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So as the title says, is World of Warcraft going to die? Sadly enough for Blizzard the answer on their lips is maybe. World of Warcraft has been the MMO gaming giant for over 7 years. So they have obviously been doing and are doing somthing right. A few things to note are what they do good, they do good and thats all that it needs to be. A MMO player is looking for 3 things, a steady way to level, somthing to do at the max level and I feel regular support and upgrades. Blizzard do all 3.

So why might they die, well they are getting old I know it's hard to say but WoW is officialy an old man in the MMO world. And as the saying goes you can't teach an old dog new tricks. That saying works for WoW, in the fact that most of the things in there game are starting to look old compared to new releases like Guild wars 2 and Star wars the old republic, by that I mean the quests are the same from level 1 to level 85, kill 20 boars and collect 2 flowers. Go to this guy and then go to the next guy MMO gamers don't want that any more and Guild wars have said well we know what you want, you want change so come and get it. And Star wars the old republic have said, leveling should not be a chore it should be diverse and a story.

So why does this matter WoW have 10 Millioin suscribers and they don't need to change right? Wrong WoW has reportably lost 5% suscribers since Cataclysm. This is a problem because with SWTOR and GW2 coming out around the same time, WoW will take another hit on the loss of suscribers maybe another 10% if their next expansion is a fail. So they could easily be down to 8.5 Million. Also another problem is if you feed a child the same porriage for 7 years then suddenly he is offered chocolate, he is going to snap up that chocolate. With the old kill 20 boars questing going out the window soon WoW could see themselvs in trouble.

So how do they stop this? Make a WoW 2, well thats a possible solution but 100% of the wow population is not going to be happy about losing their charactors and hard work, and making a new game similar to WoW but more diverce is going to be hard work, expensive and risky. If WoW 2 should fail then so would the WoW franchise. The reason for this would be credability I play WoW over anything elce is because it is the king of MMO it has everything and I like that. If they made a WoW 2 and it failed then they would be screwed.

Having said that it's possible WoW will end 2015, for a few good reasons, if you are familiar with WoW Lore, you will know that Sergeas is the big bad guy, he is everything. He is the most powerfull "thing" in the WoW univerce and at level 100 it is very possible thats going to be the "bad guy" or the "big boss". This is 2 expansions away 85-90 Gul'Dan 90-100 Sergeas and then 2015 WoW close. Then Blizzard divert all their attention to Titan their upcoming "casual" MMO.

It's all possible and most likely probable if at Blizcon the next expansion announced is anything to do with "Gul'Dan" then this is the case, if it is to do with new islands on Azeroth then maybe not.

Thanks for reading this, it's my first blog post so please tell me what you think .

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