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Camiwaits avatar 2:29 AM on 06.30.2012  (server time)
Bear's favorite games of the year so far (and a couple of dissapointments)

As the year passes its midway mark, i share my very personal overview of the year in gaming.

Bright moments in gaming

Best port of a port: Metal Gear HD Collection of a Vita. Something about playing Snakeeater so close to your face in High Def really adds to the spionage experience and the menu handles lovely through touch control.

Best browser mini game: Rambo Last Blood, it packs quite a bunch of hilarity and cleverness on its brief stages.

Best game for the PS Vita: Tales from Space: About a Blob, a fantastic platformer with a wild sense of humour. It makes great use of the vita control capabilities, both touch and otherwise, to travel stages with flawless design.

Best game for the PS3: Mass Effect 3. Works as as third person shooter, works as a space opera; it never gets dull.

Best Downloadable game of the year (so far): Episode 1 of The Walking Dead. Picks the proud tradition of point and click adventures and uses it to tell an interactive story with interesting characters.

Game of the year (so far): Abobo's Big Adventure. A feverish mishmash of styles,gameplays and characters that completely works as the representation of the mind of a child of the 80s; if there is such a thing as auther videogames, this belongs right there.

Busts of the year

Worst DLC: Harley Quinn's Revenge for Arkham City. A short and mediocre mission that would've felt as a low point in the original game. This is not how you make DLC relevant.

Most dissapointing game: Journey. It makes an excellent case for the importance of difficulty and challenge in a game. A journey in which you've nothing lose is hardly a journey worth taking.

In retrospect, this year has not been nearly as bright as 2011. Gladly there are some potential gems ahead like Retro City Rampage, Sound Shapes & Sleeping Dogs which might make me remember 2012 fondly, videogame-wise.

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