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CathalWadding avatar 10:27 AM on 03.05.2011  (server time)
Region Limitations (Post your grievences here)

First thing to know is that I don't live in the US, I live in Ireland. We don't have Netflix, Amazon video-on-demand or even the Zune Music Pass. I accept that som of these things aren'y aveilable outside the US for a reason, however today was the last straw for me. Today whilst browsing the interwebs I found a sorta-ish funny video of a douchebag shouting and raging while playing The Impossible Game. Video NSFW

The video spiked an interest in the game and so I looked it up, how thrilled was I when I saw it was only 80 MS points on, the exact amount I had left over from previous purchases. I said "What the hell? Why not?" and turned on my console, signed in, went into the games marketplace and ... nothing. I double and tripple checked for the game under every plausible category. I noticed however something strange while doing this and after a few google searches my suspicion was proven correct. The Indie marketplace is completely unaveilable in Ireland. Even though the UK is A-okay, Ireland is completely ignored.

I had run into something similar a few weeks ago aswell. The voice recognition for Kinect is also unaveilable in Ireland, something which makes sense, to an extent, with the varrious accents and what not. However when I called Microsoft to cancel my xbox live auto-matic re-newel I asked if there was going to be an update which would ad in support for Kinect owners. The response I was given was to change my location to the UK and it should work offline. Offline only. If this seems okay to you thats fine, however it isn't for me.

Anyway this is just me raging against MS because of two annoying and stupid mistakes hit me back-to-back. I know though that there are other examples of region location BS and I want to hear them. Post below, if your bothered enough.

[Ed] I found The Impossible Game on iTunes and fucking hate that I love it so much. FUCKING TRIPPLE TRIANGLES!!

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