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1:30 PM on 11.16.2009

Reflections on a Princess

This is my first blog post, so I'll keep it short, sweet and silly.

This post will constitute my thoughts on a game I played entirely by accident. It was, literally, thrust into my hands by my younger sister, the pink, sticker emblazoned DS displaying the first boss of the game, the act of defeating said boss was, apparently, too menial a task for my sister to even attempt.

The game was;

Super Princess Peach

Super Princess Peach promised to be a break from our usual pathetic pandering to Royal retrieval duties, aforementioned job being the driving motivation behind Mario games since the dawn of time.
It also promised to break away from the long held 'Tendo tradition of Peach being a damsel in distress, and therefore entirely useless beyond sports and the occaisonal vegetable toss. Instead Peach would be empowered, the roles reversed and the uneasy unbalance of the genders remedied.


However, 5 minutes of gameplay and the truly ridiculous game mechanics sent all my delusions of gender equality packing... ...back to the kitchen.

In the game, Peach is granted superpowers by her mood swings, triggered by tapping the four hearts on the bottom screens. We, the gamer, cause Peach to break down, or be consumed by rage, purely for the sake of our progression through the game. The source of these swings is undoubtedly from her portrayal as a hormonal and over-emotional woman to whom the events of the story happened at just the wrong damn time, There is, of course, the game's credulous magic powers of the 'Vibe Scepter' which can change emotions, however, Peach isn't in possession of this wonderful item, so, short of bi-polar disorder, her super powers seem to stem from her characterisation as an over emotional and hormonal stereotype.

The irony is, of course, that this all takes place in a game which ostensibly should set the record straight. Instead Peach is patronisingly empowered by her unchecked emotions, and violently lashes out at creatures whose only crime was to be in the way. Which affected me to a suprising extent.

Whenever I would force our eponymous heroine to lash out at the largely pacifistic enemies, consumed in the fires of a rage which would attack all indiscriminantly, I'd be struck with an emotion completely alien to me.


Every Koopa sent flying, every Goomba consumed by Peach's fury I would be reminded of every time that I made a joke to my girlfriend at the wrong damn time, and recieved a swift kick to the shins or an elbow to the stomach as a repercussion.

I'll never jump on a poor Goomba again.

I realise this is probably old news but, the game affected me in a way I thought funny, and I thought I'd share.   read

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