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CarlCastello avatar 10:40 AM on 11.03.2008  (server time)
STFUAJGB Eligible Entrants List

So far I've had a decent response from people wanting to enter the competition, so to help keep track of who's doing what I'm posting a list that will be updated as new members sign up. If you're on the list, make sure to post your freshly shaved mug in the official competition thread on Friday, November 7. I'll post a link to the thread once it's up. If you haven't signed up already and want to participate, make sure to send me a private message before November 7.

And once again, just to refresh your memories, the official competition rules and updated FAQ. Let the beards begin!

Now without further delay, the eligible entrants..
Gregory Hall

With honorable mentions..

Last updated: 06/10/08 If I missed you and you signed up, let me know ASAP.

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