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9:42 PM on 10.22.2008

NVGR: A few fun Dtoid facts

It was pretty late one night when I decided to mess around with some technical stuff around the Destructoid website. I've been a member all of two weeks, so I'm not sure if anyone has been bored enough to bother with this. I just thought it was kind of interesting, seeing as how I'm a web designer.

Fun fact #1: Destructoid claims to be “Living the dream since March 16, 2006, ” but in reality, the first published article that appeared on the front page was posted March 4th, 2006. Which one is it, Abe? Better keep your story straight. Since then, the collective community has published 18,164+ front page headlines. Take a good look at that number.

Fun fact #1 B): That first published article was, in fact, about advertisement specifications. Those filthy money whores. You can read the article here.

Fun fact #2: Destructoid is invovled in some kind of government conspiracy that includes twisted fetishes and time warps. I came across more than one article with the timestamp "12:00 AM on 00.00.0000".

Fun fact #3: As I reported in this article first, you can quickly navigate the archived comments by directly editing the query string. That is, until the lovely Niero codes a "latest comments" link.
i.e., (where digit_here is the identification key for the topmost comment)

Fun fact #4: You can also use the method from #3 to navigate through the "All headlines" section. To see the earliest posts, input 18150+ (from the time of writing this).

Fun fact #5: I'm leaving out any cheat for the current gaming contest. I don't use cheats in video games, only real life.

Any one else know of any little tidbits?   read

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