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Hello, I am Trevor.

I live in Seattle, WA.

It's freakin awesome here.

I can do stuff, lots of stuff.

I could probably be your friend.

If that's something you'd be into.

Either way, I love you.
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I did this a year ago, and normally friday nights the Coconut Arcade Stream is graced by the presence of the lovely femme fatale duo: Alice and KiniT. But due to real jobs getting in the way, they can't stream tonight, so the World of Bidoofs is back.

The game is Pokemon Ranch, and you can get a legit Mew from it if you deposit 1000 pokemon into it. So i filled it with bidoofs to get a Mew. Now it just sits on my Wii and I throw it on the stream when I have to go to work on a stream day. You should check it out.


Capm Trevo
9:24 PM on 03.02.2015

Hey guys! My wife who is a huge Elder Scrolls fan is streaming right now with her mom playing through the first bits of the game. Her gaming experience is limited to Farmville and Sims. It's been pretty entertaining so far, so if you want something to watch, check out the stream.  Thank you :D

**[[ UPDATE: For those of you who enjoyed the stream or didn't get a chance to see it while it was up, I will be posting a video on YouTube tomorrow of the ridiculousness that is 1000 bidoofs. It will be posted on my personal channel: thanks again!!]]**

**[[ UPDATE 2: Video: ]]**

Mew has been the most sought after pokemon since the very beginning. Even now he is hard as hell to obtain through non-hacking ways.

Well i recently discovered that you can obtain one through the Wii Ware app known as "My Pokemon Ranch".  I decided to drop the 10 bucks to try it out, and it's really just a glorified pokemon box system.

However, once you've deposited the ungodly amount of pokemon (999 to be exact) that is one less than the max that the ranch can hold, the local friendly ranch hand "Hayley" will offer to trade her mew for a random pokemon egg. The difficulty here being that Pokemon Ranch is only compatible with Pearl and Diamond, and the PC can only hold around 600 pokemon, max. 

So I took a very specific approach to reap my reward, and to be honest, it was a lot of work. But without further delay, here is the fruits of my labor that I feel obligated and proud to show you all:

Capm Trevo
1:16 AM on 12.13.2013

So, if you're like me, you got sick of the whole zombie craze when it was overplayed a couple years ago, but for some reason, it has come back around. I am enjoying zombies again. The culture, the games, the movies and television series.  For people like us dtoiders, we've gotten a good zombie taste in our mouths from recent game bombshells in the forms of The Walking Dead, and Dead Rising 3.

So after binging on some Dead Rising myself, I was doing my usual "search for related things on google/wikipedia" time (I get into my phases...). And I stumbled upon this new kickstarter for a poster-map of all the different kinds of zombies there are. It looks like it kind of works like a web/infographic with a cool vintage-medical-book kind of art, and the tail ends of each major strand of lists of movies, books, or games that represent that type of zombie.  It's kind of like those "Zombie Info" books all rolled into one gorgeous looking poster.

Anyway, I thought it was worth checking out and sharing with you fine people. I backed with $30, so I'll at least get the poster. I might do it a second time to get one for a christmas gift... who knows, depends on work I guess, haha. Anyway, I'm done typing now. Check it out:

Map of Zombies Kickstarter

An interesting thing happened to me today at work. I had brought my laptop in to the very busy downtown Seattle sushi restaurant that I serve at to show my manager a shitty little game I programmed for my senior project in high school. The funny thing is, the manager that I brought it in to show it to didn't even show up today.

But before I move on, let me tell you a little bit about this game. For one, I am super proud of it. It is very simple, with barely better-than-placement-holder art, and it has a fun and addictive couple of gaming mechanics. I am also proud that I programmed this sucker in under a week. Now, I have to inform you that the week-long programming session was not by choice, I was extremely lazy and did not give a shit about school, but I had to come up with something, so I made the game and called it good (didn't even write a paper, and I still passed with an A through only my presentation).

I saved the game on a blank disc and kept it (this was 2007, i didn't have money for thumb drives, alright?) and in the many times that I moved from one place to another play musical roomates, I thought it had been mistaken as something else and tossed, because I had lost track of it. Fast forward to last week when my fiance and I finally moved into our own place (yes, THIS fiance: and I'm going through and tossing CD's, I find the little bastard and go crazy with excitement.

I start telling all my fellow employees about it, and they honestly could have probably cared less (not too many gamers at my restaurant). But I decide to bring it in to work anyway to show my boss. It gets towards the last few hours of the night, and all the other servers except me are phased out (I closed). So it's slow enough for me to go grab my laptop and I set it up at the bar to show it to the manager on duty. He plays it for a minute and then has to go take care of a few things. I, too, am busy, so I don't see him leave.

Next thing I know, there's a small group crowded around my laptop of off-duty employees and customers alike checking it out, getting all excited, and just... having fun.

It was the most amazing feeling.

Like... guys... I wish I could truly share with you what I felt today.

This stupid simple game that I made 6 years ago. It doesn't even have original characters! I was using Pacman and the ghosts! My own art assets of course, but still!

These people sat there for the whole 3 remaining hours of my shift, trading off trying to beat each other's high scores. They were laughing, trash talking, and enjoying each other's company. I mean... I'm a grown ass man, and I teared up a bit at one point.

Ugh, it's just that, this is the kind of shit that attracted me to the art of video games to begin with. And I guess, just the fact that something I made straight up recreated what drove my passion in the first place, THROUGH A STUPID GAME I MADE IN HIGH SCHOOL is... 



I'm 24 years old, and I've got the same disease many dumb people my age have where they can't commit to a career because they want to be the best at something right away.  I even have the more severe case where I feel like I can do anything, which cramps me into a type of limbo where I can't choose what to spend my time and energy on developing in my skillset.

Well tonight changed that, and I couldn't be more excited.

Thanks for reading my dumb, drunk blog, I miss singing karaoke with you guys in capitol hill. Come back to Seattle.

     I was sitting in the tub the other day (you know, doing tub stuff) and I was trying to figure out why so many people are into this whole "Let's Play" business. Both watching and creating.

     Are people looking to these videos as a sort of walkthrough perhaps? Has gaming really devolved to the point where we need to watch someone play the game we spent $60 on before we "play" it ourselves?

     Or is it the commentary? Can a person talking while playing a game really be entertaining enough to pull viewers in from day to day to watch his or her videos? Put on a charming enough accent and get really exciteable at key points and you've got a winning combo for subscribers? 

     And what of these ladies and gents who put the content together? Is their ego so very large that they feel like people would want to watch them play and hear their voice bantering on about how you can't seem to climb up a damn wall? Are they right in thinking this, somehow?

     Or are they just bored and want to document their journey for masturbation purposes later?

     I don't have the answers, but I do, indeed, want the answers.

     What do you guys think? Why are these videos so damn popular? I just don't get it.