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Community Interviews avatar 11:00 AM on 09.11.2013  (server time)
C-Blog Interviews: PhilK3nS3bb3n

Salida dear readers,
my name is Jim aka "OpiumHerz" and as some of you may already guess by that nickname: I am german. With the blog series "The worst thing about censorship is ███████ " I want to simply--- *scratching sound*
Whoa whoa whoa, wait a second. This isn't my usual blog. These are the C-Blog Interviews! As written before, I'm part of the tag team reviving this little something. Now I've never done interviews before so I have absolutely no clue what the hell I'm actually doing, but god damnit I tried! So yeah, my style surely is a bit rough around the edges, but I'll try to get better with every person I ask stupid questions.

And now, let's begin with the first victim: PhilKenSebben, that sexy beast.

How did you end up on Destructoid? Why did you stay?

Retroforce Go drew me to Dtoid. For those that don't know it was an older podcast featuring Chad C, Conrad, Colette, Burch and some others. It was great and I miss it terribly. It was so damn fun. Crazy to think it's been so long. What got me to stay was the awesome community. Here were these people with horrible senses of humor, cracking horrid jokes, but always down for each other. I lurked for a few years before I started posting in '09 and the rest is history.

And how did you become a Recapper, after deciding that DToid is the place to be for you?

Recapping only happened about a year ago. SilverDragon was retiring and I had always loved his caps. I was decently known around the site at the time and thought maybe I could bug Funk and co. into letting me have a crack at it. So I bugged the crap out of them until said FINE!

To those who don’t know you at all, explain the story behind your nickname and that eyepatching wearing sexy beast that you chose for your avatar.

Pretty simple story there. I used to partake in a lot of greeny smokage. I was tired of being known as hillbillysk8 and wanted to change it. I sat there staring at my monitor for what seemed like an hour, but was actually only 5m and a great epiphany hit me. I would become one the greatest Adult Swim characters ever. My friends already said I reminded them of ole Phil, with my randomness and I was pretty much our leader, so I became PhilK3nS3bb3n. The 3's were not an attempt at being l33t though. Some jackass had already taken the regular spelling and in my drug induced haze, the 3's seemed my only option. A couple years later, our fantastic and sexy community manager M. Night Dixon took the 3's out at my request. I got tired of everyone complaining about how hard my name was to spell, or that they couldn't tell what it was. I would really love to change my name, but at this point it's far too late. Everyone knows me and I actually respond to being called Phil in real life now. I'd like to toss a shout out to vApathyv while we are on this subject though. He has great tastes in avatars too ;)

While we’re at shoutouts: if you could punch a person on DToid, who would it be?

That changes year to year. I remember one time, I gave out my address even on the frontpage I got so heated at someone. Anyway, now days I wouldn't mind popping Patrick Hancock one. Because fuck that guy ;)

Show us an image that describes you in a nutshell. 
[font=Calibri, sans-serif] [/font]
[font=Verdana, sans-serif] [/font]

[font=Verdana, sans-serif][/font]

Let’s get the most cliche question off the list: favorite game – favorite game character – favorite scene from a videogame – favorite dialogue from a game? You may add other favorites to the list as you please.

Favorite Game: Gunstar Heroes
Favorite Game Character: The King in Sneak King
Favorite Scene: The opening robbery of Saints Row 3
Favorite Dialogue: Metal Gear Solid series.
Favorite Package: Mike Haggar

That's some diversity right there. Let's say you could own one videogame IP and have total control over it, which one would you wish to have?

Ninja Squirrel, but I already own that so..... I'd have to say Commander Keen. I miss that guy and would love a new adventure with him.

Did any game ever make you so angry that you smashed your controller or something like that?

Yes. Halo 3 dm was the last time that ever happened though. MK II was rhe first. Cracked a window and had my ass beat for it.

You still remember what exactly pissed off that badly about those two?

MK II was cheap A.I. Had almost beat the game like 5 times and my ole six button went flying when I lost one more time. 12yr old me was a ragin' asshole. Halo 3 was a team killing, teammate/roommate who I tried to give a concussion. He had it coming for a few other reasons too.

You could have a dinner with anyone from the Destructoid staff - who would you take where to?

I would take Andy Dixon to an Applebee's where I would slip a rufee into his drink. After we dined on the finest chicken tenders, I would take him to a 24hr donut shop and do things to him in the bathroom all night. After I had dressed him as Madea of course.

I bet he'll be thankful that you finally make a man out of him. Now imagine you could relive any quest or mission from any videogame. You are given the videogame character's powers for this. What would choose?

Clint from House of the Dead: Overkill. Those scenes with his mom. Oh yeah. Momma, I'm coming home.

No one will believe I actually bought...

I don't know.... I have a reputation for buying shit games.... God, what was the worst though? Legendary holds a place in my heart as being really shitty. Same with Aliens: CM. The Mortal Kombat Jax game was another. For the most part though, I love terrible games. The worst the better. Shit makes me laugh.

Is there a game that you think had such a bad influence on the scene and/or industry, that you would like to erase it from collective memory, if possible?

No. Not at all. I do wish publishers would stop chasing the dollars from successful series though. Be original and keep swinging, eventually you'll get your own hit or at least find a niche to fill. Most horrid game fuck ups I find to be good learning tools. They show you which companies care more about your dollar, than making a product that is worth your dollar. I just wish more people paid attention.

You mean like Payday 2, for example? A game which is released five days from now on, but the publisher already said the game is profitable due to pre-sales?

Payday 2 is good success story, yes. Atlus are also good at this sort of thing. The indie scene thrives off of it too. It seems the AAA folks are the ones stumbling or more concerned with squeezing blood from turnips.

What was the last game that really touched you?

The last game to really just grab me by the cockles, was To The Moon. Such a sad touching tale. I can't really speak of why though, because *spoilers*, but it's worth anyone's time and is damn fine game. I can honestly say, nothing has ever made me feel such sorrow and give me such a sense of longing. Runner-up would be Cart Life, that game nailed despair, sadness, loneliness and desperation.

Given that the theory is true that our world is essentially just "The Sims" being played by some higher being, what would ask this creature?
I wouldn't have anything to ask actually. Who the fuck am I to question such a being? I would simply state that I loved him in almost all his movies, but his role in Red was one of my favorites and he did a great Lucius Fox in The Dark Knight.

Thank you for your time and answers. The last words are yours.
Don't drink the horchata.

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