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Casket's blog

2:27 AM on 08.25.2009

Because I refuse to sleep.

I doubt anyone will ever read this, EVER. Seriously, if you're reading this right now please comment so I've got some proof that someone was actually here (not you, mom).

I like parenthesis and I use them a lot, it annoys some folks but I hope you can get past it ^_^

So, this is the introductory post; let me do some of that. My name's Daniel, it's not as cool as Casket but I'm slowly getting used to it. I like games, as you probably do. I have a 360 (my third, Lord help me) and a DSi. I used to have a Wii but it was only good for protecting that particular shelf from dust, so I sold it for a college textbook. The book got used exactly as much as my Wii did, yet it covers a slightly bigger area of shelf so I deemed it a good trade.

I like anything multiplayer (gears, halo, COD, etc.) but recently I've been getting my kicks from co-op games like Left 4 Dead and the Lost Planet 2 demo. I've come to realize that I enjoy those quite a bit more than competitive games, mostly because I'm not that talented compared to other people... or fish. Co-op games are liberating in that I can game with my pals without videogame prodigies (usually children) cursing incorrectly at me for doing so badly. Also, I avoid insulting their whiny voices or calling their mothers whores, which is good.

Also, I worship Valve. I have ever since I finished Half-Life 2 and looked back to realize how good they are at what they do. Just to illustrate, I've got a Black Mesa hoodie I painted myself, bought Black Mesa and Aperture Science parking stickers, a crowbar painted like Gordon's (in case of headcrabs), Black Mesa and Aperture Science and (soon to be) CEDA coffee mugs, a stuffed Weighted Companion Cube, and a L4D tee-shirt that depicts Francis lamenting about the woods. It won't end there. When the orange box came out, I lost about 8 lbs because I was in my room for so long. Valve is just a higher caliber developer, in my bloggy opinion. So yeah, buy L4D2 to support them. Or just buy it because it'll be fucking amazing and you know it.

Uhhhh, I guess that's it. If you read this far, I like you already. If you're a girl and you read this far and you're not disgusted, I probably love you. Have a good day you guys ; )   read

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