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"I guess that makes me... 'The Giver'".

I haven't done much gaming this week, having to get two projects for class done by Thursday as well as tending to the pet project "Comments of the Week". First off, I'm happy "Comments of the Week" is so widely received: it makes going through the work kind of worth it! I'm still flying solo for now, and may be for a little while longer, but I'm hoping to expand sooner or later. Anyway, at the moments, I'm experiementing a bit with formatting, as you saw with how I'm snipping pieces of the article to provide context, and also visual cues, to help land the jokes better. I'm also trying to get my templates organized and perfected so I could cut down the amount of time it takes to do this, and also prevent messing up the BBcode by simply copying and pasting the templates. Also, quick question: can you upload multiple images in the uploader at once? Because if so, I think I might found a trick to quickly copy and paste image urls without needing to do it one by one. Also would be helpful to know if there's an image limit.

Secondly, as much as I loathed it at first because it was a comparison project, I read The Giver, watched the film adaptation, and ended up really liking both of them! When I saw the movie trailer a while back, I wasn't too impressed, but once I started actually watching it and got into the premise, I really enjoyed it! To those who don't know what it is, The Giver is about a boy named Jonas who lives in a "utopian-like" community where people take pills/ daily injections (depends on the version) to suppress their emotions. However, one day, Jonas is selected to be "The Receiver of Memory", and experiences emotions with "The Giver" by way of transferring Memories. That's the basic gist of it, but the true power of the story is the lore and world building, which I won't spoil much more of. Anyway, some people didn't like the movie because it doesn't go as in-depth with the background as the book does, and the ending in the book is more open to intrepretation than the film, but I think the movie has its own advantages to it. Overall, I recommend a rent for either: the movie is visually striking to me, and the book is rather short... though still took me more time than it should've: even without distractions, I'm a HORRIBLE reader.

As for what I've been doing gaming-wise, I mostly only had time for short sessions, so I have just been playing Halo: Reach for an hour or two before stopping. I used to play Invasion all day every day because that was one of my favorite game modes, but right now, I'm really digging Multi-Team. Multi-Team is a playlist where four teams of three (so twelve total) are playing a variety of game modes like Slayer (deathmatch), Oddball (keep-away), and Crazy King (King of the Hill), and it's so crazy and chaotic that I find myself slightly addicted to it! As long as I'm playing more to have fun than to win, it's a great frantic fragfest that reminds me why I love Halo so much: seeing red team getting into a fight with green team only for blue team to wipe them both out before being overrun by the last group who waited in silence is spectacular! And don't get me started when red team spawns back in! While it may be nothing compared to Anarchy Reigns' amazingly awesome Battle Royale, it feels like a fun way to kill some time before diving right back into other things. I also find it somewhat "relaxing" to kick back, play some matches with some music in my ears, and just try to get my mind off things.

Speaking of Anarchy Reigns, I would be absolutely stoked to bring that back! I'd even settle for a couple of players and bots! :P

Dibs on Jack Cayman though! Don't make me write a "dibs" blog! I'd do it!

Well, due to "Band of Bloggers", it is polled that we shall play Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas, and I for one am interested to get back to the Capital Wasteland! I played this a lot before, and I got pretty damn far, but there was just one problem: I ran into a nasty glitch, accidentally saved over my "back up files" when I "thought" I was "loading" a save, and all my auto-saves were placed after the glitch. The bug, in question, is the one that happens during the quest "Reilly's Rangers": for that sidequest, you must go to a hotel and rescue a group of people. Once you go in though, you can't leave until you complete the quest, which would be fine under normal circumstances. However, the only way out is to take an elevator, which is not functioning, and to power it, you need a Fission Battery. While any old Fission Battery will do, in case you don't have one, there's supposed to be a downed robot that you can steal it from. Unfortunately, there's a bug that causes this robot to disappear and become unlootable, and that's what happened to me. I didn't know it was a bug at first because even though the quest marker directed me to the room with the robot, I didn't see a robot, and thought I was in the wrong room (since the quest marker doesn't take floors into account). However, once I looked up a walkthrough and saw that it was the right room, but the robot glitched through a wall or something (I could hear it banging around when I stood in a certain spot), there was no other way to power the elevator, and no other way to leave.

Such a shame too. By the time I did this quest, I was very close to the end of the game, and I even already bought the Broken Steel DLC too. :(

But hey, maybe, just maybe, I can devote some time to wander the Wastelands and save the world.

