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Captain of the Zanarkand Abes's blog

4:53 PM on 07.05.2014
My biggest worry with Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
7:26 PM on 09.17.2013
My Top 10 Favorite Video Games of All Time
11:47 PM on 08.20.2013
The Xbox One was revealed and everyone was fucking right
10:07 PM on 05.21.2013
Why King K. Rool is perfect for the next Smash Bros.
11:01 AM on 02.22.2013
Sonic 4 is just as good as the Genesis classics
1:02 PM on 02.02.2013

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My Top 10 Favorite Games of All Time:

1) Paper Mario & Paper Mario: TTYD
2) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
3) Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
4) Super Mario World
5) Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles
6) Pokemon Soul Silver
7) The Simpson's Hit & Run
8) Jet Set Radio
9) The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
10) Every Fucking Gradius Game

Special Mention: Mega Man 10
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All last year and this year, Iíve kind of hit gaming rock bottom. I canít really explain why, I just lacked the gaming spirit as of late. Maybe I was burnt out, or maybe I just despised the next gen start up. Going on the internet for anything to do with games certainly wasnít helping either. Every time I played a video game, I just wasnít as excited as I would usually be. That said that didnít stop me from playing the games that slowly built me into playing games some more. These games showed me there is still fun to be had.

*Also as I thought more about the games I listed and how most of them have excellent soundtracks, I might as well display my favorite song from each game.


I remember buying this game and couldnít get over how perfect this game is. It completely trounces Super Mario 3D Land, a game I was in love with. Whatever depression I had immediately cleared up when I was playing this game, ESPECIALLY during one of the greatest Bowser fights of all time. I played this game 2 player style with my bro so that really made things interesting (weíre more needlessly competitive toward each other than helpful, the fun way!). †Not only is the cast of Mario 2 playable again (with a secret character to boot), but power ups like the cat suit add more fun to the game. From throwing snowballs at enemies to top down shooter levels that require the boomerang suit. This game stands tall among some of Marioís greatest games. Plus, Bowser rides a pimpmobile. Badass!

FAVORITE MOMENT: That finale with Bowser. I donít know how to describe it without spoiling but holy sh*t!


Christmas came and so did Sonic. Iím used to the routine by now. Sonic game comes out, gets mixed reception, I buy the game anyways and I tend to enjoy it. I guess I built an immunity over the years. From its colorful visual style, the catchy soundtrack, the brand new enemies and new moves like the wall climbing and multiple targeting homing attack, the game was actually fun to play. Plus the Nintendo DLC is a blast too.

FAVORITE MOMENT: Tropical Coast Zone Act 3, all because of the music. The level itself was great as well, underwater rail grinding.


As a humongous Donkey Kong Country fan, I knew this would put a smile on my face. Itís not often we get another Donkey Kong Country. Tropical Freeze is so good it completely trounces Returns, which was also amazing. For the first time in years, Dixie Kong comes back. Plus Cranky is playable for the first time too! This game ALSO has a fantastic soundtrack because the original DKC composer, David Wise is back. Itís safe to say this game has given me new music favorites compared to the original trilogy. It was just so great to see the Kongs back to doing their thing again.

FAVORITE MOMENT: The return to Donkey Kong Island. I donít know how Retro made me feel nostalgic for a 3 year old game that was also intended to invoke nostalgia from the original DKC (metastalgia!) Seeing DK Island become a frozen wasteland hit me right in the feels. They even got the giant bat from Returns to cameo in a frozen block of ice! Plus atmospheric moments call for really special music as well.


Back to Sonic one last time, and this was a weird one because I already played this game back in 2008. Honestly, Sonic Unleashed was just very ok for me. The Day levels were great but the Night levels (which are far greater in number) completely sucked.
So by now you probably deduced that it was the Wii version I played all those years ago. I took a gander at the PS3/360 version on Youtube one day and gasped at the humongous differences between the two. It was like I skipped out on a completely different Sonic game. Yeah yeah, it still has the day and night time treatment but címon! Generations-like day time levels, actual freedom in the hub worlds, DARE I SAY KINDA ENJOYABLE WEREHOG LEVELS! On top of that, the graphics still look beautiful to this day thanks to the Hedgehog Engine, the soundtrack is still awesome and the speed, MMMMMmmm. That speed. Obviously not everyone is going to like this game but it was kind of nice to see an old game from my past retroactively redeem itself.

