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CarlCastello avatar 9:36 AM on 11.10.2008  (server time)
Publishers/Developers Make Me Hate The World

After cruising the front page this morning, I got pretty annoyed with the news that was being reported. More and more cases of developers and publishers saying, “cool ad hominem bro” to gamer complaints and common sense are popping up with shocking frequency. A lot of these slaps-in-the-face come from to ever popular DLC.

Before I go on I'd like to admit that, while I'm not necessarily against DLC, I'll probably never buy any of it.

One of the headlines reported this morning by the lovable-dick-of-a-man, Jim Sterling, detailed a rather bullshit ridiculous proposition by Michael Capps (Epic Games). In an attempt to fight the second-hand market, he suggested that we actually have to download the final boss of a game. I couldn't believe I had actually read this—what was he thinking?

The idea of potentially having to halt gameplay just to download a boss is one of the most unappealing ideas I've ever heard. What happens after that, though? Is the unlock code only good once, to prevent it being sold second-hand? Does the new information sit on my hard drive, making it impossible to bring the game to a friend's place to enjoy the action without dragging my console along with it?

If not, what's stopping me from selling the code, along with the game, second-hand?

I wonder if these publishers realize that, if you destroy the second-hand market, gamers on the scene who want to experience an older game that's not being manufactured, lose that opportunity? Do they realize that without the second-hand market, half the new gamers out there wouldn't be introduced to these games, and as such never break into the new market to buy games from them?

If something like this ever came to fruition, an impatient bastard such as myself would never play games again (ok, maybe that's a little extreme). That goes double if, like Capp suggests, people who did buy second-hand should pay a fee to download the end boss.

I'd be pretty pissed, what about you?

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