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I own a 360, Wii, "Special" Xbox, a hardcore PC I built, and the software company I work for has a GoldenTee Machine and Electronic Dartboard in the break room. I am not sure if I am hardcore but I check Dtoid about 10 times a day and post while I am talking on the phone with customers because I need t be doing more than 1 thing at a time or I will go crazy. I donít really hit any other game sites but I do check out Digg, The Onion and CollegeHumor at least once a day to see what they have going on, man I love those sites. I mostly play FPS's because there is always someone that is better than you and it gives you something to stride for, as opposed to platforms that just drive me crazy where you have to not get lost, pick up a key, jump on an impossible ledge and figure out how to unlock a door or something, man I really hate those games. I mostly like online multiplayer because of a constant need to measure myself against other, also AI is no match for a 15 year old. Anyways, I am a huge sports fan and play on 3 different softball teams, anyways I am hearing myself in my head and I am sounding like a douche with all this so I am stopping. I would give this description 4 out of 5 meh's
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I was checking out ThinkGeek for some new useless stuff and I noticed they are now selling brand new Dreamcast is 4real I swear on TheInternets itself.
Here is the link in case you are too lazy to type in ThinkGeek and click "Whats New"

Web link

I love the Fox for surfing the internetz, and add-ons are the reason why. Today on Digg I came across a story about this add-on that added 2500 Nintendo games to your browser. I installed it and bam, every Nintendo game I could think of and many I had never heard of right there at my finger tips. This thing rocks, it is no different from any other emulator except that it is built right into Firefox. Let me know if any of you have it and what you think about it.

I must have gotten 5 invites from Ron Workmeng last night to play multi player GTA IV and every time I accepted the invite it would tell me I was unable to join the game and it was taking me back to single player. While I did get a little frustrated with the whole situation it was quite easy to release that frustration in the form of nuking a bunch of cops just doing their jobs. Also it helps if you go into the burger joint and just start blasting people because they only have one item on the dollar menu. Also here are the cheats I was able to find on the net incase someone has not posted them yet, but it is far more likely that someone did post them and I just did not see them.


Cheat mode
While playing the game, press Up to display Niko's cellphone. Press Up again to access the keypad. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Once a code has been entered correctly, a new "Cheats" menu option will be available on your phone, below "Options", where you can access the cheats without having to enter the phone number again. Note: Do not save the game after enabling a code to avoid unforeseen problems. Enabling some cheats may prevent achievements from being earned.

Full health
Dial "3625550100" into the cellphone. Note: This phone number translates to "DOC-555-0100". This code prevents the "Cleaned The Mean Streets", "Finish Him", "One Man Army", and "Walk Free" achievements from being earned.

Full health and ammunition
Dial "4825550100" into the cellphone. Note: This phone number translates to "GTA-555-0100". This code prevents the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement from being earned.

Weapons tier 1
Dial "4865550100" into the cellphone. This will unlock the baseball bat, handgun, shotgun, MP5, M4, sniper rifle, RPG, and grenades. Note: This phone number translates to "GUN-555-0150". This code prevents the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement from being earned.

Weapons tier 2
Dial "4865550150" into the cellphone. This will unlock the knife, Molotov cocktails, handgun, shotgun, Uzi, AK47, sniper rifle, and RPG. Note: This phone number translates to "GUN-555-0100". This code prevents the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement from being earned.

Remove Niko's wanted level
Dial "2675550100" into the cellphone. Note: This phone number translates to "COP-555-0100". This code prevents the "One Man Army" and "Walk Free" achievements from being earned.

Add one star to Niko's wanted level
Dial "2675550150" into the cellphone. Note: This phone number translates to "COP-555-0150".

Spawn Annihilator police helicopter
Dial "3595550100" into the cellphone. Note: This phone number translates to "FLY-555-0100". This code prevents the "One Man Army" and "Walk Free" achievements from being earned.

Spawn Cognoscenti
Dial "2275550142" into the cellphone. Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0142".

Spawn Comet
Dial "2275550175" into the cellphone. Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0175".

Spawn FBI Buffalo
Dial "2275550100" into the cellphone. Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0100".

Spawn Jetmax
Dial "9385550100" into the cellphone. Note: This phone number translates to "WET-555-0100".

Spawn NRG-900
Dial "6255550100" into the cellphone. Note: This phone number translates to "MBK-555-0100".

Spawn Sanchez
Dial "6255550150" into the cellphone. Note: This phone number translates to "MBK-555-0150".

Spawn SuperGT
Dial "2275550168" into the cellphone. Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0168".