FAVORITE MOMENT: The Day time levels of course! HYUCK! HYUCK!


I can understand people not getting into this game because of its length but length never bothered me. Ground Zeroes gave us a little taste test of whatís to come as well as acting as both the Epilogue to Peace Walker and the Prologue to the Phantom Pain. As short as the game is, itís actually pretty damn replayable. Itís similar to the Tanker mission in MGS2. Exploring Camp Omega in a middle of a storm, rescuing a bunch of prisoners and screwing around with the guards is pretty fun. †I love how the guards are far more intelligent, like how theyíll actually report on whenever a surveillance camera is downed. Common sense prevails! As far as stories go, Things are going to get interesting with Big Boss and his descent to madness, and Skull Face is quickly becoming one of my favorite Metal Gear villains already. Speaking of Metal GearÖ

FAVORITE MOMENT: Playing Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements mission. Itís a mission I love because itís where the enemiesí behavior is at its most erratic and unpredictable. It can actually be pretty challenging to accomplish without getting discovered.


On the flipside of Metal Gear Solid V where its story is darker and the gameplay is about being sneaky, Revengeance is a fun action packed, totally ridiculous game about killing things. What I was surprised by was how you REALLY were moving around killing things like Raiden was in MGS4. I also love how the game doesnít take itself seriously but at the same time makes some really good points in its story. Guess what? This gameís soundtrack is amazing as well! My favorite part like any MGS or Platinum game is the boss battles. Iíll say fighting Jetstream Sam mono y mono was one of my favorite battles, but credit where credit is due, F*cking Senator Armstrong may be one of my all-time favorite final bosses ever! Seriously you guys.

FAVORITE MOMENT: Do I have to say it again?! SENATOR F*CKING ARMSTRONG!!! He has a dream!!


Now hereís a game that I never found a way to obtain until many years later through the Jak and Daxter HD Collection. The game has a lot in common with the olí Crash Bandicoot games but with a more open world feel. I actually like the worlds and how they connect. Whereas Crash depended on warp gates and a map, Jak and Daxter was one big vast world with no loading screens. Another reason I like this game is because it reminds me so much of old school Naughty Dog (Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin era). I mean that both from a gaming style perspective and within the games story. This game was set before the story became more sinister and took place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with guns and all that cool sh*t. Itís nice to see this game stand out as the calm before the storm peaceful game.

FAVORITE MOMENT: Viewing Sentinel Beach with time passing. Itís rather relaxing. Plus itís fun to see the day and night mechanic in old games get experimented on back then.


About frigging time I got to this game! I had a blast with this one. So many moments, I got the whole map memorized! The only Metroid games I played before this one was some of Metroid Prime and Other M. The music, the atmosphere, the bosses and the exploration were amazing. I just love how powerful Samus gets when she gets her powers in this game. I got so addicted to wall jumping and high jumping. Plus the ending was simply powerful. I might have to reconsider my top 10 list. I felt the urge to play it all over again right after beating it! As of right now Iím busy beating NES Metroid and Metroid Fusion and those are becoming addicting as well.

FAVORITE MOMENT: Entering Ridleyís Lair and battling Ridley himself. Thereís something about entering his hideout with the sinister yet epic music kicking in. Itís like youíre about to battle the final boss. I also love how there are no rules for how you take Ridley out. You just go all out on him. My first time defeating him was when I ran out of all my missiles from hitting him and I was down to 10% health exact with no E tanks or reserve tanks. I used a power bomb while Ridley grabbed me in ball mode. Ridley died while I was still being held by him from the explosion and I was shocked to see that survived.


And to cap it all off, Iíll end with Mario Kart 8. When it comes to Mario Kart, Iím not usually the one to hype it up. Mario Kart 8 changed all that. Whereas DS was average, Wii was item heavy and luck based and 7 was, well kinda sh*tty, 8 brought a wonderful balance back to Mario Kart I hadnít seen since Double Dash! The graphics are beautiful and colorful, another f*cking amazing soundtrack (Iím starting to recognize a pattern here), and the items are actually kind of balanced by Mario Kart standards. Plus the Blue Shell of Deathís reign of terror is over thanks to a new item. And donít get me started on how creative the race tracks are. I feel like all the other Mario Kart games were building up to this one, from the bikes returning, coins, customizable parts, hang gliding and under water driving, online, etc. A personal win for me was seeing Bowserís kids come back. Thatís right, my favorite Mario adversaries of all time next to Bowser, the Koopalings! All 7 of them are playable for the first time and boy did I play the crap out of them.