One last thing: Mike Inel, the person who makes amazing images and animations of The Amazing World of Gumball, has released a new hentai clip on his NSFW Tumblr account Manyakiart about Nicole Watterson masturbating and I'm squealing like a damn fangirl! I don't know if he's actually going to make it a full video like he did "The Fridge", but from my guess, I would assume this takes place during the episode "The Mothers". I say this because in that episode, Gumball issues a "mom-off" with Tobias' and Banana Joe's moms at the mall, and that's the first thing to come to mind when Gumball rushes down stairs to ask his mom to take him to the mall.

And that's not the ONLY thing to come, amiright?

* - StriderHoang knows what's up: he gives the nitty-gritty about the amazing standards that PlatinumGames have built up for itself, and demonstrates how awesome a developer they are with two of their best titles: the furiously fast Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and the stylishly sexy Bayonetta 2!

* - Getting me hyped now! Even though The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is his most treasured Nintendo 64 cartridge, Revenile never owned The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, but he plans to make up for that by writing about what a wonderful game it is after playing it on the eShop, and goes into detail just why that is!

* - With The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask on the horizon, Pixielated tells us why this entry in the series is the Groundhog Day of videogames by making comparisons between the two, and how the game also excels at making the world feel so alive and immersive!

R - General Mills44 has some thoughts to say about the new HuniePop visual novel dating sim meets puzzle game that's recently released. Is it a puzzle why this game is released, or is it a mix and match made in heaven?

T - PanaMusica thinks Earth Defence Force 2025 is a way better game to replay over and over again than Destiny, with its huge amount of content, the emphasis on trekking through the title on multiple difficulty settings, and how EDF 2025 handles its loot drops.

F - Better late than never! Despite knowing the references, Rudorlf hasn't seen the actual Back to the Future trilogy, and thus, makes amends by finally watching it! He finds that the movie still holds up rather well, so click here to read what he has to say!

- Dreamweaver


Photo Photo Photo

Yesterday, Dtoid alumnus Anthony Burch announced he was leaving Gearbox to pursue new writing ventures. Naturally, we wish him all the luck in the world. His story gives people like myself hope. People who would love nothing more than turn their love of writing, whether it be in games journalism or otherwise, into a paying gig. I've also made it known of how much I love the Borderlands series.

However, I'm conflicted about how I feel about him leaving and how it pertains to the series. While Borderlands 2 put us in more interesting and diverse locations, and certainly had a better story, I fell in love with the series because of the characters I met in the original. So I guess I prefer Burch's storytelling much more than I do his characters (although I don't really know how much he had to do with the characters, but considering he was the lead writer, I assume he had a good amount of say in their development).

Most of my favorite characters in the franchise appeared in the original game, and I grew to hate most characters that debuted in the sequel. Handsome Jack is a decent villain, and I love Mr. Torgue because he's basically just an exaggerated version of Macho Man

Who was already rather extravagant.

But by the time I finished Borderlands 2 and the DLC, I was so sick of Tiny Tina and Sir Hammerlock, which was made even worse by the fact that those are the two characters they constantly insist on bringing back into the fold. I'm still optimistic that the next Borderlands game will be top-notch, because one person doesn't make or break a game, it's a team effort, but I still wish Mr. Burch all the best at his new position.

Even though Luna already covered the Royal Rumble in the latest Moondays, I still feel like I need to address it as Dtoid's resident pro wrestler. The Royal Rumble match itself is always my favorite match of the year, but I don't think I'm making any sort of bold statement when I say that this was the worst one in the history of the match. It was just so incredibly underwhelming and predictable. It's situations like this where I'm actually glad that I never made it to the WWE.

Okay, that's not true. If they called me right now and offered me a contract I would come out of retirement faster than Terry Funk (← pro wrestling joke). But it really is a bummer when someone like Daniel Bryan, who has spent over a decade traveling the world and honing his craft continuously gets crapped on by management, even when he's the best and most popular professional wrestler in the world today.

Not to mention that he has the best beard in wrestling since Bruiser Brody.

On the plus side, the triple threat match between Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and Seth Rollins was completely outstanding. Even though I've never been a fan of John Cena, I will defend him to the death as a wrestler. He may not be as technically sound as others, but he's still darn good. At his absolute worst, his match will be average, and it's not because his opponents carry him through it. He's a total workhorse and the best company man the WWE has ever had. They continued to make Brock Lesnar look inhuman. And with Seth Rollns' performance, he cemented himself as the future of the company.