Spawn Turismo
Dial "2275550147" into the cellphone. Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0147".

Change weather and brightness
Dial "4685550100" into the cellphone. Note: This phone number translates to "HOT-555-0100".

Map locations
Enter "" into the in-game computers to view maps that reveal all weapon, health, armor, vehicle, pigeon, ramp/stunt, and entertainment locations.

Easy money
Go to an ATM, then cause a traffic jam to the area. Wait for someone to take money from the ATM, then kill him or her. Make sure to block any nearby roads so the ambulance cannot get to the murdered victim. Take the money they dropped on the ground. Then, run a short distance away, and go back. The money should have respawned on the ground. You can repeat this as many times as desired. You can also kill more people taking their money from the ATM to increase the amount of money that respawns. -From: Khairol161

Repairing engine
If the vehicle you are driving breaks down and the engine will not start, call 911, and your engine should start again.

Parking more vehicles
Outside your first hideout is a small parking area to park your vehicles and save them. Instead of parking your vehicles fully within the lines, you can park your vehicles partially within the lines to allow for more vehicles to be parked and saved. -From: Zane

Fast travel
To avoid wasting time driving all the way across the city, call a taxi. They will take you to your destination for your mission, stores, safehouses, or even a waypoint marker. You can skip through the taxi ride, allowing you to travel across the entire city in about ten seconds. This can also be done during missions.

Easy headshots
It is sometimes difficult to get headshots, which do count. With some practice, doing the following is an easy way to get headshots. Press [Auto-Aim], then use the Right Analog-stick to move the auto-aim target around your victim's body. Barely move the Right Analog-stick as you are shooting. This puts bullets in the chest and head, and results in an easy instant kill.

Getting away from police
When running away from the cops, you will have a circular area in which they look for you. However, if you get out and another cop sees you, it changes. To use this to your advantage, barely get out of that circle, which you will see on your radar. Then, just sit there for about five seconds instead of flooring past it.

Regaining health during missions
You can leave the mission area and go to a Cluckin' Bell, hotdog stand, etc. and eat food to replenish your health if you are low and cannot find a health pack. This is especially useful on missions where there are no health packs in sight. Note: You can also take a taxi to those locations during missions.

Avoiding toll booths
Drive through any toll booth with any emergency vehicle with the sirens on. The booth attendant will open the gate, and you will save $5.

$100 for all ringtones and themes
After getting the phone from Playboy X, go to the nearest Internet cafe. Buy all of the ringtones and themes from the ringtones site. Log out of the computer, and you will notice that you only paid $100 for all ringtones and themes.

Easy "One Man Army" achievement
Go to the bridge that takes you to the second island and has a train track under it. Walk along the train track towards the second island before you are allowed to cross the bridge. When you are about half way, you should have a six start wanted level. Then, just stand on the train track for five minutes to get the achievement. You do not have to worry about the police because they will be on the bridge above you so they cannot shoot, and the helicopters are above you so you have cover from them.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

