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Right now, i'm a college guy going for networking and computer certifications. I love playing music and singing, and i've been into writing recently.. There's some ideas and comments that I would like to share and consider everyone elses opinion on the matter.
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I was talking with one of my friends the other day who mentioned that he is thinking about buying Rock Band. i natually got excited because Rock Band is just amazing, but then he mentioned that he didn't have a 360, he had a PS3. at that moment, i got kind of dissapointed because the only way we would be able to play together then would be if we were in the same room.

Then i started to ponder how much better games could be if you could play online with people from any console system. Especially with games like Rock Band, cross platform gaming would mean that options for gaming partners would expand by leaps and bounds.

Then, if you can take it a step further and move to games like Call of Duty 4, or Rainbow Six Vegas: 2. people who wished could try and prove their skill against the best people that play the game period, not just on the 360 or PS3.

I realize that can really be nothing more than a dream, because if console makers and developers actually focused on making customers truly happy, they would lose out on profits, and money is the sole reason for making games to them.

Alas, i must keep dreaming about such matters, but maybe one day there can be hope.