I picked up some games on the recent PSN flash sale. I wanted to get pretty much all of them, but I settled on OlliOlli, Costume Quest 2, and Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition. Really not a whole lot to say about them. OlliOlli was a ton of fun after I finally got a hang of things, I haven't played Costume Quest yet, and I just wanted an excuse to give Drinkbox more of my money because Guacamelee is one of my favorite games in recent years.

I'll speak more on those eventually, but the main thing to take away from this past week is that I continued my Mega Man-a-thon and took down another classic game from my backlog: Mega Man 2.

Mega Man 2 is usually the one most fans consider their favorite. I always said my favorite was Mega Man 3, but that's mainly because it's the one I played most as a kid. I intend to go on to that one next week, and we'll see if that's still the case. But anyway, Mega Man 2 is really good, in case you guys haven't heard. I found it to be much easier than the original, as I didn't really die much until the fourth stage of Dr. Wily's castle. It was the part with moving platforms where you also need to avoid enemies. The floor is covered in spikes so getting knocked off the platform usually spells death. It was getting really frustrating until I realized that you can shoot the Metal Blade in 8 directions. After that, it was a cakewalk.

A winner is me!

Oh yeah, the Super Bowl is tomorrow. Go...Seahawks? I guess? Honestly, I have a hard time rooting for anyone other than my Bengals, and seeing as how they basically forget what a football is once January rolls around, I'm left indifferent. Even though Seattle is the birthplace of grunge music, I'll still root for them.

Recap time.

* - Dreamweaver returns with another round of “Comments of the week.” One thing you can always count on as a Cblogger is Dreamweaver commenting on your blog, and they always have a certain charm. No doubt he found the best of the best comments on Dtoid.

* - Is Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric to videogames what Tommy Wiseau's The Room is to film? Preposterous Whitey juxtaposes the two, and the similarities are rather undeniable. Also, am I the only person who thinks Tommy Wiseau looks like a cross between Peter Steele and Skeletor?

* - Personally, I was pulling for the Metro series to win The Scholarly Gamer's first edition of “Band of Bloggers.” It's a pretty sweet idea, and if I had any affection for the Fallout series, I would be participating.

A - You all know my affinity for making lists, and Chalietime's top shields in gaming is right up my alley. Although, he completely overlooked WWE's The Shield.

A - Sonic 429 laments on the downward spiral that we know as "Sega."

A - Once we get a valid return policy on digital goods, then the digital future has a chance. But, as Tarmack espouses, until publishers can guarantee a product will work, then it's a no-go.

This is Bruiser Brody, by the way.

F - A PC Friday Night Fights for your buttholes!

F - An Xbox Friday Night Fights for your......buttholes!

P - If you've ever wanted to live in a pretend world and have all the responsibilities of having a job with none of the monetary compensation, then this MMORPG is for you! I'm kidding, of course, it may be neat. Give the Kickstarter page a gander and decide for yourself.

F - When they do an episode about GamerGate, then you know that Law & Order: SVU has officially run out of ideas.

M - DimmuJed gives you an eclectic group of young people who make music. It's not quite videogame music, but it hits all the same buttons.

L - The Kitty Bowl doesn't interest me much, but I'll be on the edge of my seat for the Puppy Bowl.

No fails this week because you're all awesome. Handsome, too.

Everyone have an awesome Saturday, and don't forget to go out and do something nice for someone else today, it'll make you feel good. Now, enjoy this picture of me as Macho Man.

Thanks for reading!



Photo Photo Photo

Last week I told you all about the many, many, WiiU games I have been playing ever since I got back to Europe. The final one was Bayonetta 2. Having beaten the original, I had just started the sequel.

Well, as you may have guessed, I've also beaten Bayonetta 2 by now. I'm just going to say another word or two about this series.

Within two weeks, this has literally become one of my favorite game series ever.

Like I said before, I feel like it does everything right for me. The second game in my mind was even better than the first, in lots of ways. In fact, let me count the ways.

1. They improved the combat system. Most notably, they made the alternative weapons a lot more useful and fun. If there's a complaint I could make for the original Bayonetta it's that I never had much reason to use any of the unlockable weapons, or at least I never had reason to switch from my favorite build. The normal guns usually did the job perfectly fine, and they were the quickest to boot. What's more, a lot of the unlockable weapons where only usuable on your hands. To illustrate: the sword didn't add much over punches except in the rare fights with many small enemies, the whip was decidedly worse than normal punches, the ice skates where incredibly unwieldy, and many weapons I never unlocked because their requirements were annoying. The combo I ended up using was claws on arms and the bazookas on legs (because they are way to slow to use as arm weapons). In Bayonetta 2 though, I used almost every weapon at one point or another. You can have swords on your legs now, as well as fucking chainsaws and flamethrowers, the giant triple-bladed scythe has some good range and damage, the chainsaws do great damage, and the whip can now be quadruple-wielded is fast and has massive range.

