean: The Last Hope's Blindside mechanic, and Bayonetta's Witch Time is the best among them: slowing down time to allow you to safely input a combo is nice, and there's a certain satisfaction to seeing the world distort after a successful last-second slide. The graphics don't look like they improved much, but it's servicable enough with its stylish art design, and the game feels oh-so-silky smooth that I really don't care about a couple of visual misfits here and there: who has time to nitpick when there's enemies around!? Also, I'm having too much fun messing around with Bayonetta's Varia Suit mask functionality: when you hold down on the D-Pad, you can flip the visor on and off her face, and I like to time it so it looks like she's preparing for battle.

Speaking of masks, Halloween is next week, and I don't plan to do much for it: maybe I'll finally watch Aliens as it's been sitting on my DVR ever since Occams recommended it to me, but I've said this many times over a course of a year now. However, several other Dtoiders like SeymourDuncan17, BetterCallSaul, and The Scholarly Gamer has also recently stated that I should give it a shot, and I do love the first Aliens vs. Predator movie, so perhaps I'll try to make an effort to see it. When it comes to Halloween however, one thing I look forward to is watching Halloween-themed episodes of various TV shows: I do this all the time when I was a child so perhaps it stuck with me, but I'm not ashamed of it! I caught the crossover The Haunted Thundermans, which combines two Nickelodean shows, The Haunted Hathoways and The Thundermans, for an hour long special, and it shows me that I'm still in love with that cheesy Halloween atmosphere... and the special was somewhat decent, to boot! While I do have some complaints, like the character not really interacting with one another (which is the main part of a crossover!) and the father characters having very little screen-time (they're my favorite characters of both series, and yes, I do watch the two shows), I can't say I feel like my time was wasted.

Nothing beats the "Luna Eclipsed" episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic though! That's seriously one of my favorite Halloween-themed episode of any show, even The Simpsons' "Treehouse of Horror", and I watch it at least once every Halloween for the last couple of years; I've actually watched it three times this month!

* - SpielerDad decides, in honor of the Halloween holiday, to pick out a few places that would be a suitable locale for some disturbing videogames! One I like in particular is the forest dubbed the "Sea of Trees" in Aokigahara, Japan, but check out what other haunts are listed inside!

S - Solar Pony Django's first entry of his bi-weekly Comic book Roundup series starts us off with an anime retelling of Spider-Man featuring a mech (not unlike Halo Legends "Prototype" short), X-Men dealing with Wendigos in Canada, and My Little Pony's Fluttershy giving Iron Will a lesson in manners!

S - Agent9 keeps up with his 31 Days series of creepy videogame music with a track from Slender - The Eight Pages. Wait, there's music in that game? I guess I was too busy screaming like a bitch every couple of seconds to really notice.

T - Derek Pietras might not have been anticipating Hyrule Warriors at first, but after finding out just how fun the Warriors series can be upon picking an old copy of Dynasty Warriors 3, find out why he can't stop playing!

C - Sovietmethod decides to make his first blog post about the supposefully infamous Valve customer service. I say supposefully because I actually haven't heard a word about their support, and this blog doesn't exactly fill me in.

- Dreamweaver



Photo Photo Photo

Hey everyone, TheDustinThomas here, doing my first recap! I'm taking over Fridays for bbain as he has moved on to greener pastures. I know that those are some mighty large shoes to fill, but I'll do my best.

Well...it certainly seems as though I've picked a dandy of a week to begin recapping. Dtoid has gone through (and is still going through) some changes as of late, both to the staff and front page, as well as to the community. We had a couple of pretty well known community members recently write up some exit blogs. This whole situation has really gotten me thinking about why I came to Destructoid in the first place.

I don't remember exactly when I became a member of the DToid community, it was either 2009 or 2010. I was semi-involved with another gaming community for a couple of years (kind of sounds like we were dating but mutually agreed we weren't exclusive), and while I had my fair share of fun over there, it just seemed like unless you were a very prominent community member, any blog you wrote would get little--if any--recognition. Case in point, one of the first blogs I ever wrote here on DToid was a retrospective on pro wrestling videogames. Just for fun, I also posted it on the other site, as we were still flirting with one another. On Destructoid, it gets tons of faps and positive comments, and eventually finds its way to the front page. On the other site? Like 3 comments and no love.

I also remember writing a blog over there, which was clearly written as a joke, and getting flooded with comments calling me a troll and other things that I shall not repeat. That was the moment that I realized I was done, and decided to post my writing exclusively to Destructoid. It just seemed like this community was much more in-tune with my sense of humor, and the opinions expressed by most of the staff were in line with a lot of my own. Even with guys like Jim Sterling, whom I disagree with in every non-gaming aspect of life (I'm a youth pastor, so you can probably draw your own conclusions from that), I found that I agreed with his stances on the gaming industry most of the time.

Things may have changed a little bit around here, but in my opinion, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better gaming community. I personally spend the majority of my time here on the CBlogs, I haven't jumped into the forums, and while I read the majority of posts on the front page, I only comment once in a great while. But, now that I'm a recapper, perhaps I should try to make myself a little more prominent. Our community isn't perfect, but just because a few people have decided to hit the bricks, and we wish them all the luck in their future endeavors, this opens up an opportunity for someone else to step up. So if you read the CBlogs, but don't write many, start writing! When I first started posting on DToid, I had to get over the idea of "What if no one reads it?" "What if I sound stupid?" Don't worry about that! If you write a bad blog, there's an entire community here willing to help you get better. You won't find that anywhere else.

