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Cameron300ZXTT's blog

8:43 PM on 04.28.2008

Wii fanboy hates on GTA IV

Fox News dishes out more truth than this guy...and that's saying something.


1) Was his name "Pimp Cubed"?
2) Are they really schmucks?
3) Does Nintendo know how to ask nicely?
4) Is "high-powered graphics" a new buzz phrase?
5) Gingers: Do they have no soul?

Also, I will be playing GTAIV along with the rest of the world tonight, add me!

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12:14 AM on 01.23.2008

Guitar Hero got you down? Have you heard of Heroin Hero?

There's no video crowds, no score, no pressure.

It's just as addictive as seen on South Park unfortunately.

I almost caught the dragon. I was so damn close!!!!!! Maybe just one more game...


Also, here's a link to the site I found it at...Clicky   read

7:57 PM on 01.11.2008

Goldeneye XBLA Does/Did Exist!

In case joo missed it:

Via 1-Up

Now more importantly than the dick swinging contest Microsoft and Nintendo are engaged
in currently or were engaged in prior to, I am more concerned that "several characters
wouldn't make the cut due to licensing issues with certain actors".

Excuse me? I thought the actors agreed to have their likeness' digitized for said game
back in what, 1996?

I don't understand the reasoning behind this, unless they changed the game. Now
according to the article, there was no updating of graphics, unless it was running at a
higher resolution, but no improved texture work or geometry.

The only thing new would have been the Online multiplayer, which was rumoured to still
have the splitscreen look (but may or may not have).

Now, I'm all for actors getting paid if it's for profit, and it would seem like they would still
get residuals from the individual game sales, I just don't see the issue with "several
characters" not returning.

Also, we go into a pseudo-ethical issue here; If things are resolved between Microsoft and
Nintendo, how would you feel about a Goldeneye 64 port without Natalia, or Boris or
whoever wouldn't agree to whatever these legaltards cooked up?

It wouldn't be Goldeneye to me, and I'd prefer If you are to butcher the game by
removing characters, you at least have the courtesy to redo the textures for me.

Also, does Goldeneye hold the test of time? I think it does marginally, but there are many
better console shooters out nowadays. Don't take it for granted, it is an amazing game,
and I love it for what it is - a great FPS released in 1996 on the N64.

Either give me a faithful accurate representation of the original with all the characters,
original resolution and everything (plus netcode), or butcher it a bit and give it plastic
surgery with some botox to make it look better.

Your thoughts?

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