Off the Boat (5 points): Complete the first mission.
One Hundred and Eighty (10 points): In a darts game score 180 with 3 darts.
Pool Shark (10 points): Beat a friend at pool.
King of QUB3D (15 points): Beat the High Score in QUB3D
Finish Him (15 points): Complete 10 melee counters in 4 minutes
Genetically Superior (25 points): Come first in 20 singleplayer street races.
Wheelie Rider (30 points): Do a wheelie lasting at least 500 feet on a motorbike.
Gobble Gobble (10 points): Score 3 strikes in a row, a turkey, in 10-pin bowling.
Driving Mr. Bellic (10 points): Unlock the special ability of taxi.
Rolled Over (30 points): Do 5 car rolls in a row from one crash.
Walk Free (50 points): Lose a 4 star wanted rating by outrunning the cops.
Courier Service (10 points): Complete all 10 package delivery jobs.
Retail Therapy (10 points): Unlock the special ability of buying guns from a friend.
Chain Reaction (20 points): You must blow up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds.
One Man Army (40 points): Survive 5 minutes on 6 star wanted level.
Lowest Point (5 points): Complete mission "Roman's Sorrow".
Over Fulfilled (10 points): Complete all 10 Exotic Export orders.
Manhunt (15 points): Complete the most wanted side missions from the police computer.
Cleaned The Mean Streets (20 points): Capture 20 criminals through the police computer.
Fed The Fish (5 points): Complete the mission "Uncle Vlad".
It'll Cost Ya (5 points): Complete a taxi ride without skipping from one island to another.
Sightseer (5 points): Fly on all helicopter tours of Liberty City.
Warm Coffee (5 points): Successfully date a girl to be invited into her house.
That's How We Roll! (10 points): Unlock the special ability of helicopter.
Half Million (55 points): Reach a balance of $500,000.
Impossible Trinity (10 points): Complete mission "Museum Piece".
Full Exploration (20 points): Unlock all the islands.
You Got The Message (20 points): Deliver all 30 cars ordered through text message.
Dare Devil (30 points): Complete 100% of the unique stunt jumps.
Assassin's Greed (20 points): Complete all 9 assassin missions.
Endangered Species (50 points): Collect every hidden package in the game.
Under the Radar (40 points): Fly underneath the main bridges in the game that cross water with a helicopter.
Dial B For Bomb (10 points): Unlock the special ability of phoning for a bomb to be placed.
Gracefully Taken (10 points): Complete mission "I'll Take Her".
Liberty City (5) (20 points): After meeting all possible friends, the ones left alive all like you above 90%.
No More Strangers (5 points): Meet all random characters.
That Special Someone (10 points): Complete mission "That Special Someone".
You Won! (60 points): Complete the final mission.
Liberty City Minute (30 points): Complete the story missions in less than 30 hours.
Key To The City (100 points): Achieve 100% in "Game progress" statistic.
Teamplayer (10 points): Kill 5 players who are not in your team, in any ranked multiplayer team game.
Cut Your Teeth (5 points): Earn a personal rank promotion in multiplayer
Join The Midnight Club (10 points): Win a ranked multiplayer race without damaging your vehicle too much and with damaged enabled.
Fly The Co-op (15 points): Beat our time in ranked versions of "Deal Breaker", "Hangman's NOOSE" and "Bomb da Base II".
Take It For The Team (10 points): Be on the winning team in all ranked multiplayer team games.
Top Of The Food Chain (10 points): Kill 20 players with a pistol in a ranked multiplayer deathmatch.
Top The Midnight Club (20 points): Come first in 20 different ranked standard multiplayer races.
Wanted (20 points): Achieve the highest personal rank in multiplayer.
Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic (30 points): Win all ranked multiplayer variations, all races and "Cops 'n Crooks", as both sides.
Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie (10 points): Kill a Rockstar developer in a ranked multiplayer match.

10:46 AM on 04.03.2008

I was a little bored at work this morning and I wondered what sites all my fellow Dtoiders use to enhance the lolz...let me know what you guys think.

Game News:
Unimportant real news:
Funny Videos:
Digg type sites:
Internet game websites:
Safe for work free P0rn:
NSFW free P0rn:
Gadget Reviews and Previews:
Any other cool sites people and Dtoiders need to know about:

Front Page Item on Dtoid on the 20th of this month by Nick Chester is below

And a page from The Feed on G4TV's website is below

Now granted the articles are different and they both quote the same source but what took G4TV four extra days to steal this from Dtoid. Now I know if there is a fire some where in your town, at some point there will be a report on all your local news stations right? Ok so one station breaks the story, then like 2 others pick up on the breaking story from the original report and they begin their report, now somehow there is one station in town that still does not know about the fire. They hear about it lets say 4 days later, how do they come to the decision to air a story about a fire that was 4 days ago that every other station in town has reported on and still act like it is new news? Even if they are just reporting in case there are people that only watch their station I can understand they want to get that news out there for those people but that does not explain a 4 day difference in the report does it. I would think that they could at least pay someone to listen to the police scanner or watch other news stations to see if they missed anything but it seems like G4 does not understand this concept. Can any one shed some light on this for me because I do not really understand how this happens on today's internet, I mean surely Dtoid pays someone to surf the web all day and hit sites and see what other people are reporting on right? I mean the least they could do was hit Digg or something. Help me out here someone.

This post is to request that we set up some sort of Dtoid Hall of Fame for quotes. Not only to educate the n00bs to the site but to shine a light on the most Epic of comments. Granted most of the comments will be from the Workmeng but I think this Hall of Fame should also include user comments as well. I put forth the first nomination for the Dtoid Hall of Heroes if you will a line Jim Sterling had in a from page article today about Portal 2. The epic ness of this line makes me proud that the American people were once members of the great British Empire and I submit to you "God Save the Queen, and if she is unsaveable then at least save Jim Sterling"

Nomination #1

Now, as the collective semen of a thousand excited gamers launches through the air like a liquid volley of silken arrows, I must remind you that any idiot could have seen this coming a mile away