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Castle's blog

3:07 PM on 06.29.2011

Castle & Star Ocean 2's Complicated Relationship

Star Ocean: The Second Story is one of those games I have a love/hate relationship with. It’s like being in a romantic relationship with an idiot that gives you great sex, and it took me nearly a decade to actually realize ...   read

6:22 PM on 05.19.2011

I've Returned... Again.

Some of you that follow this sorry excuse for a blog may wonder where I keep heading off. Others could give two shits. Well, to the curious, I've been off working on my music career, as well as a comic series (two, actually)....   read

9:25 AM on 04.26.2011

MVC3: What Do You Want?

Since the release of Capcom's Marvel vs. Capcom 3, there's been a bit of backlash from the franchise's dedicated fanbase, saying that the game is too easy, and offers very little to set it apart from the rest of the series. W...   read

6:34 PM on 04.04.2011

I Want to Want Max Payne 3

Just like any gamer, I want every game I hear about to be good. I want that game to make love to my brain. I want to feel like the dough I coughed up was well spent. The last thing I need is for games to suck. The media on...   read

2:19 PM on 04.02.2011

Ragin': Hey, screw you, Professor X!

Hi. Fuck that arcade X-Men game on PSN and XBL. There, I said it. Oh, don't give me that look. You know it had to be said. Hell, I'm willing to bet you're thinking the exact same thing. Remember when you bought it—no, reme...   read

9:34 AM on 03.24.2011

A Role-Player's Lament

You know, I play a crap load of video role-playing games, of all types, from Final Fantasy to Elder Scrolls. I don't discriminate. I frickin' love 'em, and probably always will. However, while playing through some RPGs rece...   read

11:21 AM on 03.22.2011

Too Young to Appreciate Final Fantasy?

Out of the twenty-six years I've been on this planet, I have been gaming for about twenty-two of them, and I still cannot stomach an entire playthrough of the first Final Fantasy game. I know, I know! No one's more disappoi...   read

8:54 PM on 07.31.2009

Who saw Jaffe's response coming a mile away? I did!

I had no idea that it would be Dave Jaffe, but I knew about thirty seconds into Burch's latest Rev Rant that someone from the industry was going to respond, and that the response wasn't going to be particularly pleasant, e...   read

11:02 PM on 07.17.2009

Don't take us seriously. See if I care.

For as long as I can remember, I have read and heard gaming journalists and designers or what-have-you talk about how they strive to make it so the world takes the gaming community seriously. They want to let the world know...   read

2:42 PM on 07.16.2009

I, the Author: Albion's Dark Ruler

He killed my dog—Fenris, I named him. He killed Fenris. And I couldn't do a damn thing except watch him die, with wide, angry eyes. I kind of knew it was going to happen, to be honest. One way or another. A friendly and loy...   read

8:27 AM on 07.16.2009

Left 4 Racism

If you follow Left 4 Dead news like I do, you know about douchebag blogger Willie Jefferson, who apparently has nothing of real interest or merit write about in order to generate page views, and his recent douchebag article...   read

5:40 PM on 06.01.2009

A New Effin' Metal Gear Solid Game?!

Didya miss me? Huh, bitch? Well, I missed you, too. Been a little busy with... life. But I am back, now. So you all can rejoice and revel in my awesomeness. Finished? Okay, let's get on with it. The topic at hand? The new Met...   read

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