- It also gives you these stylish boots.

2. They made the entire game even more ball-to-the-wall epic. More huge bosses, we get to fight demons now, the rival character puts up more of a fight than Jeanne did, and so on. My favorite part is definitely how during some boss fights, you will see one of your demons fighting a giant angel and it will mimic the fight between Bayonetta and her opponent. While the final boss fight was relatively subdued compared to the first game, in some ways it had an even bigger impact on me this time. It felt like it had more importance behind it and I really liked the way it was set up. This is because:

3. The story is very good this time around and puts the whole of Bayonetta 1 in a different light. *SPOILERS FOR BAYONETTA 2 AND I SUPPOSE 1 IN THIS ENTRY*
I really like it when a game series comes up with a sequel or prequel (Bayonetta 2 is kind of both), that makes you look at the original differently. This game definitely did that for me, especially with its portrayal of the Lumen Sage Balder. Whereas in the first game it appears that Balder is a purely evil dude who killed Bayonetta's mom and is trying to destroy the world so that God can build a new one, it turns out that he wasn't always like that. In fact, while he did always have a tendency to wear monocles and ham it up, he actually used to be downright heroic. Hell, he was probably the coolest person this side of Bayonetta herself! It all comes to a big climax (to keep in Bayonetta's terms) at the very end. Balder and Bayonetta fight the final boss together, and even bundle Lumen and Umbra powers to summon a giant hybrid of Jubileus and Sheba. I'd say that was the coolest moment in the series for me, and that's saying a lot.

4. The music and art direction is more interesting this time around. I liked Bayonetta 1's version of "Fly me to the Moon", but "Moon River" beats them all the way. As for art direction, Noatun is downright pretty.

And finally;
5. Bayonetta got even sexier. I don't know about you, but I'm digging the new hairdo. Certainly better than that weird cone thing she had in the first game. Her new outfit works too, what with all the little skin windows down her legs.

My one complaint still stands though: a distinct lack of midriffs. In the span of two games, only two outfits have had exposed midriffs; neither are all that great, they have to be unlocked and they are only in the first game. What do you have against belly buttons, Kamiya?

Also, I stand by the claim that Bayonetta 2 is sexier. However, it lacks one very important thing that the first one has. Namely:

* - This is a really sweet personal blog about the loves of Charlietime's life, as described via Zelda characters.

* - We have a new Community Playdate Manager. It's....him.

P - The Error Machine Podcast has a new member, and as always they talk about some great games.

A - What are these "cassettes" you speak of?

A - Retrofraction doesn't like the dumbing down of video games, whether it be through obnoxious tutorials or entirely meaningless statements in trailers that marketers suspect will probably convince you regardless.

F - PS FNF and a penguin.

T - There is a game called "Babysitter Bloodbath". I don't know what to think of that, but PanzaDolphin does.

V - Voltech loves the hell out of Pikmin 3, and it's easy to see why.

- Definitely not on par with "Let's Dance, Boys!" Way too slow.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade

Oh hi there, I bet you're wondering why the title of this recap sounds like a Japanese anime

...or maybe a different way to say "no" twice

...or maybe a fruit that's high in potassium.

(seriously couldn't find it in english subtitles)

Well that's because there is a new member of the Recap reserves team. My name is Nanashi and allow me to say a couple things about myself, talk about things I did and break in my very first (and hopefully not last) recap!

You may have seen me around in various Dtoid places. Perhaps in the forums where I admittedly spend too much time (BUT JOIN US YO!), or maybe a long time ago when I cblogged a bit more regularly. Or maybe at an FNF which I still regularly participate in. Or who knows where the hell else. The best thing about Destructoid, imo, is how many different sectors the community breaks down into. The dtoiders that frequent the cblogs could be vastly different from the dtoiders that comment on twitter or what have you. It's amazing really and you're in for a different experience every time.

I am glad to be involved in another aspect now as a recap reservist. Expect Nana-isms every once in awhile and I will try to do my best to keep cheesy jokes and puns to a minimum in collecting the days cblogs for your reading enjoyment.