Thatís some sexy box art there, my right? Any who, what I find to be the biggest surprise that came this year was the announcement of a new Donkey Kong Country game. The game now called Tropical Freeze is being worked on by Retro Studios. Iíll be very clear that I am a huge fan of Rareís original DKC trilogy and Retroís work really shows that they understand what makes a good DKC game when they revived the series with Donkey Kong Country Returns. Of course I saw the game as a one shot homage to the series and thought to myself ďAw, Retroís making a platformer with a new DKC game, how cuteĒ.

But Iíll cut to the chase; I didnít think there would be another DKC game to come after Returns for a long while, so when I heard Retro was making another one I got excited again, thinking they would make another respectful addition to the series. Then, it happened, Dixie Kong arrived on to the scene along with Donkey and Diddy. That really surprised me. I also noticed that they brought swimming from the original games back, it seemed like Retro was stepping their game up even more. The last big detail left with us was when Retro confirmed that David Wise, yes, David Fucking Wise was going to return as the composer for the game after so many years. Thoughts began to race in my head. The moment the first few beats of the song from the trailer began to play, I realized that Retro Studios was looking to challenge the original Rareware trilogy with Tropical Freeze. Iíd give DKC Returns a fucking medal for being an excellent DKC game using only the bare essentials, but my big complaint was that I felt Retro was holding back big time.

Now imagine this but with Enguarde the Swordfish back. FAN SERVICE!

So with even more elements from the old school DKC games coming back to life once again as well as the tease of the mysterious 4th playable character, my anticipation for Tropical Freeze is growing with each passing day (to the point where I can even say Iím more excited for TF than I am for MGS5, wow). Itís also safe to assume that the likes of Cranky Kong, Rambi and Squawks, are going to return. One more fact was revealed about the game, what enemy are we facing this time around? It wasnít the Kremlings nor the Tikiís, but rather Vikings. My initial reaction was excitement! The enemies are filled with much more personality this time around too, but then I gradually began to realize a very important aspect about the DKC games. In all 3 games, Donkey Kong had a certain nemesis that matched DK as a rival perfectly. I love Vikings and all, I think they ROOL- ya know what, fuck subtlety, WHERE THE FUCK IS KING K. ROOL!?

The person who made this awesome pic must get what I'm talking about.

Yes, the antagonist of all 3 DKC games, THAT guy. It was becoming much clearer to me. K. Rool was the PERFECT rival for Donkey Kong and one that is very entertaining and even menacing. Look, I think itís perfectly fine for DK to have a new wave of villains for his games, itís a great way to change things up but if it means a villain like K. Rool fading away from memory, the guy who along with DK and Diddy was the heart and soul of the DKC games, it just feels wrong. I love the Kremlings but K. Rool in particular is a timeless character. Hell Tropical Freeze is practically BEGGING for him to be in the game. I always saw K. Rool as a pirate, an invader who steals DK Bananas probably to starve the Kongs so he can be Jungle King. Why canít we have the best of both worlds, new enemies being led by a familiar face? Whereas DK is an easier going, somewhat lazy ape who can even be brutal, King K. Rool is a cold blooded tyrant who uses cheap tactics to get what he wants; he was practically made to be DKís arch nemesis.

Despite my tone, I'm happy this game is getting EVERYTHING right....so far.

Retro could do wonders to his character by giving him a slight redesign, like being a nomadic dictator, somehow finding a way to lead whatever army he finds to further his goals, and if Iím going to be honest, I think K. Rool would fit in more as a Viking/leader of a group of ice pirate like animals then he is as the king of his own namesake army of Kremlings. To see K. Rool being replaced by a generic Tiki hand boss (since somehow thatís a boss type now) makes me think Nintendo clearly doesnít care about making that ultimate new villain, so why not use whatís been in front of you all this time. I know it sounds weird of me to talk a lot about K. Rool considering I already made a blog earlier this year about how he should be in the next Smash Bros, but understand, that was at a time when I thought a new DKC game wouldnít come in a long while. K. Rool deserves to be back in the series that made him as well as what made Donkey Kong and the rest what they are today.

