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CapnCrunk's blog

9:23 PM on 08.30.2009

Metroid and graph paper, part 3

Part one Part two I solve the mysteries of the game engine this time. My Playthrough, part 4: I was investigating Kraidís Hideout again, when I noticed that sometimes the enemies you need to freeze with the Ice Beam to c...   read

4:45 AM on 08.24.2009

Metroid and graph paper, part 2

Continuation of this post. This entry is part 2 of my "Metroid and graph paper" posts, and below is part 3 of the narration of my playthrough, continued from part 1 of the post series. Got it? My Playthrough, part 3: Arm...   read

8:50 AM on 08.23.2009

I suck at games: Metroid and graph paper

I was getting psyched for the Metroid Prime Trilogy, as I loved the first two games and havenít had a chance to play the third. New controls and widescreen for the first two, and a new (to me) third game? Awesome. It also got...   read

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