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Community Interviews avatar 12:26 PM on 10.09.2013  (server time)
C-Blog Interviews: bbain

Yes, it is! OpiumHerz! Once again! This time I talk to bbain, that old scallywag. See what he had to say and what I had to ask. Just not in that order.

That said, the first question to ask would be: How did you end up on Destructoid? Why did you stay?

I discovered Destructoid back in 2009, when I came across the staff's picks for the top 50 games of the decade ( I actually hadn't even heard of a lot of the games on the list, so I decided to try a few out, many of which soon became some of my favorite games. One game in particular had a huge impact on the way I looked at games. That game was Cave Story. After playing Cave Story, I started to dig deeper into the indie game scene (I didn't even know indie games were a thing before then). I started to peruse the community blogs and forums at Destructoid to see if anyone had other suggestions for indie games, but couldn't find too much. After a few Google searches, I found some good indie game sites and started playing a ton of different freeware games. I decided I wanted to tell people about what I was playing, so I started up a series on the community blogs (before even introducing myself), since Dtoid was the place that introduced me to Cave Story and kick started my indie obsession. It was called 5 Freeware Indie Games You Should Play (, and I made it a weekly series for awhile before I ran out of games at the time. The community response to my series was very positive, and I quickly made a few Dtoid friends (Scissors, VenusInFurs, WolfyBoey, Kaggen, to name a few), so I decided to stick around. And I'm still here, 3 years later, having joined the recaps team and even hung out with some Dtoiders at PAX Prime!

How did you end up with the band that is Recappers?
I believe it was a year or so after I joined the community. The then-Friday recapper, GamesAreArt, decided to step down, so I expressed my interest in joining the team in an attempt to become closer with the community and help out a bit. That group of recappers, who were entirely different from the current group, accepted me into their midst. These days, I have the honor of being the oldest member of the recaps team, although some of the reserves (Qalamari, ScottyG, SilverDragon, Beyamor) have still been around longer than me.

What is the story behind your n ickname and your avatar?
"Bbain" is sort of a nickname I acquired in college. My real name is Ben, and during my Freshman year of college, a lot of the guys in my hallway had nicknames which were weird alterations of their names. Mine was Bain. There was another guy in my hallway who stuttered a lot, and ended up calling me b-b-bain all the time, and that's where the name bbain originated (so it's supposed to sound like you're stuttering the word "bane").
As for my avatar, it's Balrog's face from Cave Story, which appears in the text box whenever he speaks. Going back to the first question, I chose Balrog for my Destructoid avatar because I first heard about Cave Story here (and because Balrog is awesome). Also, since it's his text box icon, I like to think of my comments being spoken by Balrog :)

Good thing you mentioned Cave Story: favorite game favorite game character favorite scene from a videogame favorite dialogue from a game? You may add other favorites to the list as you please.

Favorite game: Katamari Damacy, because it's impossible not to be happy while playing it.
Favorite character: The King of All Cosmos, because he's ridiculous and fabulous and hilarious.
Favorite scene: Jumping onto Avion, the giant bird Colossus in Shadow of the Colossus, because it's such a huge adrenaline rush.
Favorite line: "I'm a VIP, so I decided to show up late!" spoken by Teddie in Persona 4 Arena.
Favorite song: The Wonderful Star's Walk is Wonderful, from Katamari Damacy, because it's so happy and weird.

If you would have to represent yourself with one picture, what would it be?

You can have dinner with one DToid staff member. Who would you take where?

I would take Andy Dixon to a hot dog shop, because wieners.

If you could punch anyone on DToid, even in the wiener if you wish, who would it be?

I could never actually punch anyone, but if I was forced to punch one person, I might choose vApathyv for not interviewing anyone when he had the chance! (But then I would have to hug him afterwards, because he's a cool dude).

Imagine you could buy any videogame IP you want, you would get total control over it. Which one would you buy and what would do with it?

I would buy the Endless Ocean IP and try to improve the gameplay to make it feel less like a simulator. Give the main character a health bar, add NPCs to give you quests to search for treasure or certain species, throw in some puzzles or boss fights (not like killing things, but maybe an escape from a Great White, for example), and give you some more defined goals. I really want to see a good underwater exploration game, and Endless Ocean certainly has the underwater exploration part down, but not so much the game part.

Oh shit! You are rolled up into a huge Katamari! What do you hope is rolled up right next to you to make this trip pleasant?

Lots of pillows and soft things, because it's bound to be a bumpy ride so I'd like to be as comfortable as possible! Being rolled up next to my boyfriend would also be nice :)

No one will believe I actually bought...?

Hmm... well, in college I bought a porn called Beds, Butts and Beyond. I don't have it anymore, though. I think my roommate took it.

Okay, I just HAVE to diverge from my usual questions here for a moment: I can see the beds and the butts, but what was the "beyond" referring to in that title?

Hahaha. I'm pretty sure "Beyond" just meant "Sex," so it's probably not as exciting as it sounds! I'd say it was a missed opportunity on their part.

All right, this was that, then. The last words are yours.

Thank you so much for bringing this series back to life (finally!), and I'm honored to be considered for one of the first interviewees! Hopefully we can keep this thing going for a while :)

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