I get really worked up with this kind of stuff because I donít think this is going to be a trilogy weíre dealing with. Retro looks like they are trying to make this the big one, and what better way to end it than with the best DKC game Retro could muster up. Tropical Freeze already looks like itís the idealized form of the big DKC game weíve all† been waiting for; a game with DK, Diddy and Dixie, the 3 main protagonists from the original trilogy being on an epic adventure with improved gameplay.

This also brings me back to my point about the mysterious 4th character because personally, I donít think Retro could ever disappoint me with whatever character they are thinking of. Thatís just the cherry on top. Personally I hope its Kiddy Kong just to reunite the main cast. He would also make sense mechanically speaking as a character who could attach himself to Donkey Kong like the other two. Diddy can hover, Dixie is the double jump, and I think Kiddy should be youíre personal ďuse all you want barrelĒ like in DKC3.

The most 90's surfer cliche was the only one who survived and made it in to Mario Kart Wii. I totally understand you Nintendo.

I also wouldnít be opposed to Funky Kong just because I always wanted to play as him as a kid, but it also wouldnít fit his personality about how he hates adventuring. That being said, all throughout the trailer, the levels are scattered with airplane parts. Maybe in the game you help Funky build his airplane again to take you to the next world, like Kirbyís Return to Dreamland or rather coincidently DKC3. If the 4th character is Retroís very own Kong, that would be rather awesome as well.

And Iím burnt. I wish I could just be excited for this game normally like all the other games, but I canít resist, Retro are truly showing their game designing muscle now, I think it has a chance to topple the Rare games, but either way I love all the DKC games for what they are. J-just donít screw this one up Retro, please for the love of god. So, what do you all thinkÖOh wait, GTAV just came out? Damn my timing!

Alright, for those of you with good memory, I already revealed my top 10 games in full view on the right side of this here page. The thing is, I couldn't hold it in anymore. I feel like it wouldn't be right for me to say what my favorite games are without explaining why ever so. With that said, it's time for me to share why exactly the games I chose are special to me, starting out with my number 10 cop out.

#10 Every Fucking Gradius Game Ever

Yeeeeeap. The Gradius games are so good, it's an all out tie between every game in the series, but the real reason why it's a tie is because I don't think I'd ever feel satisfied just having one over another. You play as a lone space ship called the Vic Viper and what you do is shoot as many enemies as you can so you can build up a large array of weaponry to help aide you on you're mission They all have cool levels, they all look visually impressive, and good god, the soundtrack! It's just simply Konami!

#9 The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

You know it's funny. I see myself more as a Zelda enthusiast than I do as a person who ACTUALLY plays Zelda games. Wind Waker, however, just came completely out of nowhere, and what is there NOT to like about this game? Sailing around alone in a giant sea filled with discovery, the pretty cel shaded graphics, a talking lion boat. A TALKING LION BOAT!This game get's so much done right and now it's getting an HD makeover!

#8 Jet Set Radio

Ahh, the Dreamcast years. Such an innocent period in gaming kind of. One of the DC's biggest gems is that which is Jet Set Radio. How do I describe it? Well, think of Pac-Man but with gang related turf wars and the police constantly on you're ass. This game also sports colorful cel shaded graphics and the soundtrack is fucking awesome. This game get's bonus points for having the most badass, batshit insane group of antagonists near the end of the game. Growing up with Jet Set Radio Future first as a kid and discovering this title many years down the line along with the Dreamcast, it goes to show that this game certainly stayed fun over the years.

#7 The Simpsons Hit and Run

It's not often you see a licensed game that's so good, it makes it on other people's top 10. The Simpsons had a poor track record of awful games (excluding the arcade game, that was wonderful) up until this beautiful fan servicey game came around. People who love The Simpsons know what I'm talking about here with this game. It get's everything right: a sandbox Springfield, all characters with their right voice actors, a shit ton of references to the show, it's really hard to hate a game that is nothing but a giant love letter to the show. Mr. Plow, Apu's secret roof garden, Homer dressed in his ďChosen OneĒ attire, getting to ride the Car built for Homer and Canyonero, and I dare not spoil the ending of the game, it's that good!

