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7:57 PM on 08.25.2011

swtor my thoughts on huttball

Like me and other mmo lovers im going to get SWTOR and play with my friends. One topic some people have some problems with is the new game that was revealed HUTTBALL. In this game to teams of random choseing will have to get a ball in the middle of the court and take it to the enemys camp.
But one thing court that you should know is that the entire thing is a deathtrap. So what is the thing that people have agianst this game well its mainly because that the to teams can have both empire and republic can be on the same team. Some people say that this makes no sence why would these two faction ever work together let alone not kill each other on site. They say that this game type ruins the immersion of the game. Though i uderstand there reasons i myself like the looks of HUTTBALL i just seem like a gametype were you can stop being enemys with other player and just have a fun time playing the game in the end inst that why video game are made to have fun. Because im going to be a bounty hunter in the game this looks like a place that i would fit in and relax and i hope you'll be able to be a spectator and just watch the game and bet on it. Also the court itself looks great with all the traps on it. Aso if empire and republic can be on the same team it will be cool to see how the classes will work together. So those are my thoughts on HUTTBALL and if your wondering if im in a guild i am the guilds name is The Sovereign and are leaders name is Lord-Lynch check us out some time and see you in SWTOR.   read

3:11 PM on 08.25.2011


Some people say that MW2 is the best fps on the market to date those people are uselly fanboys or just people how cant say anything against a big game company. So if your reading this your thinking why does this guy hate MW2 so much well here are my reasons.

REASON.1 The story: well most people who have play MW2 played cod 4 and played its campain well let me tell you if you play the first MW campain you have played the second one. The story in MW2 is pretty much they same as the first you play as two characters go to a sercret base get a prisoner out of enemy hands stop a missle and have everbody on your team die exept Soap and Captain Price. Another problem is how many enemys they throw at you there are enemys in every room on every roof top and in every corner you see. Th story just semmed like half ass in then end and thats whay i was disapointed by it.

REASON.2 The so called realism: I have to say the sound effects in MW2 are some of the worst in ever heard. All they guns sound like little airsoft guns the explosions from the grenade and rocker lunchers are small and sound soft. And the snipers that are all semiauto and you can just fire away with little kick back. You can also run around with even the biggest weapons like there made of paper.

REASON.3 The broken multiplayer: this is my most hated part of this game. the multiplay in this game has to be the most broken, half assed, garbage i have ever played. let me start on there perks most of witch are horribly over powerd really if you just put on ninja pro and cold blooded pro you can sit down and can camp the entier game and win. oh and lets not forget commando pro if you have this you turn into a super soilder you can knife and enemy from a mile away and put 20 shot gun rounds into your head you will still not die a get they kill. also the kill streaks are some of the worste idea ever here is an thing that has happen to all of us aleast once your playing in a match kicking ass killing every body exept that one kid camping in the corner so you aviod him and you still ahead your just one kill from winning but wait tactical nuke comes down ending the game. its things like this that killed the game for me and dont act like this has happen to you. i can go on about how bad the multipalyer is but you be reading for hours if i did.

REASON.4 THE ONLINE COMUNITY: its shocking how fair players are reduced to have to cheat and use cheap tactics to play this game but the real problem is that you are forced to the only way you can win this game is by outcheating the cheater. with all these unfair thing in the game its hard for you not to cheat. and do you now what happens when you be die over and over and over again becuase players care to much about winning and there kds rather than play fair.

REASON.5 THE LITTLE KIDS: the amount of little kids are tramendis in this game. i dont mind if you play a game and your young just be polite and kind but the kids in this game are bratty loud mouth asshole how can stop complaining about the promblems in the game. i cant get throw a match without an 11 year old scream about how good he is at camping but when someone kills him once or is in the lead he flips out.

REASON.6 how the patches dont work or just do nothing at all: in most games when there is a problem a patch can uselly fix it but in MW2 none of the patches work or people just find away around it.   read

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