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Cazza avatar 5:14 PM on 03.10.2010  (server time)

Gather round childen, gather round! Today I come to talk to you all about a certain addition to the roster of Super Street Fighter IV. As you can guess, this is about the newest character Hakan. A Turkish wrestler who is possibly the strangest character i've ever seen in my life. Hakan seems to have an abnormal obsession with Oil as his general playstyle involves oiling yourself up. First expectations when I saw Hakan? A blatently gay muscleman with an oil fetish. What I got? A manly as fuck family man who loves his Daughters. Oh and the mother to those children is non other than Ingrid from Capcom Fighting Jam. Enjoy unseeing that one, bitches.

Now, Hakan's moveset. Overall he's blatently a joke character. But his moves are so funny its unreal. From what i've heard, shoryuken motion + kick makes Hakan pour oil over himself, increasing the range of his moves. He seems to be a grappler type character with some very interesting throws. His main throw has him squeezing the opponent to the point where they go shooting out from his grasp. His Super move involves Hakan jumping his opponent and err ... rolling across the ground. If you think that's bad, his Ultra moves will get you. Hakan's first ultra sees him spinning the poor sod facing him around his body then launching them against the screen. He literally uses them as a hoola hoop. Ultra number 2 is the most disturbingly awesome move i've seen in a fighting game. Triggered by making your opponent touch you, they slip on Hakan's oily body as he grabs them and spins on their back before locking them into a 69 position. Yes i'm serious. He finishes this move by squeezing and launching them from underneath him. As shown in the trailer, this leads to the most hilarious facial expressions i've seen in the game. If you thought the facial effects from Ryu's Shinku Shoryuken were funny then hold onto your ribs because you're gonna lose 'em. Overall very pleased and amused with Hakan. Can't see him being any higher than mid-tier but damn i'm maining him. The guy is a laugh. Oh my, just look at the time!

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