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CathalWadding avatar 4:05 PM on 11.13.2010  (server time)
Halo Reahc Patch Ideas (Post your own ideas too)

First things first, I'm still playing Halo Reach. I refuse to buy Black Ops as it costs 60 which is more than I will pay for any video game, (par Rock Band), that and I only got Reach in September and would like to get more play time out of it. So, with the first downloadable map pack coming out for Reach soon a patch will have to be released too. A patch in the sense that the game does not need to be fixed because it isn't broken, (I'm looking at you New Vegas and you PC Black Ops), but could do with a few tweaks in order to balance the overall experience. An idea I thought of today could do the game some good and show that even though people can't join in and out like in CoD, teams are balanced if a team mate decides to be a dickhead and leave to go fuck himself. My idea only applies to invasion on how to balance uneven numbered teams. I'll break idea in number points so it's easier to follow (because it does become complicated after awhile but covers any possible arrangement).

I did my best to explain it but the main important bit is how when two different partners leave their remaining partners should be put together or when there is only three players left then they should all work together as partners.

Anyway, this is just my idea for how invasion can be balanced so that other players and I don't get so frustrated that we don't want to play again. If you agree or disagree or even have your own idea for Halo Reach's next patch leave a comment below.

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