#6 Pokemon Soul Silver

When I was a wee lad, I remember getting hooked instantly on Pokemon Silver. How I would train my Cyndaquil and the other Pokemon I catch for the coming battles (Then solely focusing on Cyndaquil just to get past fucking Whitney). That was so many years ago though.....then Soul Silver happened. A remake of Silver infused with Gen 4 gameplay and TWICE as many Pokemon to deal with! The remake did justice to the Gen 2 games, having Pokemon walk and interact with you, the beautiful remake of the soundtrack (As well as keeping the 8-bit old one with an in game item), and elements of Gen 3 & 4 being thrown in to make the experience more worthwhile. Plus the PokeWalker that comes with the game is a great way to train pokemon while being off duty. It's hard for any Pokemon fan to deny the greatness that is Soul Silver.

#5 Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

I've already made it quite public how much of a Sonic fan I am, even going out of my way to defend Sonic 4, seriously, Sonic 4 and Mega Man 10 always get the shit end of the stick. Er um, any who, If I had to choose a favorite Sonic game, it is most certainly 3 & Knuckles. Sonic 3&K did things that many wish they could do. Lock On Technology, a giant story, 3 playable characters, a shit ton of levels, pretty graphics for the Genesis, they even got Michael Jackson to compose some of the game's music! A game where you can allow Knuckles to play through the levels of Sonic 2 is certainly a game that was ahead of it's time.

#4 Super Mario World

Despite being number 4 on my Top 10 list, I can easily say Super Mario World is one of the very few examples where a video game is perfect in every sense of the word. It's Mario level design at it's finest. If you made a game where you have the ability to fly in the air as long as you can AND ride a Yoshi and still make the game a challenge, well you know where I'm going with this, but being perfect is not the only reason this game is on my list. Super Mario World was like, the very first video game I've ever seen, and I'd make the mistake of thinking that the game was a cartoon on TV. It's visual presentation really made it look like a 90's cartoon and to this day I still find that to be believable. Same goes for any 16 bit game too.

#3 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Harharhar, get it? Kong Quest, Conquest. I so smrt. Seriously though, this game right here deserves the title of ďCoolest video game everĒ. I mean it, I see this game as Rare's magnum opus. A game where you travel to the most bad ass video game location ever and fight off a swarm of crocodile pirates and ghosts with one of the best soundtracks going on in the background. Need I say more? With the looks of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the most recent entry in the series being announced, it looks like it is shaping up to put up a fight with Rare's trilogy unlike Return's where it was an omage to the trilogy. Here's hoping Retro delivers that punch the DKC series really needs (Also BRING BACK K. ROOL!!!)

#2 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Metal Gear is one of my all time favorite video game series and every entry is a masterpiece, but between MGS1, 2 & 3, I'm putting my vote towards 3! MGS3 took an interesting detour with exploring the past of one of the series villains, Big Boss, then known as Naked Snake, as he set's about saving the world from all out nuclear war during the Cold War era. There's so much to play with in this game, the camouflage, weapons sand equipment, and the beautiful scenery of the jungle. The thing is, between MGS1, 2, & 3. I find 3 to have the most flaws, like The Pain & The Fear's boss battle were never that fun, and the time you spend on the menu's switching camouflage can be boring, worst yet the painfully slow beginning and how you're constantly stuck in the same area can be testing to one's patience. However, the strengths this game has are so good, it makes the flaws forgivable. Hell, play the Subsistence version of the game and you won't even notice them. The game has a lot of my favorite moments in the series as well as really fantastic memories. With MGSV coming out, just from the looks of the trailers and the information provided, I might replace 3 with V if it's as good as it looks.

#1 Paper Mario & Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Surprise Surprise! A tie! The thing is almost every ranking ended in a tie. MGS1,2 or 3, Jet Set Radio or JSRF, Mario World or Mario 3, I think I'm allowed this one. That being said it really is tough to decide which is better when they are SO equal it's not even funny. Logically I'd say Thousand Year Door just because it's a sequel and sequels mean their stepping their game up, EXCEPT for the fact that Paper Mario has it's own advantages that even The Thousand Year Door doesn't have.

