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Catalyst's blog

11:26 PM on 11.24.2007

Why Are People Still Fighting Over Wii?

As you could see on the DToid homepage, Amazon sold out of 1,400 Wii's in ten minutes. How is this possible? I still don't understand. I am a Wii owner. If you look through the halls of "The Internets" you will find many Wii...   read

1:55 PM on 11.23.2007

Rock Band Availability: Extreme

The new blog system ate the last upload, so this one will be much less eloquent. Walmart. Central Illinois. Noon. Black Friday. 50ish Rock Band bundles. I wouldn't start believing the unavailability hype on this. Seems like...   read

2:46 AM on 09.24.2007

Enemy Voice Chat DISABLED in Halo 3 Ranked Matches

Uh oh. Looks like anti-Halo fanboy response #2--"I don't want to get called names by 12 year olds"--just flew out the window. A solid decision by the Bungie team. "In addition, enemy player voice is disabled in game in Ranke...   read

4:40 PM on 09.20.2007

4 Game Marketing Decisions Worse Than Halo 3

Frankly, I've had it up to here with people jumping on the "I hate Halo because of the marketing" bandwagon. I get it. You are a cool hipster who shops at thrift stores, hates capitalism, and liked "[insert form of entertainm...   read

1:27 PM on 09.18.2007

Reason 15,768 Nintendo Hates You: No SSBB Online Stats

If you read Destructoid, you are probably what Nintendo would call "hardcore." If you are "hardcore," Nintendo couldn't give two shits about you. If Nintendo couldn't give two shits about you, they will ruin their games just ...   read

3:06 PM on 09.17.2007

3-Day Gaming Binge Ends In Death, No Loot Dropped

Another Chinese death in a gaming cafe. After the man slumped over, the 100 other patrons apparently fled the cafe, probably to head to another cafe that wouldn't be shut down. That gold's not going to farm itself. I'd really like to know what he was playing, but as you can imagine, my money is on WoW. Via AP   read

10:05 PM on 09.16.2007

Devil's Advocate: What's Wrong With Bioshock

I've been thinking about doing some posts about some of the hotter, better reviewed titles that have been released... and then saying why they suck. Not that they are bad games, but many times as gamers we tend to overlook th...   read

1:29 PM on 09.09.2007

*Spoiler Alert*? Is This Ad Really Ruining Halo 3?

People have been flipping balls over recent Halo 3 "Believe" ads, claiming they are ruining the ending of the game for them. Enough people have freaked out that Bungie has come out and said the creators of the advertisement d...   read

12:33 PM on 09.06.2007

A Coalition of Straight Up Ballers

Apparently the international language of sport (basketball in this case), isn't all that international. The NBA LIVE 08 demo just made it to Xbox Live, unless you live in one of the following strangely decided countries -- Au...   read

6:13 PM on 09.05.2007

Next Gen Castlevania In The Works?

Koji Igarashi talks about the future of the Castlevania series over on Game Trailers. He hints at his next project for next gen consoles, including the Wii. Please god don't let that wii motion whip control throw out my shoulder.   read

5:46 PM on 09.05.2007

Smash Bros. Dojo Just As Confused As You Are

Frankly, I've lost all faith in these updates after these two shots and descriptions: It's Meta Knight, whose introduction was delayed for some reason. He's Kirby's...rival? Uhm, ok, I guess? Playing up the mystery, maybe...   read

11:21 PM on 09.04.2007

And We've Reached A New Low

BAM! Along with the complete obliteration of the letter S, you can look forward to this: Bratz Ponyz sees you arrive on the Ponyz archipelago to participate in the prestigious Ponyz Town beauty pageant, ‘Passion for Fashi...   read

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