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Captain Kips avatar 10:15 AM on 09.03.2013  (server time)
Diabetic Cyborgs

Yes, this is an awareness post. *groan*

So, I've lurked Dtoid for several years and never bothered to sign up. You obviously don't know me so let me introduce myself! I am Liam and I am a type 1 diabetic. I'm not Jim Sterling fat either. I have the autoimmune kind.

I'm actually a fairly healthy weight. *shock*


In gaining this disease, the insulin-production capabilities of my pancreas have packed up and gone off to belize.  In my case my own antibodies started attacking the insulin producing cells in my pancreas. Without insulin, I cannot function. Without insulin, the sugar I eat cannot be used as energy. Insulin is the 'key' to unlock my body to allow it to use sugar efficiently. Without insulin the sugar starts to build up in my blood as the body turns to burning body fat for energy. This process of burning fat this way is not healthy. (Well, technically there is a healthy way to do this, before the keto-fans call me out on it. It is called ketosis.) The process produces ketones, which, combined with a high blood sugar causes diabetic ketoacidosis. This can cause the sufferer to slip into a coma or even death.

Pretty Much.

Basically, what this all means for me is a life of careful carbohydrate counting, insulin injections, and painful finger pricking and blood glucose testing. It sucks, but I get on with it. More recently, I moved onto an insulin pump. It's great, but it isn't perfect. You still have to match your insulin perfectly with your carb intake. You still need to prick yourself, even more so infact.

It is to bring to light a possibly life changing technology. If you are type 1 diabetic yourself, you will probably thinking that a world free of finger pricking tests, insulin injections and carb counting is ridiculous. This technology could possibly automate each of these things a diabetic has to carry out to stay healthy, while also getting rid of possible human error by creating a closed loop insulin pumping system, or artificial pancreas. This technology hugely excites me and it would be a dream come true if this system removed the limitations that my disease creates for me. Please watch the following video from JDRF's (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Dr. Richard Insel about this technology and please leave a comment below about what you think and consider donating.

From your new pal, Liam.

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