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Cassandra Khaw avatar 9:55 PM on 12.27.2010  (server time)
So, Destructoid - can ya lend a sister a hand?

So, good people at Destructoid, it's something like this.

Writing a post like this is usually something I'd wrinkle my nose at. Heck, I'm looking down my own nose at me for it. However, certain family-related things, came up and I've never been prideful enough to, well, lay down my pride and ask people for a little bit of help.

I'm looking for extra work.

No, nothing illegal, damnit, those days are long behind me (I might tell that story one day). But, you know, work. Freelance work. I'll even take contractual work if they're willing to relocate my ass from the equator. But yes, primarily freelance work. Right now, I do video game journalism and I come with a pretty decent network of connections and a reliable track record. But, you know, I get it - that's not the easiest business to get into.

I also do websites. Php and mySQL based stuff, hard-coded into your server, hand-rolled to your specifications. I'll even throw in tastefully done animation via jquery, if you like. I know W3C, can tailor design to various browsers and even do the design for you myself if you're in favor of minimalism and corporate looks.

I know a few of you are probably going, 'EH.' right now but, you know, it's cool. I would to. But, sometimes, you've got to do what you got to do. I've got what I got right now but it isn't enough, not to deal with the family matters that are cropping up. I'll do anything for these people so you can work me like a dog.

Just make sure my hide fetches a fair price for 'em after.

People with leads, jobs, pointers, requests for my portfolio and good-luck wishes can hit me up at: casshirek [at] tk-nation [dot] com.

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