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I joined up Dtoid a while back, left for a while, and now I'm partially back. Kinda.

I love fighting games, shmups, chocolate milk, things that are bad for you, and drinking games.
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Side note: I originally wrote about this on my Tumblr, then after posting it a few other places, decided you folks might enjoy.

Side side note: To put things into perspective, I work in an independent retro gaming store. I love my job, and most of the kids around wish they had it. GameStop employees shop at my store, and frequently tell me they wish our store was more like theirs, as well as refer their customers to us on occasion. We have a healthy relationship with our competitors.

So, a few weeks ago, two kids come in. They look to be about 17 or 18, and they’re clearly coming from the school across the street, which is a common sight considering I always work closing. Two kids, iPods blaring, generally yelling in the store. Not exactly my favorite kind of people to be in, they’re the kind that never buys anything. Eventually, they ask for applications.

Now, I decide to instead of saying the usual “oh, we’re not hiring”, to give them some applications. I don’t know, maybe I was being nice or something. On our applications, we have a little test for all applicants to make sure you have some idea of what youre talking about. Nothing too tough.

Some of the questions are “name five consoles before the NES”, “three handhelds that aren’t made by nintendo”, and more. There’s also a section where you name your favorite game in each genre. Now, they go through and already had trouble with the other ones, having to ask for help and look around the store. We were just going to throw out their applications anyway.

One of them asks what an RPG is to his friend. He does a kind of barebones way of describing it, but I can understand that it’s not the easiest genre to describe on the spot. He describes the stereotype: you’re on a quest to save a princess, and you fight monsters on the way.

The kid immediately shouts out that his favorite RPG is “Batman”. I lose it. I just walk to the back, shut the door, and take a moment to myself to soak in what I had just heard. The kid didn’t even realize it, either. He was so happy that his application was perfect. I called my boss later that day when I was closing (this happens everyday), and I told him about the application.

We still have it in our folder, and have no plans of throwing it out.

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