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10:27 AM on 03.05.2011

Region Limitations (Post your grievences here)

First thing to know is that I don't live in the US, I live in Ireland. We don't have Netflix, Amazon video-on-demand or even the Zune Music Pass. I accept that som of these things aren'y aveilable outside the US for a reason, however today was the last straw for me. Today whilst browsing the interwebs I found a sorta-ish funny video of a douchebag shouting and raging while playing The Impossible Game. Video NSFW


The video spiked an interest in the game and so I looked it up, how thrilled was I when I saw it was only 80 MS points on, the exact amount I had left over from previous purchases. I said "What the hell? Why not?" and turned on my console, signed in, went into the games marketplace and ... nothing. I double and tripple checked for the game under every plausible category. I noticed however something strange while doing this and after a few google searches my suspicion was proven correct. The Indie marketplace is completely unaveilable in Ireland. Even though the UK is A-okay, Ireland is completely ignored.

I had run into something similar a few weeks ago aswell. The voice recognition for Kinect is also unaveilable in Ireland, something which makes sense, to an extent, with the varrious accents and what not. However when I called Microsoft to cancel my xbox live auto-matic re-newel I asked if there was going to be an update which would ad in support for Kinect owners. The response I was given was to change my location to the UK and it should work offline. Offline only. If this seems okay to you thats fine, however it isn't for me.

Anyway this is just me raging against MS because of two annoying and stupid mistakes hit me back-to-back. I know though that there are other examples of region location BS and I want to hear them. Post below, if your bothered enough.

[Ed] I found The Impossible Game on iTunes and fucking hate that I love it so much. FUCKING TRIPPLE TRIANGLES!!   read

12:08 PM on 11.21.2010

Age of Empires is on sale for 10c!

Yeah Microsoft seem to be offering the complete collection of Age of Empires 3 for 10c which is also 10 MS points. As huge veteren of the game I can't recommend it enough at full price so take advantage of this deal while it lasts because I have no idea how long its on for. The game is available on sale in the Games for Windows Live client and at this link   read

4:05 PM on 11.13.2010

Halo Reahc Patch Ideas (Post your own ideas too)

First things first, I'm still playing Halo Reach. I refuse to buy Black Ops as it costs 60 which is more than I will pay for any video game, (par Rock Band), that and I only got Reach in September and would like to get more play time out of it. So, with the first downloadable map pack coming out for Reach soon a patch will have to be released too. A patch in the sense that the game does not need to be fixed because it isn't broken, (I'm looking at you New Vegas and you PC Black Ops), but could do with a few tweaks in order to balance the overall experience. An idea I thought of today could do the game some good and show that even though people can't join in and out like in CoD, teams are balanced if a team mate decides to be a dickhead and leave to go fuck himself. My idea only applies to invasion on how to balance uneven numbered teams. I'll break idea in number points so it's easier to follow (because it does become complicated after awhile but covers any possible arrangement).

I did my best to explain it but the main important bit is how when two different partners leave their remaining partners should be put together or when there is only three players left then they should all work together as partners.

Anyway, this is just my idea for how invasion can be balanced so that other players and I don't get so frustrated that we don't want to play again. If you agree or disagree or even have your own idea for Halo Reach's next patch leave a comment below.   read

2:55 PM on 11.12.2010

Arrogant Activision

Last week Activision showed, to me at least, that they officially don't care about any gamer in the world or the developers themselves. Activision are well known as the publisher who established the music game genre and then got greedy and raped its every orifice. Activision are also behind the first person shooter juggernaut Call of Duty, which comes out every year, however recent news suggests that two Call of Duty titles are set to release next year. This is almost exactly how Guitar Hero started its decent into its sequel every 3 months state. But all of thoose reasons didn't anger me as much as what Activision did last week. No, it's not the abortion like state the PC version of Black Ops was released in, close though. Activision released all three of its holiday shooters within a week. Goldeneye 007 (Wii); 2nd of November, Blood Stone (360, PS3, PC, DS); 2nd of November, Call of Duty: Black Ops (360, PS3, PC sort of); 9th of November.

By the way, that wasn't a typo. Activision released two James Bond games ON THE SAME FUCKING DAY! The only reason any publisher would do that would be if they were so big headed that they think that you will, no matter what, buy one at least. This really pissed me off, as you can see I actually wrote this entire post out of rage. Releasing any game the week before any Call of Duty game is the equivalent of releasing a Twilight movie on the same weekend as Harry Potter, (I don't know which movie is the bigger blockbuster but I hope you get my point). Doing what Activision did has far reaching consequences as well. With everyone out of money after buying Black Ops and/or Goldeneye nobody will be willing or able to get Blood Stone. Some of you might say that's competition, but why the publisher would put one of its games up to flop is not only stupid but also a huge dick move to the developers. Three different devs worked on the various versions of Blood Stone, Bizarre Creations taking 360 and PS3, High Moon Studios took the PC version and n-Space had the DS version. All three of the aforementioned developers have a game on the market which won't sell because their publisher put it up days before the biggest selling game of the year was set to release. Their work is going to go un-noticed and un-appreciated. Great going Activision while you will make James Cameron money from Black Ops, High Moon, Bizarre and n-Space are going to lose alot of money, money which it's employees would have probably have used to feed their families and pay their mortgages. But you don't care, do you Mister Kotick.


8:06 AM on 10.02.2010

A Match Made in Reach

Like most xbox 360 owners I am currently playing Halo Reach religiously. I've finished the campaign, (solo legendary, impressive I know), and ever since I've been up to my knees in the multiplayer match making, which I have a few issues. I being pretty much the average Halo player I LOVE Team Slayer, or at least half the time. Team Slayer in Reach is not the same as in previous titles, in Halo 3 it was just FUCKING SLAYER and you know what nobody had a problem with that. Now Team Slayer is Team Snipers or SWAT, don't get me wrong I do enjoy SWAT just not all the time, back in Halo 3 it was its own playlist so was Team Snipers, why is it now that both are joined at either hip of Team Slayer.

Yes I photoshoped that image but it still symbolises my point; IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET INTO A NORMAL GAME OF SLAYER. Bungie have announced that there will be a title update for Reach in October, I just hope that current playlists are broken down into several different playlists, e.g Team Objective should be like 3 playlists, one for CTF, one for Assualt and one for Oddball, Headhunter, etc.

However, I do realise that this is my opinion and my not be how everyone feels so feel free to leave commments.   read

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