There is one other area of Dtoid which also comes with its own unique community peeps and experience and that is live events. It's no secret that Destructoid has a good reputation for making its presence known at various Gaming conventions. And I'm not talking about booths or coverage, but the meet ups and parties that the live community organizes are and have always been phenomenal and this last weekend I got to experience yet another level of the awesome Destructoid community.

You see I went to a little show called MAGfest (13) and it was dope. The event itself was great, but also the Destructoid party animals were there in full swing and I got to hang with and meet a great majority of them. Unbelievably sweet and fun and chill cats that are cool enough I'd like to give them this shout out. You're all wonderful and I look forward to partying with y'all in the future!

Powerglove broke the record for concert attendance at MAGfest apparently and man were they deserving of that. They were amazing. I am so glad that I finally got to see them. Furthermore, protip for anyone at a metal show: if you're going to be all hesitant about joining the mosh pit or even getting into the music, don't. A metal show is all about energy and just breaking out and enjoying yourself. Obviously be careful if you don't think you can physically handle a moshpit, some of the more intense shows get very violent. But don't be afraid to let loose. I was hesitant to jump into the pit at this show and when I finally did it paid off. Sadly there were only a few songs left by that point but man did it feel good to finally get to see them, running around in circles to their covers of the Power Rangers Theme and Tetris and having that end with me tripping over some dude. The cool part was that right after the show was over, so it was like the concert ended with a bang, MY BANG!

Also I gotta hand it to Powerglove they are really cool. They bring up members from the audience on stage to sing the few of their songs that come with lyrics. That is commendable because you know even if they're really nervous going up on stage in front of all those people, Powerglove just made some guy's or girl's night EVEN BETTER. Kudos, you guys are great!

Imagine going up at MAGfest to sing this alongside Powerglove! My chest is pumping just thinking about it... lucky guy

You've probably guessed but I'm really into conventions. Well yeah I am, one of my dreams is to cover events for a gaming site. It would be pretty cool and goes hand in hand with my other dream which is to run my own events or just be a coordinator on a professional level. Events are the spice of life and give us something to look forward to. Like the way I feel about writing, there's a story to everything in life, there is also an event to everything in life. An event can be something tiny like a few friends going to a bar to hang out or fucking E3. And I want to have every part in that. But I digress.

I hope that you will enjoy my recaps today, let me know what I can do better and help me break into the community even more. I'll catch you on the flip.

* - Happy Belated to Fenriff who talks about Gaming nostalgia and the fascinating tendencies of gamers to bicker in disagreement about why games are great/terribad!!

* - Friday Night Fights just got a little less chill, thank you Billy for helping us out all this time, you were great even with all the 80's lyrics!!

* - My first recap is graced by the emergence of Corduroy Turtle's once a year (apparently) cblog series, the Play it/Avoid it Report. It's like the Colbert Report but he reviews Mario Kart 8, Sunset Overdrive, Shadow of Mordor and Binding of Isaac.. Ok not really!!

* - Community Member Dreamweaver is going through a rough patch, whether you know him or not we've all been down. If you feel so inclined, check out the blog and leave a comment, let him know that in life we have two families the one we're born into and the one we make for ourselves and that THIS family loves and supports him!!

S - GoofierBrute tells us what he'd like to see in a brand new hypothetical Punch-Out game. What would I like to see in a new Punch-Out? Balrog! C'mon Capcom, do it!!

S - Valdearg tells us in his regular column cblog series why you should or shouldn't play Bomberman Hero!!

S - Lord Spencer, in his pursuit of the very noble task to review 100 SNES games, stops by #24 to tell us what he thinks about Contra III!!

V - I was going to fail this but I'll go easy on the guy because he used to do some better quality cblogs years back it seems. I'd like to see less "just a video" cblogs from this dtoider but at least it was spoilered anyway if you want to check out a video about Resident Evil HD, here it is!!

C - Wish this cblog would have some flavor added to it, I encourage all cblog series but there's gotta be stuff like images added. Christ reviews Enchanted Cave 2 in his cblog series on flash games!!

Yeah, no fails on my first recap!



Filling in for Script today. Moondays on a Tuesday, published on a Thursday, but it's already Friday on my side of the world.

I almost forgot that it's that time of the year again. That's right, it's wrestling time!

