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CaseyJones77 avatar 2:29 PM on 02.22.2010  (server time)
Natal 'secret' test is under armed guard...sort of.

I'm pretty much just stealing this information, but here goes:

Microsoft are having a bit of a secret test of Project Natal with some special guests, including tech-master Jason Bradbury (of Gadget Show fame over here in the UK) and some bald bird, called Gail Porter.

The interesting thing for me though is how Microsoft decided to present it to their carefully selected media guinea pigs, with security guards and guard dogs, see:

...ok. Not quite what you were expecting.

Still, it's interesting that Natal is getting more and more exposure, and I'm sure Jason Bradbury will keep his Twitter feed updated with more news and pictures of the event. Check out his feed here:

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