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CathalWadding avatar 2:55 PM on 11.12.2010  (server time)
Arrogant Activision

Last week Activision showed, to me at least, that they officially don't care about any gamer in the world or the developers themselves. Activision are well known as the publisher who established the music game genre and then got greedy and raped its every orifice. Activision are also behind the first person shooter juggernaut Call of Duty, which comes out every year, however recent news suggests that two Call of Duty titles are set to release next year. This is almost exactly how Guitar Hero started its decent into its sequel every 3 months state. But all of thoose reasons didn't anger me as much as what Activision did last week. No, it's not the abortion like state the PC version of Black Ops was released in, close though. Activision released all three of its holiday shooters within a week. Goldeneye 007 (Wii); 2nd of November, Blood Stone (360, PS3, PC, DS); 2nd of November, Call of Duty: Black Ops (360, PS3, PC sort of); 9th of November.

By the way, that wasn't a typo. Activision released two James Bond games ON THE SAME FUCKING DAY! The only reason any publisher would do that would be if they were so big headed that they think that you will, no matter what, buy one at least. This really pissed me off, as you can see I actually wrote this entire post out of rage. Releasing any game the week before any Call of Duty game is the equivalent of releasing a Twilight movie on the same weekend as Harry Potter, (I don't know which movie is the bigger blockbuster but I hope you get my point). Doing what Activision did has far reaching consequences as well. With everyone out of money after buying Black Ops and/or Goldeneye nobody will be willing or able to get Blood Stone. Some of you might say that's competition, but why the publisher would put one of its games up to flop is not only stupid but also a huge dick move to the developers. Three different devs worked on the various versions of Blood Stone, Bizarre Creations taking 360 and PS3, High Moon Studios took the PC version and n-Space had the DS version. All three of the aforementioned developers have a game on the market which won't sell because their publisher put it up days before the biggest selling game of the year was set to release. Their work is going to go un-noticed and un-appreciated. Great going Activision while you will make James Cameron money from Black Ops, High Moon, Bizarre and n-Space are going to lose alot of money, money which it's employees would have probably have used to feed their families and pay their mortgages. But you don't care, do you Mister Kotick.

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