I'm not the most avid fan of wrestling, to be honest. Since I was young, it has always been one of those wishy-washy hobbies of mine, where I only watch every once in a while. Nowadays, I tend to watch just WrestleMania (that's like the "biggest" wrestling event of the year, that usually happens late March or early April) and maybe the "road" to WrestleMania (the three months, or just the two smaller events, preceding it) if I'm interested enough. One thing that stays consistent though is my sheer fascination with the very concept of wrestling. It's clearly fake, but I'm still very much impressed with a lot of the stunts they do and the coordination they must have so that none of them actually get hurt. But what I love most about it is how "silly" the whole thing is. It has that kind of tone that I love so much where we have dead serious characters who never question the sheer absurdity of the kinds of situations that they're in. It's a transcendental event where your average bodybuilder can square off against a businessman, a drill sergeant, a white rapper, or even the undead for a championship belt. Their entire lives revolve around wrestling. You can challenge another man for the custody of their child via a ladder match and he will accept, no questions asked.

Sadly, things aren't as crazy stupid as they used to be...

So anyway, I watched this year's Royal Rumble and I thought the match itself was rather disappointing, kind of like last year. Being a 30-man event, for someone who's just tuning in again, it did serve as a good sampler to what's going on now with the program. You'll see a bunch of new faces, a couple of familiar ones, then you'll go "Whaat? _____ is _____ now? And the reading you do afterwards to further update yourself is quite interesting. It was really anti-climactic to see all the really good guys that the fans cheer for just get dumped out of the match by the old-guard like Kane and Big Show, who I guess are working for "The Authority" or the evil corporate businessmen who own the show. They still do that gimmick? It's kind of ironic though because I'm guessing most fans genuinely dislike them nowadays for constantly snubbing the guys they like in favor of who they believe deserve the top spots. Guys like Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler just can't catch a break.

From Sephzilla

I did enjoy the title match between Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Seth Rollins though. First time I've heard of this Rollins person, but I think he's alright. I like how his finishing move is just a curb stomp. While Lesnar doesn't seem like an interesting character to me, I do like how he is utilized in the match. He's made out to be an unstoppable force. He just German suplexes people over and over again like how I used to play the Smackdown Vs. Raw games. So the two other guys have to settle their differences and work together even for just a brief moment to bring him down. I also like Paul Heyman's role as Lesnar's manager. Since Lesnar's not a very charismatic guy, they make up for it by having Heyman, who is good with the mic, do the talking for him. And Cena's still there! Divisive as ever. I think Cena is a really nice guy, to be honest. But the management's insistence to always put him in the spotlight and never change his gimmick has not been very good for his reputation. He seems to be very self-aware and cool with it though.

Well that's enough wrestling talk from me for now. I'll probably just watch a couple of matches here and there and read wrestling stuff for a bit while waiting for WrestleMania. It's been getting less and less interesting to me as the years go by, but I dunno. Wrestling will always hold a special place in my heart ♥

Another thing I wanted to share to you is this other show I've been watching.

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE!

Magical boys. It's a thing we have now. Started airing this year and it's also available on Crunchyroll. Four episodes in and I'd say it's not bad. The first episode didn't really draw me in but I do think it's starting to pick up. Still nothing amazing nor stand-out though. As expected, one of its main draws is the novelty of seeing your typical magical girl anime tropes applied to a group of teenage boys instead. It's intentionally made to be as girly as possible, with hearts everywhere and the "love" theme so in your face. Their invocation for the transformation is "Love Making", and if you're lewd enough, you can make sexual connotations out of every other thing that has the word "love" slapped on to it.

Of course there's fanservice.

Going past the initial joke premise though, it doesn't veer too far from your typical "played-straight" magical girl shows like Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura, following a similar tone and sensibilities. I can say that it is a lot more shallow and self-aware, and it's best moments so far is when it revels in its shallowness. The monsters of the week they face are people transformed based on their deep hatred towards really small things (ex. "I don't like things that aren't even!", or "Why am I not popular?"), and the main cast, save for the "leader", is very half-hearted about this whole magical boy gig. "Shallow" might as well be the best description I can give for it right now. In both a good and bad way. While it works for one-off characters, the singular, in-your-face defining character trait of some of the main characters (one's all "I love women!" and another one's all "I love money") can get really grating sometimes. It's visuals are also nothing worth mentioning. Save for a few moments like transformations sequences, etc., it looks like every other show made in this generation. There's nothing distinct about it's art style or character design.

The upcoming game looks a whole lot better.

I'm not really expecting much from it and I highly doubt it will turn to something amazing in the succeeding episodes, but it's just 12 episodes so, ehhh, yeah why not? I'll see this through. Unless I find something sillier to watch.

