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When fate randomly brought me to Destructoid from Firefox's Stumble, I fell in love.

I'm a proud member of the Dtoid army and Ron Workman's biggest fan. Always ready to argue and debate utterly trivial details of a game and then talk about horse genitalia when a newb wanders into the vent.

Dtoid Army, Marching on... Also, cocks.

btw its a cblog, not a clog...
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So if you've been paying attention to the past few updates, you'll know that Valve has slipped in a few of the new weapons in their promos.

Did anyone else see this? Is this a glimpse of what's in store for the Soldier?

Clever Clever Valve from CannibalCalvin on Vimeo.

Whats better than beating people to death with a dented aluminum baseball bat?

Beating beating people to death with a giant floppy horse dildo.

Seriously NSFW

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Spotted on Kotaku

So if you haven't already, go check out the "Meet the Sniper" vid.

Its Cash Money.

But if you look closely at the Pyro he decapitates, hes holding a strange new weapon.

Oh dang! Here comes the money shot!!!


A few seconds before he gets "lightened" theres a trail of smoke coming off it.

My panel of experts has come to the agreement that it is most likely a weighted projectile launcher, similar to that of a flare gun or blunderbuss.

We can only speculate as to what it fires, but our hopes are a short range napalm grenade that can bounce one or two times before exploding a small area into purifying flame!!!!!


Also, handy gif!

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Hey Guys! Once again its the glorious day of Fri. So to celebrate, we're gonna do our best to appease the blood god.

The DTOID Community Server will be hosting sessions of TF2 tonight, and this is your chance to get in on the action!

Our super nifty information
Internet Protocol Address:
Port Number: 27015

copy pasta!

And now... COMEDY!


All images done by CannibalCalvin, if I see them anywhere else I'll gut you like the brain dead jizz stain that you are. Love ya!
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Hay Kids and criminals! Guess what!!! The Dtoid Community has a spanking new TF2 server

Thats right kats and kooks. An official unofficial Destructoid Community TF2 Server for the community maintained by the community!


Thats right! The server is open to anyone from the Dtoid Community, so if your a lurker, a forum poster, a vent mole, an IRC recluse, or even a casual commenter

Our super nifty information
Internet Protocol Address:
Port Number: 27015
Password: dtoid

And thats it! Just add a new favorite to your server list and bam!

Thats right! Have a good time playing and don't start any drama.

Our mods are not afraid to BAN troublemakers and griefers!

I'll see you There!!!
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I'm not really a fan of machinima, but every once in a while something catches my eye. Ignis Solus is really unique short film that follows a lonely and rather bored pyro. I have to say, my favorite part is the music and the sense of emptiness and haunting it instills.

One of the things that really struck me was that not only does it show off a really well developed cinematic technique; it shows just how polished and fine tuned the animations in Team Fortress 2 are. In the middle of a game its easy to over look the animations and I find it really refreshing to be able to soak them in without taking a rocket to the face.

Theres a HD version on the Lit Fuse Films site, and you can even download a rather large version.