As for why they are #1, look at them. They are such fun games. There are so many moments in these games that are memorable. The characters really stand out unlike any other. Lady Bow, Rawk Hawk, Raphael Raven, The Koopa Bros. Being obvious parodies of TMNT. The battle system especially in TTYD is really fun. Let's not forget Paper Mario having probably the most satisfying video game endings I've ever seen. I know I'm doing a horrible job explaining why the Paper Mario games are my favorite of all time but that's the thing. Words cannot express my admiration for the Paper Mario games ESPECIALLY when they were the sole reason as to why I got into drawing in the first place. I think it would take an entire blog to really express my feelings for the games. I feel like if there was ever a point where I have to throw in the towel for gaming, it's when a proper Paper Mario 3 is released. So that's my Top 10, Not much else for me to say except, LONG LIVE THE GREAT GONZALES!!!

Special Mentions: NiGHTS Into Dreams, Mega Man 10, F Zero, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Um Jammer Lammy

Now I know what your all thinking, Pfffft! all those rumors surrounding my Xbox 720 canít POSSIBLY come true,† - well, they did, and I for one am convinced that I am in a unholy nightmare in which I cannot escape from without the sound of Peter Molyneux's sweet sexy voice to awaken me. I watched as everyone one's faces (as I imagined them since I cannot see through the internet) went from hopeful to horny to downright pissed off. All the rumors were cuming true, the always online, no backwards compatibility, the always online, SEE, I already listed 3, that's a big number. Sony must've had a sigh of relief knowing that they were banking on the Playstation 4 to come out big if Microsoft fucked up badly! To add insult to injury, Microsoft had to act SEXIST, whatever the hell that means. Also, I thought I already OWNED an Xbox One, Those greedy bastards, trying to make money off of Jesus! The important thing is to remember to panic, for the 8th generation of GARMEING may very well be the last, but when Steven Spielberg came in to announce his new Halo Teli Series, He magically blind sighted me to forgive EVERYTHING thatís happened today. I have renewed hope for the Xbox One somehow. With that all said and done, I can easily say that it definatly beats out the PS4, I'm not counting Wii U because it is underpowered and not a current gen console. Ha Ha Ha that's just silly. Bye!! Bye!! (skips away)

When Super Smash Bros. Brawl came around, I was satisfied knowing that all of the big time video game characters came around, including Snake and Sonic. With the next Smash Bros. already in development, I feel it's time for me to talk about the one character that I always wanted to see make a return and be fully playable. That character my friend is none other than the mentally unstable King K. Rool.

What I find likeable about him is just how insane in the head the guy is. He really aims high to steal DK's Banana Hoard for...whatever reason it may be, that's how crazy he is, what would he do with bananas? I think he should join the next Smash Bros. Because he clearly deserves it, in fact he may even bring a few ďFriendsĒ over to help him. Come and join me as I explain his interesting move set.

The first thing I need to go over before I explain the rest of his move set is his down special move, it's what makes K. Rool a very unique opponent. When done K. Rool will transform into 3 different personas. First you have good old regular King K. Rool, he then changes into his pirate alter ego, Kaptain K. Rool, transform again and he becomes a mad scientist, Baron K. Roolenstein. Transforming again would loop the cycle back to his King form. In the midst of the process of transforming, he changes costumes to go along with his personality. In a sense, he acts a lot like Pokemon Trainer, except instead of 3 people, he thinks he is all 3 different people.

I thought it would be unique for a fighting game to feature a character with multiple personality disorder, which is why he being in Smash Bros. would be special. What set the 3 personalities apart are their different fighting styles and stats. King K. Rool is a heavy based character and is a powerhouse with excellent smash attacks, but at the cost of his speed and recovery. Kaptain K. Rool is best known for his long range attacks and is the fastest of the 3. Finally Baron K. Roolenstein fights much differently from his other 2 personalities and requires more technique, he also has the best recovery.

Now to go over the Special moves list which is now split into 3 lists. A lot of the moves come from the Donkey Kong Country games so you might have to use your imagination.

First up, King K. Rool:
Special move: Crown boomerang Ė K. Rool tosses his crown like a boomerang (if the special button is held down, it will result in a faster throw, with more distance covered).
Side Special move: Ramming attack Ė He will run at full speed running a person over.
Up Special Move: Cape glide Ė K. Rool jumps up with magnificent force and carefully glides over a distance, it can cause damage.
Down Special Move: Costume change Ė King K. Rool changes into Kaptain K. Rool.