Gee, I sure hope the forum people don't realize that I'm just copy-pasting some of my old posts…


* - The dangers of being a person who plays video games. "Sacrificing other loves" is right. I like to keep their urns in the same columbarium. It's been quite a while since I last drew something.

* - AvtrSpirit tackles the age-old problem of pre-release hype and having too much of it. "Keep your expectations in check", is a statement I stole from the comments section.

A - While Tonich firmly believes that games are art, he also thinks that the very thing that makes this medium unique, its interactivity, is also what's keeping other people from appreciating or even acknowledging it the same way as other "accepted" forms of art.

A - Gamemaniac3434 is not quite fond of the actions some people have done both in support or opposition to this whole GamerGate thing.

FYI, I’m really not that interested in this issue myself, and I believe that I’m in no position to make any proper commentary on it (nor do I want to). Being a rather sensitive topic to a good number of people, I’ll try my best to recap posts about this topic as straightforward as possible.

I'd rather talk about this GG though. I wonder if they're still as relevant as they were back in '09...

P - The Cblog Fapcast is back! And at least one member of the recap team still can't stop thinking about which comic book era this site's currently in.

This year's Rumble was also lacking in amazing saves such as this one...

F - OpiumHerz invites you to Mount Your...

C - I think I can speak for a good portion of this community when I say that the kind of anger and spitefulness this "Badger" character has been displaying and inviting into this site is something we could do with a LOT less of. Not just in this site, but anywhere, really.

This is not even an issue of whether the opinions s/he has expressed are right or wrong. Many of you have articulated your thoughts on this matter way better than I have, in every corner of this community where it gets brought up (including that very blog post right there), and I appreciate all your efforts in giving (mostly) civil feedback towards these not-so-great changes and new content being introduced to the site. Here’s hoping Holmes and other key staff members are actually listening...

T - Taterchimp beat Mercenary Kings out of spite. Beating things out of spite is so fulfilling! ...Or so I've heard.

T - I always love the minimalist approach that some games have, where the entire game, both mechanically and thematically, is centered around just one unique concept. Such is the case with The Unfinished Swan.

Almost missed this post. A word of advice: draft your blogs first in a separate document before hitting that “New Blog” button. The timestamp of your blog is actually set the moment you press that button rather than the moment you press “Publish”. Weird, huh?

M - Shinta shares us some tracks from The Legend of Legacy, which was recently released in Japan. You may know its composer, Masashi Hamazu, from games such as the FFXIII trilogy, FFX and Brave Fencer Musashi. I don't know about you, but I think Legend of Legacy is a title that really sounds like a redundant title. Like Fight of the Battle, or Return of the Comeback.

Or this one... (Sorry for the poor quality. This was the best I could find)

No fails again!

これはこれであり | kounog [pixiv]

- Luna Sy


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Last week, I brought forward the Gardevoir experience. It was short doujin story with Pokemon acting like people and how people have a mid-life crisis. My favorite part was a Typhlosion who was a community cop who wore a fancy cop hat and used flame wheel on ne'er do wells. Also, a Kirlia cosplayed as trainer Green from Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen, so there's that.

That's been around for a long while. This week it's about I'm Dating a Team Magma Grunt. It's decidedly less spectacular in concept since it takes place within Pokemon's established continuity (i.e. Pokemon aren't talking and doing office jobs). But it does act like a epilogue of sorts of Omega Ruby through the perspective of a unique couple. The conceit is also humorous because male trainer Brendan first meets his girlfriend after doing something we've all done in Pokemon games: wipe a Team Magma grunt on the first turn. He beats her so hard, she collapses in tears at her incompetence, actually remarking about how she'll always be a grunt because she gets beaten on the first turn before she even gets a chance. Brendan however, feels sorry about making a girl cry. So some time later, they become a couple despite Brendan's history of beating the confidence out of eco-terrorist organizations.

While Pokemon take a bit of a back seat, this series of 4koma doujins is still good because it capitalizes off of ORAS emphasis on presentation and story. Magma Leader Maxie isn't some weirdo extremist who wanted to increase Hoenn's landmass. Maxie acts like a father figure towards everyone in his organization.He legitimately had the best interests in mind for helping Pokemon and people grow on newly reclaimed land (Hoenn has a lot of water, 7/10). He simply got carried away with the whole summon an ancient beast capable of drying out the Earth bit. But in this epilogue of sorts, we see Maxie as we saw him in the end of ORAS and how it should be expanded upon. Not just Maxie but Team Magma as a whole has reformed into a more reputable organization. When he catches wind that one of his grunts is dating the boy who singlehanded changed the direction of his organization, he gives his blessing as if he was the grunt's father. We also see moments for Tabitha and especially Courtney to stand out. Especially Courtney who goes to great lengths to foster her love of Maxie.

