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Cazza avatar 6:24 AM on 03.17.2010  (server time)
Scotland? What's that?

As a kid I was very much into the Pokémon games. One of my dreams was to go to an event and pick myself up a legendary whilst meeting other fans, trading pokémon and generally having fun. Heck I guess you could say that dream still lingers in the back of my head. Just recently the UK has had an event to get a hold of Arceus, Generation 4's answer to Mew/Celebi ect. Unfortunately, i'm the unlucky son of a bitch who lives in Scotland so obviously we have pretty much no event. Over 20 locations participating in England but only one in Scotland. Now unless I want to spend 4 to 6 hours travelling to Glasgow for a single Pokémon, i'm not getting this Arceus. Even to this day it still upsets me the fact there are never any events here. Hello Nintendo! People live in Scotland who are big Pokémon fans too you know? Faggots. That's what Nintendo are. Only word I can think of this now to sum up my nerd rage.

I guess its not too bad. I could always just say no to Nintendo and Pokesav myself the Arceus. Sure that's cheating but its the only fucking way we'll ever get it. Well at least we're still getting the figure deal for pre-ordering Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Although knowing my past experiences with GAME, it won't go well. Either a case of them not having Lugia figures or not even getting any in stock. Anyway this was just a quick rant blog. Now if you excuse me, i'm off to sit in a corner as I wait the announcement of a Deoxys event before being shot down... again. Pissed off Scottish Pokéfag signing out.

A herp a derp. I dunno lol

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