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Candice Hates You!

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But I'm a Girl Gamer! - A Response

http://gametopius.com/index.php/video-games/features/284-but-im-a-girl-gamer I just recently read an article written by Raychul Moore over at Gametopius.com about the drama that infests the female gamer social circles here i...



It is entirely possible that I went out of my way to preorder a game from Gamestop JUST so I could get the preorder codes it comes with. Yeah. You know.. the Kratos, Medusa and Minotaur costumes that can be used when you preo...


Researching Into "Resistance"

As I'm sure many of you know, "Resistance 2" is coming out soon and I was one of those people that hadn't played the first one at launch. In fact, I hadn't played it for longer than two seconds at random kiosks. Just never se...


Silent Hill: Mama, I'm Coming Home

As an avid fan of the survival horror genre, I want to go ahead and make it known that if there are zombies in a videogame.. I've played it. If there is some evil cult taking over the minds and bodies of villagers? I played t...


Cheat Code Yard Gnome FTW?

First off "Cheat Code Yard Gnome" sounds like a band. Just does. Sounds like one of those trendy bands that you hear playing the lute to some weird surfer tone. I don't like the idea of it, because I live around tons of that ...


Rock Band 2 Killed My Dreams

First off, thanks to everyone for the welcoming comments. I promise, I'm not nearly as hostile and "tough girl" as I might come off. I'm a big old mushy giggle-kitten at times too. Oh, did I mention I have footy pajamas? Nobo...


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I'm obnoxious as fuck.
I have NO ISSUE with shooting you in the FACE.

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