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Wellsies, hey there you all i'm Callum, 16 from New Zealand, i'm basically just going to be posting reviews and articles in relation to current events in the gaming industry. Have fun
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It's normal for a new game to give us the feeling of nostalgia of other titles from the same genre, but when a franchise can provoke nostalgia from a sequel to the previous games, the writing of the game becomes one of it's own.

The game i'm talking about here is Bioshock Infinite.
2am this morning i was so determined to finish Bioshock, so enthralled in the story and world, the fanboys of the series i know cried and screamed that the big daddy's were replaced by bigger but less intimidating and non-memorable handymen, and that the new game essentially an extension of the series. but personally Bioshock infinite gives you the impression that the days of underwater cities are over and the big daddy's are gone, that never again will we see Rapture. Possibly one of the most creative game worlds ever conceived, yet Bioshock Infinite with one hell of a plot twist thanks to Elizabeth's ability to make tears in the world and go anywhere at anytime takes you back, one more time to Rapture not only in an element to progress the story to it's epic finale but in my opinion to take previous players of the series back into a moment of breathlessness and nostalgia. Ken Levine the lead writer of the Bioshock series has become possibly my favourite video game writer because he knows how to evoke memories and emotions.

Maybe, just maybe if video game writers can sustain this level of diversity, emotion provoking events and well written characters. then hopefully we can avoid writing disasters in the like of Aliens: Colonial Marines and Dead Island.

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