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Cassandra Khaw avatar 7:20 PM on 12.14.2010  (server time)
I Love You But I Won't Stand On The Same Pixel As You, Damnit.

It's going to be a long day and things haven't been at their brightest for a while. I'm going to be uncharacteristically hyper (atually, wait, would that be characteristically instead?) dramatic about things and I hope you'll excuse that.

I had an ex once a few years back that I was extremely fond of. We both played World of Warcraft. We were both dating in real life; naysayers, you hush, it wasn't one of those weird new-fangled long-distance things.

He was a troll hunter, I was a Blood Elf warlock and good god, he was one of the most insanely jealous people that I had ever met in my life. For a long while, he would do his level best to ensure that I paid attention to him and no other person asides from him. Arguments would flare whenever he logged on and he found me in a party, incapable of being invited to his. Similarly, not immediately inviting him to a group I had formed would also be instrumental in more drama. Oh, how he'd shout because his name bubble wasn't positioned next to mine.

Quests had to be done together. We had to progress at the exact same rate. If I made the mistake of advancing a single bubble ahead, he'd rant and rave for hours on end. But it really wasn't until he insisted I stand on the same cobble stones as him in any given raid that matters got really, really silly.

Actually, in retrospect, that wasn't so much dramatic as it was a rather funny bit of recollection.

After going out with that particular idiot, I haven't been able to really stomach gaming with a significant other unless I'm either a) on the opposite team or b) we're questing in vastly different zones. I've lost that ability to want to immerse myself in the virtual world with my significant other; a somewhat odd thing compared to the amount of digitized loving I see normally.

What about you, guys? Got any horror stories that put YOU off playing with your beloved too?

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