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Community Interviews avatar 8:34 AM on 09.03.2013  (server time)
Rebooting the C-Blog Interviews

Mhhh... wha-wat? Where am I? What year is it? WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY PANTS?! Okay, okay, okay. Stay calm, old chap. Deep breaths. First I'm gonna find out what's going on, then I get my pants back. *runs off into the night*

Yes, your eyes are not lying to you. It I us, OpiumHerz and Everyday Legend. And you might ask yourself now: "Who are these asshats and why did they hijack this account?". We are the new owners of this account thanks to LawOfThermalDynamics and our community pet Mr. Andy Dixon. It just so happened that OpiumHerz wanted to revive the C-Blog Interviews and Everyday Legend had the somewhat same idea. So we united our powers to form the new [s]Captain Planet[/s] C-Blog Interviews. 

We plan to release an interview per week, every Wednesday. Everyday Legend covers the forum users and OpiumHerz takes care of all the interesting people on the C-Blogs. Since Everyday Legend is far more had working than Opiumherz, he will release 3 interviews per month and 1 will be done by OpiumHerz. 

So now, there is just one thing left to do, introduce the new guys here.

"I'm Everyday Legend, almost 31, a married father of one (soon to be two), IT professional, lifelong videogame player and intensely proud of my hobby, the industry that creates he medium, and the myriad of communities that give it life. Out of all the places I would or could be, I wouldn't or couldn't choose anywhere but here. I've been a Dtoid lurker since 2007, a commenter since 2008, a cBlogger since 2010 and a forumite since 2013. Only thing left to do is to start here I am, starting on that particular part of my path here at Destructoid."

"I am OpiumHerz and nearing my thirties. Some might know me for yanking about censorship in my own blog. I'm still somewhat new here, but I already know ZombieOrwell and that is kinda cool. And while wer're at it: does anyone a good Colibri-simulator?"

So yeah, we'll start with new C-Blog Interviews tomorrow. For any critique or backfeed, please use the comments.

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