Also, if it's not immediately apparent, Brendan is, at best, 14-years-old. He is most likely 12. Magma Grunt is most likely 18-years-old, and 16 would be a stretch. There's quite an age difference which is even brought up when she gets wrapped up in meeting Brendan's parents, especially Norman. But the entire doujin, which doesn't have an ambitious arc but rather a series of vignettes, displays some really cute and charming moments between the genuine love of hard luck girl and the boy born with a legendary destiny. I particularly liked when they run into a pair of Aqua grunts and the female really lets Magma Grunt have it with her past mistakes (of almost drying out the world). The male Aqua grunt isn't nearly as cruel but fails to hold back his partner's verbal abuse. The Magma Grunt can't even start a Pokemon fight to regain her honor since her fire/ground Pokemon would obviously lose against any Team Aqua Pokemon. Brendan steps in to defend her honor however, and bets that they take back what they said about Leader Maxie to his champion status if he beats them with a fire/ground-type in one turn. First, the Aqua grunt has no idea she's fighting the current Hoenn champ. Second, it's implied that Brendan spared no mercy and crushes her with Primal Groudon.

I'm meanwhile recovering from a wicked cold. Fortunately it wasn't measles since I live in the current outbreak areas because I've long been vaccinated. But it sucks how feeling this shitty completely sucks the equilibrium out of my pace. Go to class one day, call out of work the next, stay home from class the next, but go to work after that, all while swinging between 40% to 70% operating capacity. At least working last night seemed to numb my symptoms because it got really busy. Disneyland closed early due to press reveals of the new 60th diamond anniversary. Apparently very ambitious sky projections, fireworks, parades, and a new World of Color set. Everyone is also getting celebratory 60th anniversary special nametags that we'll get to wear year round. But this was Disneyland. In California Adventure, we got slammed with the overflow of guests who got kicked out of Disneyland. All that work really numbed my symptoms as I sweated to keep up. But as soon as my supervisors took pity on me and gave me lighter work, I felt all my soreness and congestion hit me all at once.

This sickness is really making it hard for my to enjoy Pikmin 3.

Lastly, it's probably best to address how well the community has been doing lately. This resurgence was so good, it inspired me to give the Fapcast another shot. Personally I attribute it to Dreamweaver coming on the team and breaking down the social barriers with his fetish and porn blogs, which got the community in a talking mood so long as nothing was off-limits. There's also the issue of TheBadger, who's riled up the community with his poisonous bile and shitposting. Over on the forums in community discourse, there's been a lot of talk of what TheBadger really represents in the grand scheme of the community. There's a lot of obvious pushback against such a disdainful personality. Other more uncommon opinions, like Defenstrator, believes his obvious antagonism unites the community of disparate thoughts against a common enemy. Others dislike that he's most likely just cheap click-bait, giving some random shitposter a soapbox that will attract clicks because who hates a good old fashion Internet shitstorm. Joyful Insanity in particular, questions his worth in the long run. What makes TheBadger different from your average run-of-the-mill shitposter? Nothing except the elevation he's been afforded by Holmes. TheBadger right now is a big meme that's injected itself into the community zeitgeist with parody accounts, counter-opinions with huggy baby circle jerks as some forums goers would put it, meme posts imitation his Q&A, and op-eds about TheBadger and the nature of his negativity.

Personally? I feel no need to participate in a function that will ultimately be self-destructive. Is this discourse? Most of TheBadger's responses to his questions belittled, demeaned, or flat out ridiculing most of the time without providing a serviceable answer. The Forums have come to the conclusion that TheBadger can't be someone who actively works for Destructoid because it'd either take a lot of balls or an awful lot of psychopathic disposition to not feel anything when calling your own bread and butter a bunch of kids. Robert Summa's already told Lemon Buster he isn't TheBadger, despite his history and tone really matching TheBadger's. As Joyful put it, who is TheBadger? Just another shitposter when it comes down to it. And in that sense Badger is truthful about his intentions. He is literally anybody, or nobody. Just another shitposter looking to ruffle the feathers.

But mock Brittany Vincent and you no longer have even a molecule of my time or respect.

Also, Young Link's focus special in Hyrule Warriors is Skullkid casually dropping the moon and him and Fierce Deity Link cutting it in half along with everything in his way holy shit.

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