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1:30 AM on 07.13.2014

E3 is always a big time for gamers, filled with announcements and new footage. Among the many great announcements made at this yearís E3 was the long-awaited news that Grand Theft Auto V is on its way to new systems. Both the new consoles and the PC will at last get a remastered port of 2013ís hugely successful GTA title. Fans have been waiting for this, and it looks like their dreams will be fully realized.

ďBut wait,Ē you might be asking, ďI already played the game. My copy is still sitting here beside me. Why should I buy GTA V for the PC, especially when no new content has been announced yet?Ē

Itís good you asked. For one thing, you can bet modders will get right to work on creating new GTA V experiences. Hey, maybe youíve already tried a few GTA V mods on your console, but thatís not the easiest thing in the world. You can get a lot more mods with a lot less hassle on the PC, and we can only imagine the kinds of crazy things fans will come up with. Mods are one of the big attractions of PC gaming, and GTA mods are practically a tradition.

Also, we called this a remastered port for a reason. This isnít just the same old game you played back in 2013, even if it has the same content. The better graphics youíll get on the PC with GTA V arenít just because the PC is a more powerful system. No, every visual aspect of GTA V has been greatly improved. From the trailer alone, you can see the environments are more realistic, the world is more dynamic, and everything is more detailed. Thanks to the screenshots and information given out after the gameís announcement, you can add all-new wildlife and increased population and traffic density to the list. Basically, the new versions of GTA V take the game world beyond what was possible in its original release. Even if youíve already played it, itís worth your time to see Los Santos reborn.

GTA Online data will be transferrable, so no worries there. Between all the great content and the superbly remastered visuals, along with the inevitable mods, PC-playing Grand Theft Auto fans have every reason in the world to pick up GTA V for the PC later this year.

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