Well, now that I've gotten all of that serious stuff out of the way, let's talk about some videogames! I feel like I'm the only person in the world who isn't playing Super Smash Bros. Despite my admitted fanboy-esque love of anything Nintendo, I've just never been a fan of the Smash games. All of my friends are trying to get me to pick it up, but I know that it'll be one of those things that I'll only play a few times and then keep on the shelf for the rest of its life. However, my 3DS is still getting plenty of use between my constant returning to Mario Golf: World Tour and working my way through Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright. Speaking of Layton v Wright, I'm not loving that game as much as I expected to. Actually, let me rephrase that, I don't love half of the game as much as I expected to. I'm a huge fan of Professor Layton, and I would consider myself a Phoenix Wright fan, but I have to be in the mood to play those games. So any time I find myself in a courtroom I'm just sitting there wandering how much longer this trial can possibly last. The Layton puzzle-solving portions are fantastic as always. The biggest downside, however, is the length. I understand some concessions needed to be made to accommodate both series', but sometimes less is more.

But the biggest news for me, gaming-wise, is that I finally joined the current generation and picked up a PlayStation 4. I had been waiting for a good bundle before I put down the money, because I live in 1987 and believe that every console should come with a game to play with it. GameStop had a pretty good bundle for the PS4, which was the system, The Last of Us Remastered, and six months of PS+ for the console price of $399. But I've already played The Last of Us, so my manager let me switch it out with Shadow of Mordor. Yes, I work part-time at a GameStop, it's actually a pretty sweet gig when you only work one day a week like I do.

Anyway, I don't know if you guys have played Shadow of Mordor yet, but it's pretty good. Like, my game of the year thus far kind of good, and I'm not a Lord of the Rings fan. I was a bit nervous about it when Chris Carter posted his review, but knowing that DToid likes to use the entire review scale, a 6.0 says to me that it's at least above average. So I picked it up and found it to be so much better than above average. I think it's fantastic. I liked it enough to go through and 100% the game, which is not something that I typically do in open-world games.

Lastly, my wife and I have been working our way through Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel together. We haven't had a chance to dig too deep, as we've been really busy as of late, but our schedules should open up as we get closer to the holidays, so I'll save my initial impressions and wait until I've been able to get a bit further.

Yay, my first Theisms! Now here's the recaps for Friday.

* - OpiumHerz has put more thought into how to improve Payday 2 than the developers have.

P - Secret Moon Base is back, baby!

S - Agent9 continues his series by throwing us all into Limbo, which he apparently enjoys enough to sleep to...creepy.

E - Number8Axel is going to the PlayStation Experience in December, if you're planning on going, how 'bout planning a meetup?

F - It's kind of late to recap a Friday Night Fights, but read this if you want to join in the future.

I - His name is Shroom, it says so right there on his name tag.

T - BMG123 asks why would we add content to GTA V when Red Dead did it better?

$ - Simon gives the UK DToiders a rundown of all the new releases and sales you can find across the pond.

P - DamnGoodCookie gives us a preview of Toybox Turbos (he may also be in cahoots with Codemasters).

F - GlowBear is hosting Friday Night Frights, y'all are watching Creepshow. Of course, if you're reading this on Saturday, it won't do you a whole lot of good, but you should still go watch Creepshow!

R - Our boy Luckrequired is in a bit of a pickle at his job and needs our advice!

No fails on my first recap? Good job not sucking, everyone!


Photo Photo Photo

What do you think, should I finally talk about Bravely Default today? Yes? I mean, it's not like anything interested happened this week right?

You know, nothing except HOLY BALLS MEWTWO IS COMING BACK.

Actually, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand MOTHERFUCKING MEWTWO IS COMING BACK THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER. On the other hand, we've now officially entered the realm of DLC for big-name Nintendo games. New tracks in Mario Kart 8 is one thing, but a new character in Smash Bros. feels like quite another. Still, I'm willing to just wait and see how Nintendo's going to handle this. So far Nintendo is one of the few companies left in the industry who does DLC what I like to call "not dickishly", and I believe that for as silly Nintendo can be sometimes it understands that they still enjoy huge amounts of goodwill that they should not lightly jeopardize. At the end of the day, I think we'll be alright. Also Mewtwo.

Other than that, there were some cool announcements in the Smash Direct.
- 8-player matches is obviously huge, although it remains to be seen how that will actually work in practice.
- The Great Cave Offensive looks like a pretty cool stages, but as someone who's mostly For Glory it will only see limited use from me. - Jungle Hijinxs looks even more fun to me, and not just because I love Donkey Kong Country Returns to bits. It's got a very interesting mechanic, and it'll be cool to see how this will change up the fight dynamic.
- Some of the stages that return from previous games I like (Port Town - Aero Drive). Others, not so much (75m).
- Snake's Codecs are back, but now with Palutena. Even though she doesn't have the same voice actress anymore, Palutena is still great. The dialogue was one of the best bits of Kid Icarus: Uprising, and I have no doubt it'll be the same here. Also, Pit just called Shulk's enemies "a buncha jokers", which is a brilliant reference.
- Ridley is in the game, but he was too big to be a fighter. What else is new? Still, it sounds like fun that you can get him on your side and even score KOs on him.
- Holy shit there's so much music in this game! I'm loving it to bits! I already heard some of my favorite OST song ever (Confrontation with the Enemy, from Xenoblade) remixed and I can't wait to hear more. Whoever came up with My Music deserves a medal and then some.
- Events are back (whoo!), but still no character-specific Break the Targets (boo!).
- Being able to draw on Snapshots and even drawing a stage is going to lead to both awesomeness and everything horrific you could ever think of. Zero Suit Samus, Rosalina, Palutena and Lucina will never be safe again.


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- Jesus Christ, Charizard. Did you really need to fucking SHOTGUN PUNCH MEWTWO IN THE CHEST?! For the love of god you can see his back bulge!

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade

Also, look forward to a new face tomorrow!