Kaptain K. Rool:
Special move: (Spiked) Cannon shot Ė K. Rool uses his gun to shoot a cannon ball, once shot it will momentarily land on the ground to be used as an item. If you hold the button in and release, he will shoot a spiked cannon ball, however if you wait too long on holding the button in, the gun will explode on you and cause damage.
Side Special move: Blunderbuss twirl Ė K. Rool will twirl his gun to reflect any projectile weapon.
Up Special move: Rocket blunderbuss Ė K. Rool uses his gun to propel him up for recovery like a rocket, it can cause damage.
Grab Special move: Vacuum blunderbuss Ė Unique to Kaptain K. Rool, he can use the guns vacuum suction to pull his enemies close (tap the grab button to grab and hold in the grab button to use the vacuum).
Down Special move: Costume change Ė Kaptain K. Rool changes into Baron K. Roolenstein.

Baron K. Roolenstein:
Special move: Beaker toss and Laser gun Ė Pressing the button causes Baron to toss lab beakers that can burn opponents. Holding down the button can make Baron shoot a laser at his opponents, the gun is short range but it can momentarily stun an opponent.
Side Special move: Barrel throw Ė Baron will throw 3 types of barrels, a wooden barrel that is breakable and can sometimes contain an item, a steel barrel that is reusable when stopped, and the rare TNT barrel that can cause explosive major damage.
Up Special move: Backpack copter Ė Baron's greatest advantage is his incredible recovery with smooth flight controls and he can fly in any direction, he can also attack while flying. Baron's backpack copter only lasts a few seconds though.

One thing to note is if K. Rool were to consistently switch between forms, he will become very exhausted, which will cause his attack power and resistance to drop. So you have to plan carefully. Much like Pokemon Trainer, You can choose what form of K. Rool you can start with before the match starts.

Of course like all the other Smash contestants, they are all given powerful Final Smashes to unleash upon all who opposes him/her. I figured since we are dealing with King K. Rool, we can introduce his most powerful 4th Persona, his heavyweight boxer champion personality, King Krusha K. Rool from Donkey Kong 64!

Once he has changed into his boxing getup. King Krusha K. Rool is ready to lay the smack down on all who stand in his way. He is really fast, completely invincible, and has an assortment of new boxing moves so he can pummel his opponent to a bloody pulp. His Special move set goes just like this:

King Krusha K. Rool:
Special move: Wind up punch Ė K. Rool quickly charges up a deadly punch far stronger than DK's Wind up punch..
Side Special move: Boxing glove boomerang- it's pretty much a beefed up version of the crown boomerang.
Up Special move: Charge jump Ė K. Rool will spring up with magnificent force and whoever is caught in the jump will receive major damage, the longer the button is held, the more jump distance and power K. Rool will build.
Down Special: Earthquake ground pound Ė K. Rool will jump up and land down with force as he causes shockwaves to travel across the ground, the shockwaves can cause damage and perform a tiny stun. Feels good to have a Down Special move be an attack now, doesn't it?

Once his Final Smash form is done, K. Rool will revert back to whatever form you were before he changed.

And that was my take on K. Rool being a very interesting Smash Bros. character. If he were to make it through, (which I get the sad feeling he won't considering Nintendo's hate for K. Rool and the Kremlings) only good would come from it, like maybe enough star power for him to be in the next Donkey Kong Country game or just the very fact that we expanded the Nintendo Villains roster, and well...I made it this far I might as well go all the way so cut me a break:

All 3 forms of K. Rool will fake their deaths.
K. Rool's Boxer Persona will wave to the crowd.

Gangplank Galleon
Krazy Kremland Roller Coaster

Gangplank Galleon
Target Terror Remix

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this, what do you think? Do you think K. Rool should be in the next Smash? Someone else? Do you like my move set or do you say otherwise? Discuss away!

Ah, it's been a long time since I last blogged about anything.....ANY WHO, it's no surprise that I'm fixated on doing a blog on Sonic/Mario/Metal Gear once again blah blah blahh but enough about me, I'm here to say what some may call a bold (or stupid) claim, that is that after playing an immense amount of Sonic 4 and the other Genesis classics (CD included), it's safe for me to say that I enjoy Sonic 4 just as much as the other games because I find it to be really fun. This blog wouldn't be anything special if Sonic 4 was just some game I like, it's a game that many gamers find controversial for reasons of sorts.

Dem ďPhysicsĒ

I'm not gonna even bore you with history details about Sonic that everyone loves to do when writing an article on him. I'll just say the reasons why the game to me measures up nicely with the others. First off the "physics" didn't really bother me, just a 5 second adjustment and there you go. Thereís nothing about the games "physics" that stopped me from playing the game. You can make the physics look silly if you TRY. Phew! Still with me?

Sonic 4 has what makes Sonic games enjoyable

Sonic definitely has its strong moments, like the momentum based level design, the kind of design that makes sonic a fun game for me. Where you can go through a level in break neck speed if your skilled enough, the speed is the reward you earn from doing this. Levels like Mad Gear Zone and the Lost Labyrinth are great examples of that. In fact in order to get skilled in a level, you have to replay the levels, which bring me to my next point. Sonic games are meant to be replayed over and over again. Whenever I replay a new Sonic game I was just okay with, the experience is even better the first time and the game becomes much more enjoyable. This proves true with all the genesis games including Sonic 4, it went from being an okay game to being addictive, and I like my Sonic games addictive!

Cast and story are perfect

If there's one thing that Sonic 4 did right that everyone can agree with, it's that they removed the usual useless cast of characters. Episode 1 stayed true and focused only on Sonic and Eggman. Episode 2 did what is rare in Sonic games: expanding the cast with Likeable characters such as the always sometimes maybe helpful tails and the fan favorite robotic bad ass, Metal Sonic.

The story involves the Little Planet from Sonic CD making its annual return to Mobius/Earth/God knows where and Eggman plans to capture the helpless planet once again with the help of the newly revived Metal Sonic, Sonic joined by Tails now have to stop the two. Sonic 4 may have one of my favorite stories from a Sonic game all because of the perfect cast, well except Shadow the Hedgehog was just fucking hilarious. I mean, that game had the president, aliens, hooker bats, and uh, uhhhh, guns and shit, and uhh swearing, thatís FUCKING hardcore.

What makes it stand out from the others?

While Sonic 4 pays homage to its Genesis predecessors like the reduced cast, familiar zones, 2D gameplay, and the return of the lock-on feature (Who saw that coming?), the game also provides new features not seen in the Genesis games. The big feature in Sonic 4 is the inclusion of the homing attack where I got to admit, they did a good job of implementing in to a 2D game when the attack was originally created for attacking enemies in a 3D space. They also came up with fun gimmicks for each level like Sonic 3 did, like the torch light level and vine swinging, plus the airplane that you ride in this game is actually better than Sonic 2ís so Iíll give it credit for that. Another feature that is actually nice is how in a new game you can tackle any level in any order you want.

Tails is useful again you guys

Episode 2 decided to make Sonic and Tails work as a team and have them do special tag up moves. They can fly together which pretty much makes death pits less terrifying, they can also swim which is helpful for getting out of water for air, and they can do a death sphere like spin dash to plow through enemies and obstacles

The Bosses be bossing it up kind of

The boss fights in Sonic 4 are 50:50, some weak, some good, and by that I mean the Metal Sonic boss fights are the best of the game, you really feel like youíre going all out with beating Metal Sonic. Eggman has his moments but some of his boss battles are boring, mainly from Episode 1. I do like how his battles are classic reimaginingís with a twist to throw you off, but the final boss in episode 1 is a real dick, especially with the surprise final attack it has. Itís also cool how the bosses are levels themselves and are separate from the 3 acts.

Sonic 4 & MetalÖÖSonic

What I find to be the best feature of the game is Episode Metal. Itís a fun little bonus game you get for buying both episodeís 1 and 2. You take control of Metal Sonic who survived his battle in Sonic CD. He returns, gets revived and is on the hunt for Sonic as he explores 4 reworked stages from episode 1. Metal Sonicís levels have that right amount of difficulty in them, and the level design is impressive. Despite their being only 4 levels, the levels are pretty damn repayable and are easily the best part of Sonic 4.

Thatís really all I have to say about Sonic 4, the special stages are neat throwbacks, the soundtrack is hypnotically catchy, and to me, it did enough to set itself as a true sequel to golden age games. It makes me wish there was an episode 3 or a Sonic 5 to continue with, but if Episode 2 is truly the end, than thatís fine with me because it did what it what it wanted to do, recreate 2D Sonic. What do you think?